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Tajikistan - Introduction 1992
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Background: Tajikistan has experienced several changes of government since it gained independence in September 1991.

Tajikistan - Geography 1992
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Geographic coordinates

Map reference

Total: 143,100 km²
Land: 142,700 km²
Comparative: slightly smaller than Wisconsin

Land boundaries:
3,651 km total; Afghanistan 1,206 km, China 414 km,
Kyrgyzstan 870 km, Uzbekistan 1,161 km

Coastline: none - landlocked

Maritime claims: none - landlocked
Disputes: boundary with China under dispute

Climate: midlatitude semiarid to polar in Pamir Mountains

Pamir and Alay Mountains dominate landscape; western Fergana
Valley in north, Kafirnigan and Vakhsh Valleys in southeast


Natural resources: significant hydropower potential, petroleum, uranium, mercury, small production of petroleum, brown coal, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten
Land use

Land use:
6% arable land; NA% permanent crops; NA% meadows and pastures;
NA% forest and woodland; NA% other; includes NA% irrigated

Irrigated land

Major rivers

Major watersheds area km²

Total water withdrawal

Total renewable water resources

Natural hazards


Tajikistan - People 1992
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Population: 5,680,242 (July 1992), growth rate 3.0% (1992)

Nationality: noun - Tajik(s; adjective - Tajik

Ethnic groups: Tajik 62%, Uzbek 24%, Russian 8%, Tatar 2%, other 4%

Languages: Tajik (official) NA%

Religions: Sunni Muslim approximately 80%, Shi`a Muslim 5%

Demographic profile
Age structure

Age structure

Dependency ratios

Median age

Population growth rate

Birth rate: 40 births/1000 population (1992)

Death rate: 8 deaths/1000 population (1992)

Net migration rate: -1 migrant/1000 population (1992)

Population distribution


Major urban areas

Current issues: NA
Current issues note: landlocked

Air pollutants

Sex ratio

Mothers mean age at first birth

Maternal mortality ratio

Infant mortality rate: 74 deaths/1000 live births (1992)

Life expectancy at birth: 64 years male, 70 years female (1992)

Total fertility rate: 5.3 children born/woman (1992)

Contraceptive prevalence rate

Drinking water source

Current health expenditure

Physicians density

Hospital bed density

Sanitation facility access


Major infectious diseases

Obesity adult prevalence rate

Alcohol consumption

Tobacco use

Children under the age of 5 years underweight

Education expenditures

Literacy: NA% (male NA%, female NA%) age 15 and over can read and write

School life expectancy primary to tertiary education

Youth unemployment

Tajikistan - Government 1992
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Country name
Conventional long form: Republic of Tajikistan

Government type: republic

Capital: Dushanbe

Administrative divisions: 3 oblasts (oblastey, singular - oblast') and one autonomous oblast*; Gorno-Badakhshan*; Kurgan-Tyube, Kulyab, Leninabad (Khudzhand; note - the rayons around Dushanbe are under direct republic jurisdiction; an oblast usually has the same name as its administrative center (exceptions have the administrative center name following in parentheses)

Dependent areas

9 September 1991 (from Soviet Union); formerly Tajikistan
Soviet Socialist Republic

National holiday: NA

Constitution: adopted NA April 1978

Legal system: based on civil law system; no judicial review of legislative acts

International law organization participation


Suffrage: universal at age 18
last held 27 October 1991 (next to be held NA); results -
Rakhman NABIYEV, Communist Party 60%; Daolat KHUDONAZAROV, Democratic Party,
Islamic Rebirth Party and Rastokhoz Party 30%

Supreme Soviet: last held 25 February 1990 (next to be held NA); results - Communist Party 99%, other 1%; seats - (230 total) Communist Party 227, other 3
Communists: NA

