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On 29 May a volcano on Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula has erupted for the fifth time since December.

The town of Grindavik, as well as the Blue Lagoon Spa Resort have been evacuated. Two of the three roads that connect Grindavik with the rest of Iceland have been buried under lava.

Scientists think that eruptions will continue for decades to some.

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The northern parts of Texas have been hit by rain and hail storms and as a result more than a million homes were left without electricity. In the area around Dallas authoroties expect power to be off for several days to come.

In Houston heavy thunderstorms are expected with wind gusts of more than 110 km/h.

Meteorologists suspect the weather conditions are a result of extreme warm and moist air across the central regions of the U.S.

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On 26 May, Bangladesh has evacuated almost 800,000 people as a hurricane approaches the country.

In the Kalapara region wind speeds of up to 135 km/h are expected. It is expected that the wind will be accompanied by heavy rain.

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Papua New Guinea

Landslides in Papua New Guinea on 24 May have caused more than 2000 deaths. The landslides have buried more than 1100 buildings.

Numerous victims are still missing and rescue efforts are hampered by the unstable conditions of the soil, as well as the remoteness of the affected area, which is some 600 km northwest from the capital of Port Moresby.

On 28 May it was reported that an important bridge collapsed, which makes access to the region even more difficult.

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Papua New Guinea


Could mud buildings protect us against climate change? In Agadez, a desert city in Niger, people think they can. Locals have been building mud houses there for centuries. The isolating effect is stunning. When it's hot outside, inside its cool and vice versa.

Newer dwellings in the city have been built using concrete and there is a notable difference. The concrete buildings are hot during the day and get very cold at night. It is more expensive as well.

Local architects hope that people in Agadez will continue to prefer mud buildings over concrete ones.

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This week we will have a closer look at SwedenSweden

Sweden boasts some of the most untouched landscapes in Europe, as well as some of the continent's cleanest air. There are large areas of virgin forest, as well as thousands of giant, crystal-clear lakes.

Stockholm is Sweden's modern and progressive capital, although some parts of the city have a small-town atmosphere. As most other big cities in Sweden, it offers a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year.

The warmest period in Sweden is between May and late July, when there's plenty of sunshine. In August it can be very hot, but also very wet. Summer in Sweden can be hot, sunny and beautiful and many youth hostels, camping-grounds and attractions are open during that period only.

At the summer solstice, Sweden's largest festival is held: midsummer. It involves a lot of partying and drinking. Christmas, half a year later is also very important, with processions of robed youngsters, plenty of glgg (a hot alcoholic fruit's punch) for the adults and lots of singing. There are decorated Christmas trees everywhere and if you're lucky, snow adds to the atmosphere.

During the winter, travel should be planned quite thoroughly and, especially in the north of Sweden it is often restricted because of the weather conditions.

Sweden is quite expensive and you can easily spend your money quickly, so it pays to plan your trip carefully. The cheapest way to visit the country, is to camp in the woods for free and buy food from supermarkets. Hitchhiking is a cheap way to get around, although for a few bucks you can get a rail-pass.

Click on the images to learn more about this interesting destination. A map of Sweden will open full-screen. Just click on towns and places you want to know more about.

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Global warming could doom hundreds of land plants and animals to extinction over the next 50 years by marooning them in harsh, changed surroundings, scientists warn.

A sweeping new analysis enlisting scientists from 14 laboratories around the globe found that more than one-third of 1103 native species they studied could vanish or plunge to near extinction by 2050 as climate change turns plains into deserts or alters forests.

Among the already threatened species that could go extinct are Australia's Boyd's forest dragon, Europe's azure-winged magpie and Mexico's Jico deer mouse.

The researchers concede there are many uncertainties in both climate forecasts and the computer models they used to forecast future extinctions. But they said their dire conclusions may well come to pass if industrial nations do not curtail emissions of greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.