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Lusaka has little appeal to travelers. It was founded at the start of the 20th century and until the 1930's it was just a small village. In 1931 it became the capital and when modern means of transportation became available to large parts of the population in the 1960's, the city started booming. There are many wide boulevards, lined with trees and distances are large, as the city is very spread out.

One of the major attractions in Lusaka is the Kamwala Market, a huge, busy open-air market where everything imaginable is for sale. There are numerous art galleries in town and about 20 km from Lusaka, in the town of Chilanga, on the road towards Kafue are the Munda Wanga Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It is an excellent place to get away from the capital iwth all its traffic, people and noise.

There are many hotels and guesthouses in Lusaka, as well as restaurants. Good food is also available from the stalls at the market. The railway station is west of the city center and the coach station is only a few blocks away. The airport is about 10 km northeast of town.

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Miscellaneous Information

Latitude:    15 25 S
Longitude: 28 19 E
Elevation:  1,277 m (4190 ft.)

Population: 600,000
Cost-of-living compared to Washington D.C.: 119%

Hours from UTC: 2
Daylight savings time: n/a

City phone code: 1
Country phone code: 260

Average Weather Patterns

January21.4°C (70.5°F)23.1 cm (9.09 in)
April20.6°C (69.1°F)1.8 cm (0.71 in)
July16.1°C (61°F)n/a
October24.4°C (75.9°F)1 cm (0.39 in)

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