Carriacou Island

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Carriacou is Grenada's second-largest island. It measures 12 km (7 miles) from north to south and it is only 3.5 km (2 miles) wide. It's a rural, laid back place and the landscape consists of dry scrubs, as well as cacti, acacias and bougainvillea. Countless goats roam the island freely. The island's natural harbor has long been a popular destination for yachters, but otherwise, very few travelers visit the Carriacou.

As a result the island's beaches are usually deserted. Carriacou's hills provide excellent views over the neighboring islands of the Grenadines, as well as several islets offshore. Most of the islets have nice snorkeling and scuba diving possibilities and locals will take you to them.

There are several towns on Carriacou. The island's administrative and commercial center is Hillsborough, while Tyrell Bay is popular with yachters.

Accommodation is almost always available, as very few travelers visit the island. Carriacou is 30 km northeast of Grenada Island and the two are connected by boat. It is also possible to fly there from Point Salines airport.

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