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South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the World
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the World

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South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Introduction 2000
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Background: The islands lie approximately 1000 km east of the Falkland Islands. Grytviken on South Georgia was a 19th and early 20th century whaling station. The famed explorer Ernest SHACKLETON stopped there in 1914 en route to his ill-fated attempt to cross Antarctica on foot. He returned some 20 months later with a few companions in a small boat and arranged a successful rescue for the rest of his crew stranded off the Antarctic Peninsula. He died in 1922 on a subsequent expedition and is buried in Grytviken. Today the station houses a small military garrison. The islands have large bird and seal populations and recognizing the importance of preserving the marine stocks in adjacent waters the UK in 1993 extended the exclusive fishing zone from 12 miles to 200 miles around each island.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Geography 2000
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Location: Southern South America islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of the tip of South America

Geographic coordinates: 54 30 S 37 00 W

Map referenceAntarctic Region

Comparative: slightly larger than Rhode Island

Land boundaries: 0 km

Coastline: NA km

Maritime claims

Climate: variable with mostly westerly winds throughout the year interspersed with periods of calm; nearly all precipitation falls as snow

Terrain: most of the islands rising steeply from the sea are rugged and mountainous; South Georgia is largely barren and has steep glacier-covered mountains; the South Sandwich Islands are of volcanic origin with some active volcanoes


Natural resources: fish
Land use

Land use

Irrigated land: 0 km² (1993)

Major rivers

Major watersheds area km²

Total water withdrawal

Total renewable water resources

Natural hazards: the South Sandwich Islands have prevailing weather conditions that generally make them difficult to approach by ship; they are also subject to active volcanism

Note: the north coast of South Georgia has several large bays which provide good anchorage; reindeer introduced early in this century live on South Georgia

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - People 2000
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Population: no indigenous inhabitants


Ethnic groups



Demographic profile
Age structure

Age structure

Dependency ratios

Median age

Population growth rate

Birth rate

Death rate

Net migration rate

Population distribution


Major urban areas

Current issues: NA

Air pollutants

Sex ratio

Mothers mean age at first birth

Maternal mortality ratio

Infant mortality rate

Life expectancy at birth

Total fertility rate

Contraceptive prevalence rate

Drinking water source

Current health expenditure

Physicians density

Hospital bed density

Sanitation facility access


Major infectious diseases

Obesity adult prevalence rate

Alcohol consumption

Tobacco use

Children under the age of 5 years underweight

Education expenditures


School life expectancy primary to tertiary education

Youth unemployment

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Government 2000
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Country name

Government type

Capital: none; Grytviken on South Georgia is the garrison town

Administrative divisions

Dependent areas


National holiday: Liberation Day 14 June (1982)

Constitution: adopted 3 October 1985

Legal system: English Common Law

International law organization participation



Executive branch

Legislative branch

Judicial branch

Political parties and leaders

International organization participation

Diplomatic representation
In the us: none (overseas territory of the UK also claimed by Argentina)
From the us: none (overseas territory of the UK also claimed by Argentina)

Flag descriptionflag of South%20Georgia%20and%20the%20South%20Sandwich%20Islands: the flag of the UK is used

National symbols

National anthem

National heritage

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Economy 2000
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Economy overview: Some fishing takes place in adjacent waters. There is a potential source of income from harvesting fin fish and krill. The islands receive income from postage stamps produced in the UK.

Real gdp purchasing power parity

Real gdp growth rate

Real gdp per capita ppp

Gross national saving
Gdp composition by sector of origin

Gdp composition by end use

Gdp composition by sector of origin

Agriculture products


Industrial production growth rate

Labor force
Labor force

Unemployment rate

Youth unemployment

Population below poverty line

Gini index

Household income or consumption by percentage share

Distribution of family income gini index


Public debt

Taxes and other revenues


Fiscal year

Current account balance

Inflation rate consumer prices

Central bank discount rate

Commercial bank prime lending rate

Stock of narrow money

Stock of broad money

Stock of domestic credit

Market value of publicly traded shares

Current account balance



Reserves of foreign exchange and gold

Debt external

Stock of direct foreign investment at home

Stock of direct foreign investment abroad

Exchange rates

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Energy 2000
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Electricity access

Electricity production: 2 million kWh
By source: NA

Electricity consumption: NA

Electricity exports

Electricity imports

Electricity installed generating capacity

Electricity transmission distribution losses

Electricity generation sources


Refined petroleum

Natural gas

Carbon dioxide emissions

Energy consumption per capita

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Communication 2000
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Telephones fixed lines

Telephones mobile cellular

Telephone system

Broadcast media

Internet country code

Internet users

Broadband fixed subscriptions

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Military 2000
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Military expenditures

Military and security forces

Military service age and obligation

Terrorist groups

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Transportation 2000
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National air transport system

Civil aircraft registration country code prefix

Airports: none

Airports with paved runways

Airports with unpaved runways






Merchant marine

Ports and terminals

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Transnational issues 2000
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Disputes international: claimed by Argentina

Refugees and internally displaced persons

Illicit drugs


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