Carib Territory

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The Carib Territory in the east of Dominica is home to most of the island's Carib Indians. In the 17th century there were only several hundred of them left, after exposure to diseases from European colonizers decimated the Indian population. The remaining Indians were relocated to the Carib territory in the mid-18th century. After that their numbers started rising, but their culture was largely affected by Roman Catholicism and the English and French Creole languages.

Most of the 3700-acre (1497-hectare) large territory is rural area, where banana and breadfruit trees dominate. Most dwellings in the Carib Territory consist of traditional Carib-style wooden houses on stilts, but there are also numerous shanties. The main town in the region is Salybia, but most people come to the Carib Territory to visit the lava outcrop of L'Escalier TĂȘte Chien at Sineka. Its name derives from the fact that the outcrop looks a bit like a stairway that appears to climb out of the ocean. It is important in countless Carib legends.

Accommodation is available in several towns throughout the region. The Carib Territory is 20 km northeast of Roseau.

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