Executive branch: president, prime minister

Legislative branch: unicameral Supreme Soviet

Judicial branch: NA

Political parties and leaders

International organization participation: CSCE, IMF, UN
Diplomatic representation: NA
US: Ambassador-designate Stan ESCUDERO; Embassy at Interim Chancery, #39
Ainii Street; Residences:
Oktyabrskaya Hotel, Dushanbe (mailing address is
APO AE 9,862); telephone 8 (011) 7-3,772-24-32-23

Diplomatic representation

Flag descriptionflag of Tajikistan: NA; still in the process of designing one

National symbols

National anthem

National heritage

Tajikistan - Economy 1992
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Economy overview:
Tajikistan has had the lowest standard of living and now faces the bleakest economic prospects of the 15 former Soviet republics.
Agriculture is the main economic sector, normally accounting for 38% of employment and featuring cotton and fruits. Industry is sparse, bright spots including electric power and aluminum production based on the country's sizable hydropower resources and a surprising specialty in the production of metal-cutting machine tools. In 1991 and early 1992, disruptions in food supplies from the outside have severely strained the availability of food throughout the republic. The combination of the poor food supply, the general disruption of industrial links to suppliers and markets, and political instability have meant that the republic's leadership could make little progress in economic reform in 1991 and early 1992.

GDP: $NA, per capita $NA; real growth rate -9% (1991 est.)

Real gdp purchasing power parity

Real gdp growth rate

Real gdp per capita ppp

Gross national saving
Gdp composition by sector of origin

Gdp composition by end use

Gdp composition by sector of origin

Agriculture products: cotton, grain, fruits, grapes, vegetables; cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, yaks

Industries: aluminum, zinc, lead, chemicals and fertilizers, cement, vegetable oil, metal-cutting machine tools, refrigerators and freezers

Industrial production growth rate: growth rate -2.0% (1991)

Labor force: 1,938,000; agriculture and forestry 43%, industry and construction 22%, other 35% (1990)
Organized labor: NA
Labor force

Unemployment rate: 25% (1991 est.)

Youth unemployment

Population below poverty line

Gini index

Household income or consumption by percentage share

Distribution of family income gini index

Budget: $NA

Public debt

Taxes and other revenues


Fiscal year: calendar year

Current account balance

Inflation rate consumer prices

Central bank discount rate

Commercial bank prime lending rate

Stock of narrow money

Stock of broad money

Stock of domestic credit

Market value of publicly traded shares

Current account balance

Exports: $706 million (1990)
Commodoties: aluminum, cotton, fruits, vegetable oil, textiles
Partners: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Imports: $1.3 billion (1990)
Commodoties: chemicals, machinery and transport equipment, textiles, foodstuffs
Partners: NA

Reserves of foreign exchange and gold

Debt external

Stock of direct foreign investment at home

Stock of direct foreign investment abroad

Exchange rates: NA

Tajikistan - Energy 1992
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Electricity access

Electricity production: 4,575,000 kW capacity; 17,500 million kWh produced, 3,384 kWh per capita (1991)

Electricity consumption

Electricity exports

Electricity imports

Electricity installed generating capacity

Electricity transmission distribution losses

Electricity generation sources


Refined petroleum

Natural gas

Carbon dioxide emissions

Energy consumption per capita

Tajikistan - Communication 1992
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Telephones fixed lines

Telephones mobile cellular

Telephone system

Broadcast media

Internet country code

Internet users

Broadband fixed subscriptions

Tajikistan - Military 1992
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Military expenditures
Percent of gdp: $NA, NA% of GDP

Military and security forces

Military service age and obligation

Terrorist groups

Tajikistan - Transportation 1992
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National air transport system

Civil aircraft registration country code prefix

Airports: NA

Airports with paved runways

Airports with unpaved runways


Pipelines: NA
Civil air: NA



Waterways: NA km perennially navigable

Merchant marine

Ports and terminals

Tajikistan - Transnational issues 1992
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Disputes international

Refugees and internally displaced persons

Illicit drugs: illicit producers of cannabis and opium; mostly for domestic consumption; status of government eradication programs unknown; used as transshipment points for illicit drugs to Western Europe


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