Bimini Islands

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The Biminis are only about 90 km (57 miles) off Miami's (U.S.) western coast and consists of several flat islands with a total surface of 26 km² (10 sq miles).

North Bimini is usually referred to as 'Bimini'. It is 11 km (7 miles) long and only 366 m (400 yards) across at its widest point. Just south of Bimini lies uninhabited South Bimini. The two islands are separated by 137 m (150 yards) of water.

Most 'activity' takes place in Alice Town on Bimini, a small hamlet, with little more on offer than fishing trips and a few bars. The crystal-clear waters around the Bimini Islands are excellent for fishing, as they teem with barracuda, mako shark, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and blue marlin. Scuba diving and snorkeling around the islands is also fantastic. Interesting features are the so-called Bimini Road, part of the 'lost city' of Atlantis, according to legend and the Bimini Wall, which plummets more than 1200 m (3890 feet). On the Biminis it is also possible to dive with wild dolphins, including pods of rare Atlantic spotted dolphins that are regularly seen there.

Accommodation is available in the few towns on the Biminis. The islands are 215 km west of Nassau.


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