Uvea Island (Wallis Island)

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Uvea is the main island of the Wallis and Futuna group. It is a volcanic island and as a result there are numerous crater lakes and lagoon islands. You will also find several archaeological sites and churches on Uvea Island. Uvea is the most populated island in the archipelago, but the island has a low-key atmosphere. The main village is Mata Utu. It is connected with the Uvea's other sights via the island's circuit road.

There are two important archaeological sites on Uvea Island: Talietumu and Tonga Toto. Another one of Uvea's sights is the crater lake of Lalolalo.

The oldest church on Uvea Island is the Church of Saint Joseph. It is beautifully decorated with kaleidoscopic patterns, biblical scenes and fish motifs. The Church of the Sacred Heart is like a multi-tiered lighthouse that towers beside the road not far from Mata Utu. The churches on Uvea are a good place to visit, if you want to get away from the heat. Inside, most of them are cool and refreshing.

The are only few good swimming spots on Uvea, so it is better to visit one of the surrounding islets if you want to go to the beach. The best ones are on Faioa, Nukuhione and Nukuhifala.

There are numerous hotels and restaurants on Uvea Island. The island lies in the Wallis group, in the northeast of Wallis and Futuna.


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