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Entry by Nathalie on Friday 8 October 2004, at 02:44:12 (UTC)

Congratulations on the most awesome site I have ever seen concerning geography, culture, history, etc. all in one! The graphics are excellent. Whomever put this together is a genius!

New information is being added continuously, keep visiting the site - Gheos Team

Entry by lili on Friday 27 August 2004, at 20:26:03 (UTC)

Ik ben veel wijzer geworden van jullie Toy Toy Toy !!!
enne I laf ya

We blijven informatie toevoegen zodat jullie steeds wijzer worden - Gheos Team

Entry by Mathias on Saturday 21 August 2004, at 17:13:17 (UTC)

Prachtige site, complimenten.
Er zijn helaas een aantal problemen.Via is de Worldguide niet te openen.
Heb op diverse computers geprobeerd.
Uw mail werkt niet, krijg alle mails terug, onbestelbaar.
Ik ben via onderstaande URL op uw site
Hoeplijk kunt u iets met dit bericht.

Wij komen via gewoon in de WorldGuide, geen problem. Ook wij hebben het met diverse computers getest. Door de gigantische hoeveelheid spam die wij dagelijks ontvangen (duizenden emails per dag!) hebben we voorlopig onze email addressen allemaal geblokkeerd. U kunt alleen met ons corresponderen via het contact formulier (Options Menu - Feedback). - Gheos Team

Entry by Theo on Saturday 10 July 2004, at 17:35:11 (UTC)

Interessante site en veel informatie, alleen de wisselkoersen werkt niet goed (is maar half zichtbaar bovenin) maar verders uitmuntend gemaakt.
@@@Ga zo verder @@@@

De wisselkoersen pagina is gerepareerd. Als U meer fouten vind kunt U dat weer doorgeven en zullen wij ze eruit halen. - Gheos Team

Entry by lars on Monday 5 April 2004, at 16:59:01 (UTC)

Stupid you can't copy the maps

All maps are copyrighted. You are not allowed to copy any of the maps. You can print the maps for personal use. Any other use is a violation of copyrights that will be persecuted - Gheos Team

Entry by Roy on Friday 28 November 2003, at 23:41:52 (UTC)

Zeer mooie en leerzame site

Dat is de bedoeling - Gheos Team

Entry by Tania Secalin on Wednesday 25 June 2003, at 15:55:43 (UTC)

It is my first visit and: waow!!! such a beautiful, BEAU-TI-FUL site. Nice work :-)

Thanks, we try to keep it up - Gheos Team

Entry by jan willem on Monday 30 December 2002, at 21:20:08 (UTC)

thanks a lot for finally a good and clear map from New Zealand.

see you, jan willem

You're welcome - Gheos Team

Entry by Derek Alford on Monday 30 December 2002, at 11:18:25 (UTC)

I found this to be an informative site but now have a few doubts, as in information under Australia you have Adelaide as the capital, which is TOTALLY incorrect. Its Canberra in the ACT.

Where exactly do we mention Adelaide is Australia's capital? Adelaide is the state-capital of South Australia. You should read our texts more carefully before making any statements. - Gheos Team

Entry by YON COVA on Friday 1 November 2002, at 16:26:43 (UTC)

Les doy mi mas sincera enhorabuena.

gracias - Gheos Team

Entry by Kathrin on Thursday 24 October 2002, at 15:37:37 (UTC)

I think it is a great site!!!! The best atlas I've found so far! Is it possible to download some of the maps for a powerpoint presentation??? Sometimes the maps don't show in a physical graphik, only in the political one, that would be something to work on. Other than that, I am glad I found the page!

We are currently adding the physical maps, so they are not available for all countries yet. - Gheos Team

Entry by Tom on Wednesday 31 July 2002, at 12:24:09 (UTC)

The most problem-ridden site I've come across in many moons.

