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Yalta has a moved history, as the Crimea peninsula on which it is situated passed through many hands over the centuries. In the second half of the 18th century it became Russian territory and it stayed like that until Ukraine's independence in August 1991. Yalta lies in the southern coast of Crimea and it became one of the most popular Black Sea resorts, after Tsar Alexander II chose the nearby town of Livadia to become his summer residence. In the years after the Tsar settled in Livadia, countless aristocratic estates sprang up along the peninsula's coast, but after the Russian Revolution most of them were confiscated and converted into workers' sanatoria. Later many of the estates reverted to dachas for the party elite. Yalta is also the place where numerous historical important conferences were held.

Yalta's city center straddles the Bystra River and stretches on the eastern end of Yalta Bay. Most activity takes place around the naberezhna Lenia a pedestrians only waterfront promenade, which features jetties, palm trees, beaches, bars and art markets. The best beaches in Yalta can be found on the other side of the Bystra, west of the river's mouth. About half way down the Yalta Bay is a chair lift that takes people up to Darsan, a viewpoint on the hill above the bay. It looks a bit like a temple and it offers great views over the area. Not far north of the lift is the beautiful Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral. It dates from the beginning of the 20th century and it was erected in neo-Byzantine style. In the vicinity is the Chekov House-Museum, where Russian playwright Anton Chekov spent the last five years of his life. Inside the house you can see editions of Chekov's works, as well as memorabilia, such as pens he used to write. There is also a beautiful garden.

There are countless hotels and apartments in Yalta, but during the summer season, from June to August it gets very busy and accommodation can be hard to come by. The resort lies 720 km south of Kiev.

Because of the current situation in Ukraine it is not recommended to travel to Yalta, or any other destination in Ukraine at this moment.

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