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Menorca is also known as the 'Windy Island'. According to legend, the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people. Maybe that is one of the reasons that most visitors return to Menorca after their first visit to the island. Menorca is very different from the rest of the Baleares.

Menorca, or 'minor' island, as it was known to the Romans, has an almost untouched interior, especially if you compare it with the 'major' island, Mallorca. Menorca also features some interesting reminders of its old history, as well as countless marvelous beaches and lonely bays. Menorca is an ideal place if you want peace and quiet.

The South of Menorca is known as migjorn. The beaches there are white sand and mostly surrounded by thick pine woods. The beautiful northern coast, or la tramuntana, is steeper and there are more rocks.

There are many interesting towns on Menorca, including the capital of Mahón. One of the most charming villages is Villacarlos, while Sant Lluis to the south is also worth a visit. The natural park Albufera des Grau is also in the vicinity. It is home to 150 different bird species. Other interesting towns include Torret, San Clemente, Alaior, Marcadal, Ferrerías and Ciudadela.

The beach of Arenal d'en Castell in the north of the island and the romantic fishing port of Fornells are also worth a visit, as is the Cueva Na Pulida with its stalagmites and stalactites. Of great interest to tourists is Santo Tomás, with its wonderful beaches such as Santa Galdana.

Menorca is 675 km southeast of Madrid.

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