Where exactly are the problems? We are continuously checking for broken links and missing images and so far there's none. If you find a missing link or image, please let us know. - Gheos Team

Entry by Claus Christensen on Sunday 21 July 2002, at 23:30:04 (UTC)

Im not to happy with this site. First of all, i think its SLOW! Secondly you need to great the facts right. The second largest city in Denmark is Århus NOT Aalborg!!!

If you have a slow connection, you should get yourself a faster one, or just be patient. Where did we say Ålborg is Denmark's second largest city? - Gheos Team

Entry by Gina on Monday 8 July 2002, at 8:09:23 (UTC)

What an outstanding website and learning tool for all ages! It should be a standard for every school! How wonderful to be able to learn more about each other around the world.

Thanks! Please tell all your friends, as the only way we can continue this project, is but receiving visitors, who are then shown the ads. - Gheos Team

Entry by Jannie Kruger on Tuesday 2 July 2002, at 10:30:35 (UTC)

This must be one of the best sites for maps I have found so far and best of all!!!!!!! It is free. Just one thing? Who does your reviews of the places?

Pretoria is an uncompromisingly Boer city and there is not a whole lot of interest to travelers.

I dont think this is true

We think it is. - Gheos Team

Entry by Kleves on Monday 10 June 2002, at 21:20:32 (UTC)

I just want to say that i think this site is no good.... I tryed to look at the map of italy for 4 weeks and it still is not working right...... that's a shame!!!!!

The map of Italy is working correctly! Maybe there is something wrong with the settings in your PC. - Gheos Team

Entry by Maurizio Bozzo on Wednesday 29 May 2002, at 16:13:48 (UTC)

Very great site. A must for any kind of traveller.

Tell all your friends about it. The only way we can continue to provide this information is by getting visitors, who see the banners. - Gheos Team

Entry by Paul Johnson on Tuesday 23 April 2002, at 15:41:52 (UTC)

Just wanted to say what an amazing site. I'm about to embark on a trip through SE Asia countries through to Australia & New Zealand. Your guide was perfect!

We are adding new information continuously- Gheos Team

Entry by Jeri Ozupek on Friday 29 March 2002, at 7:26:21 (UTC)

Your site is terrific. Well done. Just have a question about Cyprus. If tourists may not be allowed to Greek side upon entering to Turkish side, how come it is because of Turkish soldiers' mood? I think you got a little side tracked there. But, other than that, congratulations.

The soldiers might sometimes 'look the other way' so you can slip through... - Gheos Team

Entry by henk on Friday 8 March 2002, at 23:46:02 (UTC)


Dank! - Gheos Team

Entry by Roy on Monday 4 March 2002, at 12:45:24 (UTC)

This is the best geographic resource available on the internet today! Keep up the good work

We will - Gheos Team

Entry by sushma pherai on Wednesday 6 February 2002, at 4:30:49 (UTC)

I was suprised en glad to find your page. very interesting and usefull. keep up the good work!

We will, and more is to come... - Gheos Team

Entry by Yussel on Monday 21 January 2002, at 12:57:53 (UTC)

Heel interessant, je hoeft geen atlas meer te kopen, hij staat gewoon op het net!

Vertel het al je vrienden en kennissen! - Gheos Team

Entry by Cor van Meer on Thursday 17 January 2002, at 14:23:34 (UTC)

Prachtige site waar ik heel veel wijzer van ben geworden.

Bedankt en succes toegewenst,


Cor van Meer.

Dank - Gheos Team

Entry by Annick on Tuesday 15 January 2002, at 1:34:31 (UTC)

First of all I was very glad to discover your site today, it is terrific!

All the same I discovered one thing I have to mention: The additional
information on Iran show a time which is two (2) hours later
than German time. As far as I know - I know a lot of Iranians and watch
their TV often - they have a very special time zone which is
2 1/2 hours later than German time.

