Country ranking for field: diplomatic representation from the us mailing address 1994

Other rankings:  

1flag of ChinaChina100600 
2flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso01 B. P 
3flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire01 B. P 
4flag of PanamaPanamaAmerican Embassy Panama Unit 0945; APO AA 34002 
5flag of NicaraguaNicaraguaAPO AA 34021 
6flag of NigerNigerB. P 
7flag of NigeriaNigeriaP. O 
8flag of NorwayNorwayPSC 69 Box 1000 APO AE 09707 
9flag of OmanOmanP. O 
10flag of PakistanPakistanP. O 
11flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New GuineaP. O 
12flag of RomaniaRomaniaAmEmbassy 
13flag of New ZealandNew ZealandP. O 
14flag of ParaguayParaguayC. P 
15flag of PeruPeruP. O 
16flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesAPO AP 96440 
17flag of PolandPolandAmerican Embassy Warsaw Unit 1340 or APO AE 09213-1340 
18flag of PortugalPortugalPSC 83 Lisbon; APO AE 09726 
19flag of QatarQatarP. O 
20flag of AlbaniaAlbaniaPSC 59 Box 100 
21flag of NepalNepaluse embassy street address 
22flag of RwandaRwandaB. P 
23flag of MaltaMaltaP. O 
24flag of LesothoLesothoP. O 
25flag of LiberiaLiberiaP. O 
26flag of LithuaniaLithuaniaAPO AE 09723 
27flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgPSC 11 Luxembourg City; APO AE 09132-5380 
28flag of MadagascarMadagascarB. P 
29flag of MalawiMalawiP. O 
30flag of MalaysiaMalaysiaP. O 
31flag of MaliMaliB. P 
32flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall IslandsP. O 
33flag of NamibiaNamibiaP. O 
34flag of MauritaniaMauritaniaB. P 
35flag of MauritiusMauritiususe Embassy street address 
36flag of MexicoMexicoP. O 
37flag of MoldovaMoldovause embassy street address 
38flag of MongoliaMongoliaUlaanbaatar c/o American Embassy Beijing Micro Region II Big Ring Road; PSC 461 Box 300 FPO AP 96521-0002 
39flag of MoroccoMoroccoPSC 74 Box 003 APO AE 09718 
40flag of MozambiqueMozambiqueP. O 
41flag of MyanmarMyanmarAmerican Embassy Box B APO AP 96546 
42flag of RussiaRussiaAPO AE 09721 
43flag of SenegalSenegalB. P 
44flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi ArabiaAmerican Embassy Unit 61307 Riyadh; International Mail:P. O 
45flag of UgandaUgandaP. O 
46flag of The GambiaThe GambiaP. M 
47flag of The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsPSC 71 Box 1000 the Hague; APO AE 09715 
48flag of TogoTogoB. P 
49flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and TobagoP. O 
50flag of TunisiaTunisiause embassy street address 
51flag of TurkeyTurkeyPSC 93 Box 5000 Ankara or APO AE 09823 
52flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanuse embassy street address 
53flag of UkraineUkraineuse embassy street address 
54flag of ThailandThailandAPO AP 96546 
55flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesP. O 
56flag of United KingdomUnited KingdomPSC 801 Box 40 FPO AE 09498-4040 
57flag of UruguayUruguayAPO AA 34035 
58flag of UzbekistanUzbekistanuse embassy street address 
59flag of VenezuelaVenezuelaP. O 
60flag of YemenYemenP. O 
61flag of ZambiaZambiaP. O 
62flag of The BahamasThe BahamasP. O 
63flag of TanzaniaTanzaniaP. O 
64flag of LaosLaosB. P 
65flag of South KoreaSouth KoreaAmerican Embassy Unit 15550 Seoul; APO AP 96205-0001 
66flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and MontenegroAmerican Embassy Box 5070 Unit 25402 APO AE 09213-5070 
67flag of SeychellesSeychellesBox 148 Unit 62501 Victoria Seychelles; APO AE 09815-2501 
68flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leoneuse embassy street address 
69flag of SingaporeSingaporeFPO AP 96534 
70flag of SlovakiaSlovakiause embassy street address 
71flag of SloveniaSloveniause embassy street address 
72flag of South AfricaSouth AfricaP.O 
73flag of SpainSpainAPO AE 09642 
74flag of TajikistanTajikistanuse embassy street address 
75flag of Sri LankaSri LankaP. O 
76flag of SudanSudanP. O 
77flag of SurinameSurinameP. O 
78flag of SwazilandSwazilandP. O 
79flag of SwedenSwedenuse embassy street address 
80flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlanduse embassy street address 
