Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Sakteng Wildlife Reserve covers some 650 km² (253 sq miles) of wilderness in the easternmost part of Bhutan. It was created to protect the habitat of the yeti, known as migoi (strong man) in Bhutan. There are many sightings of the migoi, but there are no photographs and no migoi has ever been captured, nor have remains ever been found. Many scientists say that migoi is just a myth, but nevertheless the Bhutan government set up the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

The migoi differs from yetis, desribed in other Himalayan regions, as its body is covered in hair that may be anything from reddish-brown to black, but its face is hairless. Locals believe the migoi has the ability to become invisible, which explains why so few people have actually seen it (or claim so). Another feature that makes it hard to locate a migoi, is that many have their feet backwards, confusing possible trackers.

The goemba (village) of Sakteng, or Sakden serves as the entrance point to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Sakten is 30 km east of Tashi Gang and about 220 km east of Thimphu.


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