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Princeton was settled as Stony Brook in the late 1600's. In 1724 its name was changed to Princeton. During the American Revolution, the British and later colonial troops occupied Nassau Hall of Princeton University as barracks. Shortly after the battle of Trenton, on 3 January 1777, Princeton was the scene of a battle in which Washington surprised and defeated a superior British force. General Hugh Mercer was mortally wounded in that attack. The battle is commemorated in a monument with sculptures by Frederick MacMonnies.

'Morven' was built in 1701. It was the home of Richard Stockton, political leader in the American Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Later the building served as Cornwallis's headquarters and was a center of social and political life during and after the Revolution. The Continental Congress met in Nassau Hall from June to November 1783. In 1869 the first intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place. The birthplace of American naval officer William Bainbridge is also in Princeton. It is now the headquarters of a historical society. Palmer Square is a civic center on Nassau Street. It boasts buildings that were designed in colonial style by Thomas Stapleton. American actor and bass singer Paul Robeson was born in Princeton, and the theoretical physicist, known for the formulation of the relativity theory Albert Einstein, spent the last 20 years of his life there.

Princeton is a leading education center. It is the seat of Princeton University, the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Theological Seminary, Westminster Choir College, Saint Joseph's College and other institutions. The borough is also home to numerous national and international corporate research centers and headquarters. The Educational Testing Service, or ETS, is centered in Princeton.

There are several hotels and restaurants in Princeton. The borough is in the west of New Jersey, 20 km northeast from Trenton and 260 km northeast from Washington D.C.


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