81flag of SyriaSyriaP. O 
82flag of LatviaLatviause embassy street address 
83flag of KenyaKenyaP. O 
84flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstanuse embassy street address 
85flag of ChadChadB. P 
86flag of BulgariaBulgariaUnit 25402 Sofia; APO AE 09213 
87flag of BurundiBurundiB. P 
88flag of Cabo VerdeCabo VerdeC. P 
89flag of CambodiaCambodiaBox P APO AP 96546 
90flag of CameroonCameroonB. P 
91flag of CanadaCanadaP. O 
92flag of Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicB. P 
93flag of ChileChileUnit 4127 Santiago; APO AA 34033 
94flag of BrazilBrazilAPO AA 34030 
95flag of ColombiaColombiaApartado Aereo 3831 Bogota or APO AA 34038 
96flag of CongoCongoB. P 
97flag of Costa RicaCosta RicaAPO AA 34020 
98flag of CroatiaCroatiaUS Embassy Zagreb Unit 1345 APO AE 09213-1345 
99flag of CubaCubause street address 
100flag of CyprusCyprusAPO AE 09836 
101flag of Czech RepublicCzech RepublicUnit 25402; APO AE 09213 
102flag of BruneiBruneiAmerican Embassy Box B APO AP 96440 
103flag of BotswanaBotswanaP. O 
104flag of DjiboutiDjiboutiB. P 
105flag of BahrainBahrainFPO AE 09834-5100; P.O 
106flag of AngolaAngolaCP6484 Luanda Angola 
107flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and BarbudaFPO AA 34054-0001 
108flag of ArgentinaArgentinaAPO AA 34034 
109flag of ArmeniaArmeniause embassy street address 
110flag of AustraliaAustraliaAPO AP 96549 
111flag of AustriaAustriaUnit 27937 Vienna 
112flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanuse embassy street address 
113flag of BangladeshBangladeshG. P 
114flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaNA 
115flag of BarbadosBarbadosP. O 
116flag of BelarusBelarususe embassy street address 
117flag of BelgiumBelgiumB-1000 Brussels APO AE 09724 
118flag of BelizeBelizeP. O 
119flag of BeninBeninB. P 
120flag of BermudaBermudaP. O 
121flag of BoliviaBoliviaP. O 
122flag of DenmarkDenmarkAPO AE 09716 
123flag of Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicUnit 5500 Santo Domingo; APO AA 34041-0008 
124flag of KuwaitKuwaitP.O 
125flag of IraqIraqP. O 
126flag of Holy SeeHoly SeePSC 59 APO AE 09624 
127flag of HondurasHondurasAmerican Embassy APO AA 34022 Tegucigalpa 
128flag of Hong KongHong KongPSC 464 Box 30 Hong Kong or FPO AP 96522-0002 
129flag of HungaryHungaryAm Embassy Unit 1320 Budapest; APO AE 09213 
130flag of IcelandIcelandUS Embassy PSC 1003 Box 40 Reykjavik; FPO AE 09728-0340 
131flag of IndiaIndiause embassy street address 
132flag of IndonesiaIndonesiaAPO AP 96520 
133flag of IrelandIrelanduse embassy street address 
134flag of GuyanaGuyanaP. O 
135flag of IsraelIsraelPSC 98 Box 100 Tel Aviv; APO AE 09830 
136flag of ItalyItalyPSC 59 Box 100 Rome; APO AE 09624 
137flag of JamaicaJamaicause Embassy street address 
138flag of JapanJapanUnit 45004 Box 258 Tokyo; APO AP 96337-0001 
139flag of JordanJordanP. O 
140flag of KazakhstanKazakhstanAmerican Embassy Almaty c/o Department of State Washington DC 20521-7030 
141flag of AlgeriaAlgeriaB. P 
142flag of HaitiHaitiP. O 
143flag of GuineaGuineaB. P 
144flag of EcuadorEcuadorP. O 
145flag of FijiFijiP. O 
146flag of EgyptEgyptAPO AE 09839-4900 
147flag of El SalvadorEl SalvadorUnit 3116 San Salvador; APO AA 34023 
148flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial GuineaP.O 
149flag of EritreaEritreaP.O 
150flag of EstoniaEstoniause embassy street address 
151flag of EthiopiaEthiopiaP. O 
152flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaP. O 
153flag of FinlandFinlandAPO AE 09723 
154flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-BissauC.P 
155flag of FranceFranceUnit 21551 Paris; APO AE 09777 
156flag of GabonGabonB. P 
157flag of GeorgiaGeorgiause embassy street address 
158flag of GermanyGermanyUnit 21701 Bonn; APO AE 09080 
159flag of GhanaGhanaP. O 
160flag of GreeceGreecePSC 108 Athens; APO AE 09842 
161flag of GrenadaGrenadaP. O 
162flag of GuatemalaGuatemalaAPO AA 34024 
163flag of ZimbabweZimbabweP. O 

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