Saint Croix Island

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The island of Saint Croix is one of the least developed parts of the U.S. Virgin Islands and only very few tourists visit it. As a result, only a very small part of the island's population is involved in the tourist industry. Saint Croix is the largest island of the U.S. Virgin Islands and at one time it was a major sugar exporter and hosted more than 100 sugar plantations. Most plantations are now gone, but decaying plantation houses and the stone towers of the windmills that belonged to them can still be seen, scattered all over Saint Croix.

There are numerous isolated beaches. The island's interior consists of forested hills and fertile lowlands and it is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that are excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The town of Christiansted was once the capital of the entire Danish colony and nowadays it is the island's most important town. It is on the island's northern coast, where you will also find several excellent diving sites.

The best hiking possibilities are situated at the hilly, forested northwestern corner of Saint Croix. Saltpans and mangrove forests dominate the southwest. Sandy Point in the extreme southwest is one of only two leatherback turtle nesting grounds in the Caribbean.

Another interesting place on Saint Croix is the town of Frederiksted. Just north of Saint Crois is Buck Island

There are numerous hotels and restaurants on Saint Croix. The island is 65 km south of Charlotte Amalie.

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