New Harmony

New Harmony

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The religious Harmony Society was founded by German Separatists under the leadership George Rapp. In 1814, the society founded New Harmony on the Wabash River in southwestern Indiana. In 1825 the Harmonists sold their holdings to Robert Owen and moved to Economy, Pennsylvania, where their sect survived into the early 1900's. Owen established a communistic colony in New Harmony. It gained prominence as a cultural and scientific center and attracted many noted scientists, educators and writers. Dissension arose however and in 1828 the community ceased to exist as a distinct enterprise. The town remained an intellectual center.

The U.S.A.'s first kindergarten, its first free public school, the first free library and first school with equal education for boys and girls were all established in New Harmony. Some 25 old Rappite buildings remain in the town.

Accommodation is available. New Harmony is 240 km southwest from Indianapolis and 940 km southwest from Washington D.C.

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