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Sousse is one of the main tourist places in Tunisia. It has a great beach, but it is very crowded in the summer. There is an interesting medina and kasbah. The tourist office is on the corner of the Main Street and Ave Habib Bourguiba. The post office and railway station are nearby, as the center of Sousse is very compact. The main Tunis-Sfax railway line runs right down the center of the main street! There are no warning sign or fences, so be careful you don't get run over by the engine. Regional buses to Monastir, Mahdia and Kairouan leave from Place Farhat Hached near the port entrance. Louages and SNTRI buses leave from Bab Jedid station, near the eastern Bab Jedid Gate.

The main monuments of the medina are the ribat and the Great Mosque. The ribat was built in the 9th century. Its main function was to be a lookout-post, and that is what it still is; it gives great views of the nearby Great Mosque, also built in the 9th century. You can only visit the courtyard of the mosque. Tickets for ribat and mosque can be bought nearby. The Kasbah has good views over the medina, but can only be accessed from outside the medina walls.

A few hundred meters away from the medina are the catacombs, which were used as a burial place.

There is a Roman ruin on Ave 3 Aout.

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