Middle Caicos Island (Grand Caicos)

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Middle Caicos Island is also known as Grand Caicos. It is the largest of the Caicos Islands, its surface measures 48 sq miles. It is also the archipelago's least developed island and there are only a few vehicles and no large shops. Most people on Middle Caicos Island live from fishing.

The southern half of the island mainly consists of large areas of inter-tidal swamplands. The main town is Lorimers, which is connected to the airport by a paved road. There are many good beaches all around Middle Caicos Island, as well as large freshwater lakes and lavish pine forests. Various trails run through the forests and along the island's northern coast. They are part of the Middle Caicos Reserve & Trail System and excellent for hiking.

Not far offshore from Middle Caicos is the Vine Point & Ocean Hole Nature Reserve, which protects a frigate-bird breeding colony. There is also a 210 foot deep and 400 yard wide 'hole' in the ocean floor that is home to turtles and sharks.

On Middle Caicos are also at least 38 pre-Columbian Lucayan sites. Archaeologists have excavated many of them. The most important sites are the Armstrong Pond Village Historical Site and the Conch Bar Caves National Park.

Some accommodation is available on Middle Caicos. The island is 65 km northwest of Cockburn Town.


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