Grande Comore (Ngazidja)

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Grande Comore is the largest island of the Comoros and often called Ngazidja. It is home to the country's capital Moroni which lies on the west coast, and the country's highest mountain Mount Karthala, an active volcano. Most of the island's coast is raw black lava with a coral reef not far from the shore. On the east of the island the coast is rougher than on the western side. To the north, the coral reef is more extensive.

Going south on the eastern coast, beginning at the northern tip of the island, you will first come to the village of Bangoi Kauni, or Bouni with its two beaches. The area was once the sultanate of Hamahame. The next good beaches are in Chomoni more to the south, near Samba. It lies in a bay and the beaches consist of an unusual mix of black lava and white sand. There are bungalows and palm-tree huts for rent. It can get busy during the weekends. Going further south you will come to the island's third largest town: Foumbouni. The beaches here are excellent and some accommodation is available. Coming to the south of the island you will find Chindini, a small town with yet another good beach and beautiful views. Accommodation is a bit hard to find, but there are many good spots to put your tent. Boats connecting Grande Comore with the island of Moheli leave from Chindini. The western coast is filled with holiday resorts and the interior of Grande Comore consists of grassy plains and some rainforest.

Transportation on the island is done by taxi-brousse (bush taxi), although they are quite expensive. The distance between Moroni and Bangoi Kauni is roughly 85 km, between Moroni and Chomoni, 40 km; between Moroni and Foumbouni, 50 km; and between Moroni and Chindini, 65 km.

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