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Paramaribo, often abbreviated to 'Parbo', is the capital of Suriname. It is a mixture of northern Europe and tropical America. There are huge brick buildings, grassy squares, wooden houses that align narrow streets and palms providing necessary shade. Some mangroves grow along the riverside. You will find various mosques, synagogues and churches in the city. There are loads of street vendors trying to make a living selling almost everything. In the sidewalk cafés, locals wash their troubles away.

The main landmark in central Paramaribo is the Onafhankelijksplein (Independence Square), in front of the Presidential Palace. The Palmentuin, a beautiful park with palm trees and tropical birds, lies immediately behind the palace. In the eastern side of the city lies Fort Zeelandia, one of the first structures built by Europeans in the 17th century. It lies next to the river and prisoners were detained and tortured there after the 1980 coup. The Waterkant is the riverside boulevard where the main market is located. Ferries crossing the river to the area of Meerzog leave not far from the market.

The river can also be crossed by a bridge that was completed in 2000.

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Miscellaneous Information

Latitude:    5 49 N
Longitude: 55 09 W
Elevation:  4 m (13 ft.)

Population: 150,000
Cost-of-living compared to Washington D.C.: 86%

Hours from UTC: -3
Daylight savings time: n/a

City phone code: not required
Country phone code: 597

Average Weather Patterns

January25.8°C (78.4°F)21.3 cm (8.39 in)
April26.4°C (79.5°F)22.9 cm (9.02 in)
July26.7°C (80.1°F)23.1 cm (9.09 in)
October27.8°C (82°F)7.6 cm (2.99 in)

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