Peng-Hu Islands

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The Peng-Hu Archipelago consists of 64 beautiful islands, about halfway between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. Most of the islands look nothing like Taiwan; they are completely flat and covered with brush and grasslands. The Peng-Hu Islands boast sandy beaches, lovely fishing villages, turquoise seas and, at least from May to September, sunny skies. The rest of the year the islands are windswept and cold.

The only city in the archipelago is Makung, on Peng-Hu Island. It is a beautiful town of about 60,000 and there are numerous temples, including Taiwan's oldest. At its fishing harbor you can try delicious seafood, while other foodstuffs can be purchased at one of Makung's outdoor markets.

The Islands of Paisha and Hsiyu are linked to Penghu by bridges. On Paisha you will find a huge 300-year-old banyan tree. It is so big that walking underneath it is like entering a cave. Hsiyu is the most beautiful island in the entire archipelago. Along its coastline are countless hidden coves that are excellent for swimming. At Hsiyu's southern tip stands Hsitai Fort, which was built in 1883. On clear days you can see both Taiwan and Mainland China from its top.

The only hotels in the archipelago are in Makung. There you will also find numerous restaurants, although the best seafood is found on Hsiyu. Makung has air connections with every large city in Taiwan, as well as boat services from Kao-hsiung. If you want to visit any of the Peng-Hu archipelago's smaller islands, you will have to charter a boat.


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