You are right, we have corrected it. With such a large amount of information, these kind of small mistakes can sometimes happen, but we will fix them as soon as somebody tells us - Gheos Team

Entry by arjansp on Monday 31 December 2001, at 6:09:45 (UTC)

This site has always been very useful.
But now some things bother me.
- Free cards: after signing up, the next page is not found:
Page [ ] doesn't exist.
- Menu Help > Write messages (shcrijf berichten), says that the discussion ID doesn't exist and you should check it on

Seems like several things are not working well.

But still the atlas is great..!

We have been changing our servers, but everything has been fixed and should be working now - Gheos Team

Entry by regina noack on Sunday 30 December 2001, at 9:40:33 (UTC)

Thanks for the calender, I put it on my website for my clients,
when they want to send me a request for apartments (and some sometimes
dont have an own calender ;-) ).
But would you please give the chance to use your sms-window too?
This would be very helpfull for my clients too!
And surely they will send sms to you at first ;-).
And another question:
You offer to make reservations for hotels in Saint Petersburg.
Are you interested to do the same for private apartments?

SMS is now available to all and more information will be added soon - Gheos Team

Entry by C.Janakiram on Tuesday 18 December 2001, at 1:21:34 (UTC)

Thank you very much. Excellent presentation of maps,facts,and figures. How to get permission from you to take printout of our country India. It is really a beautiful site to visit.

Thanks - Gheos Team

Entry by Maes Roland on Monday 19 November 2001, at 10:38:11 (UTC)

Zeer mooie en volledige atlas. Gefeliciteerd

Dank, vertel al je vrienden en kennissen, en blijf bezoeken! Wij voegen dagelijks nieuwe informatie toe - Gheos Team

Entry by Jeanny de Kort- van Loon on Friday 16 November 20001, at 7:05:33 (UTC)

Bedankt voor de informatie van juliie schitterende site.

Zal ik nog vaak bezoeken.

Groetjes Jeanne de Kort

Groetjes terug - Gheos Team

Entry by gideon polak on Sunday 21 October 2001, at 16:26:15 (UTC)

I'm amazed with the amount of info you have on this site. it's weird that i never found out about this page before.
just one question, i couldn't find the timelines of the world would be nice too
bye bye gidoen

Timelines will be added, as well as more info, just keep coming back and tell all your friends about us - Gheos Team

Entry by Ratty on Monday 15 October 2001, at 22:46:43 (UTC)

The world altas is one of the best resources on the internet today. Thank you so much for providing us all with this wonderful service.

We are doing our best - Gheos Team

Entry by Norman Johnson on Wednesday 26 September 2001, at 8:29:41 (UTC)

An absolutely BRILLIANT "Destination of the Week" for the week of 23-29 September! But only if you're American military.

It was on many people's request - Gheos Team

Entry by susy on Tuesday 18 September 2001, at 15:15:16 (UTC)

I love your maps---excellent job

Thanks, keep visiting, as we are adding information continuously and tell all your friends about the site - Gheos Team

Entry by jeffrey yancey on Monday 17 September 2001, at 1:28:41 (UTC)

Would it be possible to outline the countries border to bodies of water so that those of us who have older computers and print the maps will be able to tell where the water is since it does not show up when printed.

We are working on it, but the new maps that are totally 'printable' won't be added until summer 2002 or so - Gheos Team

Entry by Fam. Troquet on Sunday 16 September 2001, at 6:00:40 (UTC)

Good map. Our handballteam (ladiesteam Initia Hasselt from Belgium) has to play against Tbilisi (Georgie).
We have very easy found the country and the place at your map.
Thanks for it.

We hope you win! - Gheos Team

Entry by Deborah & Anthony on Saturday 15 September 2001, at 23:13:14 (UTC)

We were just interested in anticipating where the U.S. would most likely strike from. Your maps are very cool. Thanks!

Just keep visiting, so we can continue to keep this online - Gheos Team

Entry by on Saturday 15 September 2001, at 20:41:51 (UTC)

just looking for country thats about to evaporate (afganistan)

Entry by Anonymous on Thursday 13 September 2001, at 21:42:54 (UTC)

nice site!!!! I was looking at the country we're going to bomb very shortly.....

