Country ranking for field: imports commodities 1996

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This entry provides a listing of the highest-valued imported products; it sometimes includes the percent of total dollar value.

1flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goods0 
2flag of Crude oil 11%Crude oil 11%Capital goods 21% 
3flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentConsumer goods 
4flag of Primary materialsPrimary materialsConsumer goods 
5flag of Transportation equuuipmentTransportation equuuipmentMachinery 
6flag of Live animalsLive animalsFood 
7flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk IslandNA 
8flag of GrainGrainPetroleum 
9flag of Construction equipment and materialsConstruction equipment and materialsFood 
10flag of Chemicals and other industrial inputs 39%Chemicals and other industrial inputs 39%Machinery and equipment and manufactured consumer goods 54% 
11flag of Transportation equipmentTransportation equipmentMachinery 
12flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsPetroleum 
13flag of PalauPalauNA 
14flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsMachinery and transport equipment 
15flag of FuelsFuelsFoods 
16flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsCapital goods 
17flag of Transport equipmentTransport equipmentMachinery 
18flag of Capital goods 25%Capital goods 25%Raw materials 40% 
19flag of MachineryMachineryFuel oil 
20flag of Intermediate goods 20.2%Intermediate goods 20.2%Machinery and transport equipment 28.9% 
21flag of ClothingClothingChemicals 
22flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsMachinery and equipment 
23flag of Machinery and Transport equipment 25.1%Machinery and Transport equipment 25.1%Fuels and Minerals 26.8% 
24flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsMachinery and equipment 
25flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsTextiles 
26flag of BeveragesBeveragesFood 
27flag of Vehicles and aircraftVehicles and aircraftMachinery and equipment 
28flag of Fertilizer 11%Fertilizer 11%Petroleum products 20% 
29flag of Machinery and transportation equipment 21%Machinery and transportation equipment 21%Manufactured goods 21% 
30flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentFoodstuffs 
31flag of Metal goodsMetal goodsMachinery 
32flag of Machinery 14%Machinery 14%Oil 24% 
33flag of MetalsMetalsMinerals 
34flag of MacauMacauraw materials foodstuffs capital goods 
35flag of MacedoniaMacedoniaFuels and lubricants 19%; Manufactured goods 18%; Machinery and transport equipment 15%; Food and live animals 14%; Chemicals 11.4%; Raw materials 10%; Miscellaneous manufactured articles 8 
36flag of Capital goods 28%Capital goods 28%Intermediate manufactures 30% 
37flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsFood 
38flag of ChemicalsChemicalsMachinery and equipment 
39flag of Intermediate and capital goodsIntermediate and capital goodsConsumer goods 
40flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsMachinery and equipment 
41flag of PetroleumPetroleumFood 
42flag of Crude oilCrude oilPetroleum products 
43flag of FuelFuelFood 
44flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFoodstuffs 
45flag of Capital equipment 17%Capital equipment 17%Manufactured goods 50% 
46flag of Transportation equipmentTransportation equipmentBuilding materials 
47flag of Steel mill productsSteel mill productsMetal-working machines 
48flag of GasGasOil 
49flag of FuelsFuelsMachinery and equipment 
50flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsMachinery and transportation equipment 
51flag of Semiprocessed goods 22%Semiprocessed goods 22%Capital goods 24% 
52flag of ClothingClothingFood 
53flag of Transport equipmentTransport equipmentMachinery 
54flag of Petroleum products and fuelPetroleum products and fuelFoodstuffs 
55flag of ManufacturesManufacturesMachinery 
56flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentFoodstuffs 
57flag of ChemicalsChemicalsMineral fuels 
58flag of MachineryMachineryCrude oil and refined petroleum products 
59flag of Transportation equipmentTransportation equipmentMachinery 
60flag of Hydrocarbons 13%Hydrocarbons 13%Industrial goods and equipment 57% 
61flag of Fuels 17%Fuels 17%Machinery 25% 
62flag of Grain and foodGrain and foodMachinery and parts 
63flag of TobaccoTobaccoFood and beverages 
64flag of AnimalsAnimalsFood 
65flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsCrude oil 
66flag of MachineryMachineryPetroleum products 
67flag of Machinery and partsMachinery and partsEnergy 
68flag of Machinery and transport equipmentMachinery and transport equipmentManufactured goods 
69flag of MachineryMachineryManufactured goods 
70flag of VehiclesVehiclesMachinery and equipment 
71flag of Building materialsBuilding materialsFoodstuffs 
72flag of Machinery and partsMachinery and partsGrain 
73flag of Food and beveragesFood and beveragesMachines and vehicles 
74flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentRaw materials 
75flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentPetroleum products 
76flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsFoodstuffs 
77flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFood 
78flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsFuel for fishing fleet 
79flag of Western SamoaWestern SamoaIntermediate goods 58%; Food 17%; Capital goods 12% 
80flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsTextiles and other manufactured consumer goods 
81flag of ZaireZaireConsumer goods; Foodstuffs; Mining and other machinery; Transport equipment; Fuels 
82flag of Transportation equipmentTransportation equipmentMachinery 
83flag of TongaTongafood products machinery and transport equipment manufactures fuels chemicals 
84flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsMachinery and equipment 
85flag of ChemicalsChemicalsMachinery and equipment 
86flag of Transport equipmentTransport equipmentMachinery 
87flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFoods and beverages 
88flag of Yugoslavia imported machinery and transport equipmentYugoslavia imported machinery and transport equipmentPrior to the breakup of the federation 
89flag of FoodFoodManufactured goods 
90flag of Machinery and equipment 44%Machinery and equipment 44%Foodstuffs 38% 
91flag of PetroleumPetroleumAircraft 
92flag of SlovakiaSlovakiaMachinery and transport equipment; fuels and lubricants; manufactured goods; raw materials; chemicals; agricultural products 
93flag of Intermediate manufactured goods 17.6%Intermediate manufactured goods 17.6%Machinery and transport equipment 30% 
94flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsPlant and machinery 
95flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsPetroleum products 
96flag of Transport equipment 15%Transport equipment 15%Machinery 32% 
97flag of Electronics and electronic equipmentElectronics and electronic equipmentMachinery 
98flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentTextiles and textile materials 
99flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsRaw materials and semifinished products 
100flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsFoodstuffs 
101flag of PetroleumPetroleumCapital equipment 
102flag of MachineryMachineryMotor vehicles 
103flag of Petroleum and petroleum productsPetroleum and petroleum productsMachinery 
104flag of Machinery and transportation equipmentMachinery and transportation equipmentAgricultural products 
105flag of Metal products 16%Metal products 16%Foodstuffs 12% 
106flag of Electronic products 15.6%Electronic products 15.6%Machinery and equipment 15.7% 
107flag of ChemicalsChemicalsFuel 
108flag of Machinery and transportation equipmentMachinery and transportation equipmentManufactured goods 
109flag of Fuels 6.9%Fuels 6.9%Manufactures 80% 
110flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsFoodstuffs 
111flag of ManufacturesManufacturesFoodstuffs 
112flag of Transport equipmentTransport equipmentMachinery 
113flag of Building materialsBuilding materialsMainly corn 
114flag of Food and beverages 21.7%Food and beverages 21.7%Capital goods 39.7% 
115flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsFoodstuffs 
116flag of Petroleum products 15%Petroleum products 15%Capital goods 31% 
117flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFoodstuffs 
118flag of Construction materialsConstruction materialsCigarettes 
119flag of FoodFoodMachines and electrical equipment 
120flag of ChemicalsChemicalsCrude oil 
121flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsFoodstuffs 
122flag of TextilesTextilesFood 
123flag of Industrial goods 20%Industrial goods 20%Machinery and transportation equipment 39% 
124flag of Spare parts 24.8%Spare parts 24.8%Capital goods 25.2% 
125flag of TextilesTextilesIndustrial Machinery 
126flag of Christmas IslandChristmas IslandConsumer goods 
127flag of Transportation equipmentTransportation equipmentIndustrial equipment 
128flag of BulgariaBulgariafuels minerals and raw materials 30.1%; machinery and equipment 23 
129flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsRice and other foodstuffs 
130flag of Capital equipmentCapital equipmentIntermediate manufactures 
131flag of TextilesTextilesFoodstuffs 
132flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsRaw materials 
133flag of Fuels and lubricants 8.8%Fuels and lubricants 8.8%Machinery and transport equipment 23.1% 
134flag of FoodFoodPetroleum 
135flag of MineralsMineralsFood 
136flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsMachinery and transport equipment 
137flag of Capital goodsCapital goodsFood 
138flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentPetroleum 
139flag of BeveragesBeveragesFoods 
140flag of Food productsFood productsMachinery 
141flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsMachinery and transport equipment 
142flag of PetroleumPetroleumFoodstuffs 
143flag of Crude oil 41%Crude oil 41%Nonoil 59% 
144flag of Food 8%Food 8%Materials for canneries 56% 
145flag of FoodFoodConsumer goods 
