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Most people who visit Sulawesi, go to the hilly region of Tanatoraja, which covers the central and southern parts of the island. The Taroja, with their colorful customs and traditional houses are Sulawesi's major draw card.

The most important Torajan ceremonies are those concerned with sending a dead person to the afterworld. The site of the funeral is very important, as the locals believe that without the proper site, the spirit of the deceased will cause misfortune to its relatives and as a result, there are numerous burial sites in Tanatoraja.

Usually, funeral ceremonies are spread out over several days and involve hundreds of guests. Buffalo is sacrificed and the ceremonies usually end with dancing, singing and cock- and buffalo-fighting. Sisemba, or kick-fighting is also a popular element of the ceremonies. It is possible that someone invites you to a ceremony. In that case, make sure to dress respectfully, bring gifts to hand out and be careful, not to sit in areas designated for special guests or family members. Most funeral ceremonies are held in the so-called 'party season', which lasts from July to September.

One of the most popular destinations in Tanatoraja is the town of Rantepao. The best time to visit Rantapao is between March and May, although most ceremonies in the region take place during the so-called 'party season' from July to September.

Accommodation and restaurants are available in most towns in the Tanatoraja region.

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