al-Kuwayt (Kuwait City)

al-Kuwayt (Kuwait City)

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Kuwait City is an easygoing place. It has become so even more, after the end of Iraqi occupation in February 1991. The Iraqi's destroyed most of Kuwait's collection of Islamic art that had been housed in the National Museum up to then. The Al-Sabah collection was once one of the most important Islamic art collections in the world, but the Iraqis systematically looted the exhibit halls and set the building on fire. There is a hall at the back of the museum, where temporary exhibits are held regularly. Since the National Museum's treasures have been lost, the Tareq Rajab Museum, which consists of a private collection of Islamic art that is housed in the basement of a large villa, is now Kuwait's most important art collection.

Not far from the National Museum is the Sadu House, a museum and cultural center that was founded to preserve Bedouin arts and crafts. The building is made of gypsum and coral and features a courtyard with some nice decorative carvings. There is also a shop, where Bedouin goods are sold.

In 1986 the Grand Mosque was inaugurated. It is a lavish building that can hold more than 5500 worshippers at a time. One of Kuwait's most prominent landmarks are the Kuwait Towers. They were designed by Swedish architects and opened in 1979. The three towers are of different heights and two of them hold large globes. The highest of the towers stands 187 m (615 feet) tall and it uppermost globe holds an observation deck, which offers excellent views over Kuwait City and the emir's Sief Palace. The lower globe includes a restaurant, coffee shop and banquet rooms.

There are many hotels and restaurants in Kuwait City, but they are all quite expensive. Kuwait City is on Kuwait's Persian Gulf coast and is locally known as al-Kuwayt.


Miscellaneous Information

Latitude:    29 21 N
Longitude: 48 00 E
Elevation:  5 m (16 ft.)

Population: 80,000
Cost-of-living compared to Washington D.C.: 122%

Hours from UTC: 3
Daylight savings time: n/a

City phone code: Not required
Country phone code: 965

Average Weather Patterns

January12.8°C (55°F)2.3 cm (0.91 in)
April24.2°C (75.6°F)0.5 cm (0.2 in)
July34.7°C (94.5°F)0 cm (0 in)
October27.8°C (82°F)0.3 cm (0.12 in)

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