Entry by Robert Campbell on Sunday 2 September 2001, at 15:36:41 (UTC)

Thanks. Your maps are the best I've found!

They are getting better! Physical maps will be added in 2002 - Gheos Team

Entry by kim on Monday 2 July 2001, at 17:13:12 (UTC)

This used to be such a good site, but now the ADS have ruined it.

SPACEPORTS, our hosting company haven't paid us for several weeks and they have added ads. We are currently looking for a new host so we can provide all this information again without annoying ads. - Gheos Team

Entry by nico on Sunday 10 June 2001, at 5:26:53 (UTC)

ik vind het hele mooie en zeer duidelijke site
eindelijk eens iets gevonden waar ik wat aan heb

Vertel het al je vrienden en kennissen!!! - Gheos Team

Entry by Tom Hritz on Thursday 24 May 2001, at 8:33:43 (UTC)

There is a problem with your datbase. I tried to get a map of Tunisia. It keeps coming up with the map of Tonga.

The search function is still experimental and these kind of errors can occur occasionally. It has been fixed, thanks for letting us know - Gheos Team

Entry by ketty on Saturday 12 May 2001, at 13:47:55 (UTC)

Some of the information about Mauritius are incorrect!! First of all Moka is not situated in the South-West but in the central plateau, the population is 1.2 million.

WRONG!! There are TWO towns called Moka on Mauritius. The information is about Moka on the central plateau. The population of Mauritius stands at 1,182,212 (July 1999 est.) - Gheos Team

Entry by Kaido on Tuesday 8 May 2001, at 6:56:31 (UTC)

I think You should check the map of Estonia. It's totally wrong!

You must be totally wrong, or drunk maybe??
There is nothing wrong woth the Estonian map - Gheos Team

Entry by Han on Wednesday, 2 May 2001, at 14:37:15 (UTC)

Cool webby, I think it'll be good if you have a more detailed map!

We are adding maps for smaller areas all the time, just keep coming back to see if the needed region is already added - Gheos Team

Entry by Chys Jo on Monday 23 April 2001, at 13:58:23 (UTC)

Prachtige site, goed ontwerp.
Een uitstekende hulp bij opzoekingswerk.

We blijven altijd naar verbeteringen zoeken. Meer informatie wordt dagelijks toegevoegd - Gheos Team

Entry by Bert Kops on Friday 13 April 2001, at 13:56:15 (UTC)

Bedankt voor deze mooie en leerzame "site"!

Alstublieft - Gheos Team

Entry by adrienne on Thursday 29 March 2001, at 13:26:38 (UTC)

I love this website. It is very informative, helpful, and convenient. I travel a lot and will recommend it to all of my friends.

Thanks! - Gheos Team

Entry by Anonymous on Sunday 11 March 2001, at 16:36:21 (UTC)

Your site has taken over my computerscreen. Why? Why? Why?
I will never com here again, if I kan get out.

If you would know how to use your browser you would know that ALT+F4 closes screens.... but if you don't even know how your borwser works... then you shouldn't complain either! Find a course somewhere! HOW TO USE MY BROWSER (FOR BEGINNERS)...and buy a book SPELLING FOR BEGINNERS... - Gheos Team

Entry by Lassi on Thursday 1 March 2001, at 5:40:14Aivan mahtava palvelu. Teen esitelmää Kanadasta, ja tästä
on hyötyä. Jatkakaa samaan malliin!

Yritämme! - Gheos Team


Entry by Leonel Salinas on Wednesday 21 February 2001, at 16:11:36 (UTC)

!! I don´t know how to say this but in only few words this
web page and all the information that you give is !!
Wonderfull , All clear All Perfect , you help me very much.