146flag of AngolaAngolaCapital equipment 
147flag of AnguillaAnguillaNA 
148flag of Machinery and transport equipmentMachinery and transport equipmentFood and live animals 
149flag of ChemicalsChemicalsMachinery and equipment 
150flag of Other foodsOther foodsGrain 
151flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFood 
152flag of Computers and office machinesComputers and office machinesMachinery and transport equipment 
153flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsPetroleum 
154flag of Consumer durablesConsumer durablesMachinery and parts 
155flag of PetroleumPetroleumCapital goods 
156flag of AutomobilesAutomobilesBuilding materials 
157flag of MachineryMachineryConsumer goods 
158flag of Natural gasNatural gasFuel 
159flag of GrainsGrainsFuels 
160flag of FoodFoodMachinery and transportation equipment 
161flag of BeveragesBeveragesFoodstuffs 
162flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsFuel 
163flag of GrainGrainFuel and lubricants 
164flag of Chemicals 11%Chemicals 11%Capital goods 48% 
165flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaNA 
166flag of Vehicles and transport equipmentVehicles and transport equipmentFoodstuffs 
167flag of Capital goodsCapital goodsCrude oil 
168flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentManufactured goods 
169flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsTransport equipment 
170flag of Machinery and transport equipmentMachinery and transport equipmentConsumer goods 
171flag of Investment goodsInvestment goodsMilitary equipment 
172flag of Food and beverages 22%Food and beverages 22%Machines and manufactures 34% 
173flag of Chemical productsChemical productsMachinery and transport equipment 
174flag of Hong KongHong Kongfoodstuffs transport equipment raw materials semimanufactures petroleum; a large share is reexported 
175flag of Raw materials and semi-finished goods 36.9%Raw materials and semi-finished goods 36.9%Fuels and energy 11.0% 
176flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsMachinery and transportation equipment 
177flag of MachineryMachineryCrude oil and petroleum products 
178flag of Raw materials 9.0%Raw materials 9.0%Manufactures 75.3% 
179flag of Military suppliesMilitary suppliesMachinery 
180flag of FoodFoodManufactures 
181flag of Animal feedAnimal feedFood 
182flag of FertilizersFertilizersTimber 
183flag of ChemicalsChemicalsIndustrial machinery 
184flag of MetalsMetalsPetroleum products 
185flag of Construction materialsConstruction materialsMachinery and transport equipment 
186flag of Fossil fuels 20%Fossil fuels 20%Manufactures 52% 
187flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsMachinery and transport equipment 
188flag of MachineryMachineryCrude oil 
189flag of Industrial materialsIndustrial materialsMachinery and parts 
190flag of Petroleum and petroleum products 15%Petroleum and petroleum products 15%Machinery and transportation equipment 29% 
191flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentFoodstuffs 
192flag of Construction materialsConstruction materialsFood 
193flag of LumberLumberGrain 
194flag of Fuel oilFuel oilFood 
195flag of CarsCarsFuels 
196flag of MachineryMachineryManufactures 
197flag of Transport equipmentTransport equipmentFoodstuffs 
198flag of FoodsFoodsMachinery and equipment 
199flag of French GuianaFrench GuianaFood 
200flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsRaw materials 
201flag of FoodFoodPetroleum 
202flag of EritreaEritreaprocessed goods machinery petroleum products 
203flag of Fuels 15%Fuels 15%Machinery 18% 
204flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsCapital goods 
205flag of ClothingClothingFood 
206flag of Manufactures 24%Manufactures 24%Machinery and transport equipment 24.4% 
207flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsFood 
208flag of Petroleum productsPetroleum productsMachinery and transport equipment 
209flag of Petroleum and petroleum productsPetroleum and petroleum productsFoodstuffs 
210flag of Machinery and equipmentMachinery and equipmentCrude oil 
211flag of FoodstuffsFoodstuffsFuels 
212flag of GasolineGasolineCoal 
213flag of Chemical productsChemical productsFoodstuffs 
214flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsFood 
215flag of Grain and other foodsGrain and other foodsFuel 
216flag of Agricultural products 10.0%Agricultural products 10.0%Manufactures 75.1% 
217flag of Consumer goodsConsumer goodsPetroleum 
218flag of Manufactured goodsManufactured goodsFuels 
219flag of Foodstuffs 15%Foodstuffs 15%Manufactured goods 72% 
220flag of GreenlandGreenlandManufactured goods 28%; Machinery and transport equipment 24%; Food and live animals 12.4%; Petroleum products 12% 
221flag of Manufactured goods 22%Manufactured goods 22%Food 25% 
222flag of FuelsFuelsFoodstuffs 
223flag of FoodFoodPetroleum and petroleum products 
224flag of MachineryMachineryFuel and petroleum products 
225flag of Other manufactures 23%Other manufactures 23%Machinery and transportation equipment 41% 

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