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Kassala has grown rapidly during the 1990's as a result of the massive influx of refugees fleeing the fighting in the area, as well as nomads that came to the city in search for food during a long period of drought. There are strange jebels (rounded sugarloaf mountains) in the vicinity of town and the whole area is filled with mango, banana, grapefruit, tangerine, pomegranate and guava orchards. Kassala is a good place to stay before crossing into Eritrea.

Kassala has a souk, where you can buy almost anyhting. Especially silver jewelry made by women of the Rashida tribe is very popular. Peoples from all over the region come to Kassala to do business. In the Khatmiya suburb are the ruins of an old stone mosque. The Taka and Toteel Mountains have been rounded by the desert sands. They are not far southeast of town and you can get there by minibus. The views from Mount Toteel into Eritrea are magnificent.

Kassala's railway station is just out of town, to the southwest. There are bus connections with Asmara in Eritrea. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in town. Kassala is 415 km east of Khartoum.

Because of the current situation in Sudan it is not recommended to travel to Kassala, or any other destination in Sudan at this moment.

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