Gracias! More to come soon! - Gheos Team

Entry by _____ on Sunday 18 February 2001, at 12:18:02Jealous axxxxxxx! These sxxxxxx are jealous because they
can't make such fine websites like this one, people.

No swearing please - Gheos Team


Entry by B.Krouwel on Saturday 17 February 2001, at 8:28:41 (UTC)

I want to thank you.You were a great help!

You're welcome - Gheos Team

Entry by urmom on Sunday 11 February 2001, at 11:40:36 (UTC)


No swearing please - Gheos Team

Entry by Fareed Iqbal on Friday 9 February 2001 (UTC)

After visiting a lot of "Atlas" sites on the Net, I find
your site simply "The Best". However, it would be nice if
you update the information on "Lahore" Pakistan.

We are currently adding information for 10,000 places from all over the world and it will include Lahore as well - Gheos Team

Entry by terry on Monday 5 February 2001, at 20:03:17 (UTC)

Your maps are terrible. I have tried to print and your
countries are way too light, and it wouldn't let me adjust
the color or outlines. I wasted my time on your screens.

Read the FAQ on how to change the setting for your printer - Gheos Team

Entry by Deacon Curtis Harris Sr. on Tuesday 16 January 2001, at 20:09:46 (UTC)

your atlas is the best i have ever dealt with

Thanks! - Gheos Team

Entry by rita foster on Tuesday 16 January 2001, at 5:25:33 (UTC)

your atlas is really good

Entry by A. van den Hoek on Sunday 31 December 2000, at 6:14:59 (UTC)

Byzonder goed van opzet en zeer duidelijk, een aanwinst!

Entry by Frenzl -B2570 DUFFEL. on Sunday 24 December 2000, at 4:40:06 (UTC)

Interessante website ,goed geordend,probleemloos te
bezoeken. Mooi !

Frenzl ;

Dat is de bedoeling.... - Gheos Team

Entry by Meike on Thursday 21 December 2000, at 6:16:22 (UTC)

Mooie site! Bedankt, mooie plaatjes voor mijn werkstuk!

Entry by Henri van Breugel on Monday 11 December 2000 (UTC)

Geweldige website, aangezien ik veel reis (werk), zal ik deze site regelmatig bezoeken. Vriendelijke groeten:

Dank! Wij voegen dagelijks nieuwe bestemmingen toe en we hopen dat u op onze site de informatie vind die u nodig heeft - Gheos Team

Entry by thijs haverkort on Saturday 9 December 2000, at 8:01:57 (UTC)


Thanks! - Gheos Team

Entry by Lui Brenner on Wednesday 15 November 2000 (UTC)

It happened a mistake in the orthographi of the word Curitibia, the correct is Curitiba

You are right! We have fixed this terrible mistake. This is the kind of message that is useful to us to trace any mistakes that might occur in this atlas! Please keep them coming! - Gheos Team

Entry by H.J. Borkent on Monday 13 November 2000, at 9:32:23 (UTC)

Nice Site!!

Entry by John van Maris on Sunday 22 October 2000, at 17:15:15 2000 (UTC)

Hele mooie site met mooie kaarten ! een compliment waard! Laat al die zeikerds die wat te zeuren hebben de rambam krijgen.

Een site kan nooit 100% van de bezoekers tevreden stellen! De meeste mensen zeuren trouwens om dingen die al online staan en die ze niet goed lezen dus daar trekken wij ons niets van aan! Dank voor je positieve reaktie (if you don't understand this, don't worry, just someone being positive - Gheos Team

Entry by Shell Khan on Tuesday 17 October 2000 (UTC)

I liked this site, put i couldn't get more information on towns and cities, in Pakistan. I wanted to look more into the cite Gujar Khan which is in Pakistan. Do you know anyway i can?!

