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Mokolo lies in one of the most fascinating mountain areas of Cameroon. it is hard to find accommodation in Mokolo though.

There are several interesting towns in the area around Mokolo. There is some accommodation in Djingliya, 15 km from Mokolo on the road to Koza (20 km from Mokolo). In Koza there is a market every Sunday. In Mora a huge market is held each Sunday. Oudjilla consists of many mud huts on a cliffside. In Rhumsiki (50 km south of Mokolo) is visited by many tourists which makes it more expensive than many other towns in the area. Its main attraction is the volcano near the village. There is some accommodation available. In Tourou the market is on Thursdays. The women there often wear wooden calabashes on their heads, looking like army helmets. Another interesting town is Ziver.


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