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Benghazi (or Bingazi) is Libya's second largest city. It is on the eastern side of the Gulf of Sirt, about 660 km east of Tripoli. There is not much historical to see in the city, as it was bombed heavily during WWII and rebuilt with oil money. It is a major trade center so it is a good place to go shopping for souvenirs.

The center of the city is easily covered on foot and there is a lively covered souq. On Fridays everybody seems to go shopping and the markets are really bustling then. The main covered market on Sharia al-Mukhtar is Souq al-Jreed. You can buy all sorts of household goods and clothes there. Nearby there are numerous small bars and shops.

The tomb of Omar al-Mukhtar is in the center of a big roundabout. Omar was a freedom fighter and many people come to pay their respect to him every day.

The area around Benghazi is beautiful. You can go hiking in the Green Mountains and there are many Roman Ruins in the neighborhood. There are also numerous small tourist villages in the vicinity of the city. Benghazi also offers good beaches.

There is a whole range of accommodation in Benghazi and you will also find many restaurants, bars and nightclubs

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