We will begin adding information on all major cities in January 2001, believe us, it's a hell of a job to get all this done - Gheos

Entry by Anonymous on Monday 16 October 2000, at 18:48:56 (UTC)

Great sight,serves our perpose well. Will definately add to favorites list. D Graves..Okla

Entry by Shawn on Thursday 12 October 2000, at 10:15:44 (UTC)

there is no problem
i just want to say that this website has put together a very impressive collection of data thanks

Entry by philippefontaine on Friday 11 August 2000, at 9:03:39 (UTC)

I can't get a map of some countries as Nepal. On, I can't go out of the system.

Strange, the map of Nepal is included; READ those 7 pages in the beginning and you would know that clicking EXIT or using ALT+F4 would close the window!

Entry by on Wednesday 2 August 2000, at 11:09:17 (UTC)

Hey, your were right, it is better with Netscape (Aw shucks!, - blah, blah, blah), and yes it is an excellent website - now that I've seen it. Where you allude to the insignificance of Altrincham, Cheshire, I'll have you know that to the 49 people who live there, it is the centre of the universe! [Raspberry]...

Entry by on Wednesday 2 August 2000, at 8:16:04 (UTC)

Nice site...if I could navigate it properly without it completely taking over my screen! I hate websites like yours that take over my system without allowing access to task bar and menus on my own browser

Get yourself a REAL browser at to solve that problem or complain to Microsoft about flaws in their programs

Entry by RASANA N K on Tuesday 1 August 2000, at 0:01:50 (UTC)

Though the site has some good political maps,it lacks in physical maps. Let us also have country-wise physical maps on the site..possibly clickable ones as that would be very helpful

As soon as all country-maps are online we will add physical maps and satellite images for each country, this will be in the beginning of 2002 - The World Atlas Team

Entry by John Van Deyk on Monday 31 July 2000, at 11:51:51 (UTC)

Prachtige website ! Proficiat

Dank! - World Atlas Team

Entry by Fiona Aberdeen on Thursday 20 July 2000, at 16:41:34 (UTC)

I was able to locate a small village which I was looking for in Beligium. I really wanted more information on this village but was not able to. Pity, it is however a very valuable site to todays seasoned traveller.

We are still adding maps, when that is finished we will start adding cities and after that the smaller places....The World Atlas Team

Entry by M. Dennis on Thursday 13 July 2000, at 14:18:19 (UTC)

This site will work great for a class assignment I have my students work on for their world foods unit. They need to find information about the country they selected like the currency rate, climate, culture, government, language, and foods commom to that country. This will be helpful. Thanks

You're welcome - World Atlas Team

Entry by Samuël Nieuwenhuis on Wednesday 21 June 2000, at 7:18:53 2000 (UTC)

Overzichtelijk en informatief....

Dat is de bedoeling - World Atlas Team

Entry by on Tuesday 6 June 2000, at 7:23:14 (UTC)

He visitado este atlas y me parece muy bueno el programa, con muchos datos.

Gracias tio! And for all those who don't speak Spanish: this guy liked our site - the World Atlas Team

Entry by Richard on Saturday 20 May 2000, at 12:06:22 (UTC)

Hey u have made a REALLY cool site were did u stole it? haha j/k.
Keep up the good work
Richard Pasmans

We don't steal - World Atlas Team

Entry by Marc Boyer on Tuesday 29 February 2000, at 12:09:28 (UTC)

Congratulations on this magnificent website! I must admit that I am very impressed!
Keep up the good work... I'll return frequently to see the progress.
p.s. It might be a good idea to keep a page that outlines the maps you've added, at which date, etc...

This entry already exists and shows up as soon as you click on a country that is not added yet
It is also available under the OPTIONS button - World Atlas Team

Entry by Net Bohol of the Philippines on Monday 28 February 2000, at 3:28:07 (UTC)

Very nice! well, you got a lot of patience just to have this. Bravo!!

Entry by DJ Robin on Sunday 27 February 2000, at 12:03:24 (UTC)

Wow this atlas is very very nice...


CU L8R - Dj Robin ©2000

Entry by World Atlas Team on Sunday 27 February 2000, at 10:44:37 (UTC)

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