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Saaremaa is Estonia's largest island. It has always been fairly independent from the country's mainland and it was usually the last part of the nation that fell to invaders. Saaremaa is scarcely populated and covered with forests and rural landscapes. The town of Kuressaare is Saaremaa's capital and the main town on the island. There is a castle that was founded by the Bishop of Ösel-Wiek to be used as his base. About 25 km west of Kuuressaare is the botanical reserve of Viidumäe, where you can see rare plant species such as the blunt-flowered rush, the Saaremaa yellow rattle and the white-beam.

During the summer season, from June to September, Saaremaa gets very busy with tourists, so accommodation can be tight then and it is better to book in advance. The rest of the year you'll have no problem finding lodging. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants all over the island. A regular ferry connects Triigi on Saaremaa with Orjaku on Hiiumaa, as well as with the Estonian mainland.

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