Greenville (Mississippi)

Greenville (Mississippi)

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Greenville is on Lake Ferguson in western Mississippi, in an area of historic cotton plantations that is also known as the Mississippi delta. The city is 150 km northwest from Jackson and 1410 southwest from Washington D.C. The city has a deepwater harbor adjoining the Mississippi River. It is the trade, processing and shipping center of the Mississippi-Yazoo delta, a fertile region, where soybeans, oats, corn, timber and above all cotton are produced. Livestock raising is also an important economic activity. Greenville is an industrial city as well. There are many factories, where processed foods and wood, metal, rubber and paper products are manufactured. Not far from town is a Native American mounds historic site.

The Winterville Mounds Historic Site boasts several earthwork mounds that were constructed durong the 9th century by people of the Plaquemine Mississippian culture. The site os about 3km from town.

There are several hotels and restaurants in Greenville. The city is about 1400 km southwest from Washington D.C.

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