Country ranking for field: diplomatic representation in the us fax 1993

Other rankings:  

1flag of NigerNiger227 
2flag of HungaryHungary36 
3flag of South AfricaSouth Africa27 
4flag of EgyptEgypt20 
5flag of AlbaniaAlbania(202) 223-4950 
6flag of MongoliaMongolia(301) 983-2025 
7flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom(202) 898-4255 
8flag of UkraineUkraine(202) 333-0817 
9flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlands(202) 362-3430 
10flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland(202) 387-2564 
11flag of SwedenSweden(202) 342-1319 
12flag of RomaniaRomania(202) 232-4748 
13flag of PolandPoland(202) 328-6271 
14flag of FranciscoFrancisco(202) 337-0870 
15flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg(202) 328-8270 
16flag of MaltaMalta(202) 387-5470 
17flag of AngolaAngola(202) 785-1258 
18flag of LithuaniaLithuania(202) 328-0466 
19flag of IraqIraq(202) 462-5066 
20flag of FinlandFinland(202) 363-8233 
21flag of DenmarkDenmark(202) 328-1470 
22flag of protecting power in Cuba is Switzerland - US Interests Section Swissprotecting power in Cuba is Switzerland - US Interests Section Swissno service available at this time 
23flag of CanadaCanada(202) 682-7726 
24flag of BulgariaBulgaria(202) 234-7973 
25flag of BelgiumBelgium(202) 333-3079 
26flag of AustriaAustria(202) 895-6750 
27flag of UzbekistanUzbekistan(202) 861-0472 

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