Brussels (Brussel - Bruxelles)

Brussels (Brussel - Bruxelles)

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Brussels is the capital of both Belgium and the European Union and the city is packed with grand edifices and office buildings where bureaucrats from both governments do their work. Brussels is concentrated on the pentagon of boulevards, known as the Petit Ring.

The center of town if formed by the area around the picturesque Grand Place, which includes numerous museums and beautiful architectural marvels. Brussel's most famous citizen is Manneken Pis. The statue of a boy taking a leak on a street corner is just south of the Grand Square. Actually there is also a 'Jeaneke-Pis'. She is having a squirt on Rue des Bouchers (Butcher's Street). North of the square is the Comic Strip Center where you can see many old prints of Tintin. It is housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. East from the Grand Places is the Royal Palace and nearby are the brilliant Ancient Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum.

There are numerous hotels and restaurants in Brussels. Many of the accommodation can be found in the vicinity of the Grand Place, while the Rue des Bouchers, also near the Grand Place is where many good restaurants and busy terraces are situated. Brussels has good tram, bus and metro systems.


Miscellaneous Information

Latitude:    50 50 N
Longitude: 4 21 E
Elevation:  n/a

Population: 1,000,000
Cost-of-living compared to Washington D.C.: 166%

Hours from UTC: 2
Daylight savings time: Late March through late October

City phone code: 2
Country phone code: 32

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