Taï National Park (Parc National de Taï)

Taï National Park is an area covered with some of West Africa's last virgin rainforest. Some trees are 50 m (165 feet) high; they have huge trunks and supporting roots. It is a truly unique experience to walk around in the park, in the humid air, between the trees, lianas and wildlife.

Since the area is rainy and humid, the best time to visit is during the dry period, between December and February. You will nee a special permit from the Ministère des Eaux et Forêts in Abidjan. Without it, you can forget entering the park. Not many people visit the park, as it is so much hassle to get there. First you need to go to Abidjan to get the permit, then you will have to get to Man, 460 km northwest of Abidjan, or San Pédro 300 km west of Abidjan, from either of these towns you will find some transportation to Guiglo and further to Taï. After that it is still another 30 km to the main entrance, but traffic is very thin, so to get a lift you have to be lucky at least.

The park lies in the west of Côte d'Ivoire, close to the border with Liberia. There is no accommodation whatsoever.


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