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This entry contains a brief description of the topography.

1flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan0 
2flag of PakistanPakistanflat Indus plain in east; mountains in north and northwest; Balochistan plateau in west 
3flag of New CaledoniaNew Caledoniacoastal plains with interior mountains 
4flag of New ZealandNew Zealandpredominately mountainous with some large coastal plains 
5flag of NicaraguaNicaraguaextensive Atlantic coastal plains rising to central interior mountains; narrow Pacific coastal plain interrupted by volcanoes 
6flag of NigerNigerpredominately desert plains and sand dunes; flat to rolling plains in south; hills in north 
7flag of NigeriaNigeriasouthern lowlands merge into central hills and plateaus; mountains in southeast plains in north 
8flag of NiueNiuesteep limestone cliffs along coast central plateau 
9flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk Islandvolcanic formation with mostly rolling plains 
10flag of North KoreaNorth Koreamostly hills and mountains separated by deep narrow valleys; coastal plains wide in west discontinuous in east 
11flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islandssouthern islands are limestone with level terraces and fringing coral reefs; northern islands are volcanic 
12flag of NorwayNorwayglaciated; mostly high plateaus and rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys; small scattered plains; coastline deeply indented by fjords; arctic tundra in north 
13flag of OmanOmanvast central desert plain rugged mountains in north and south 
14flag of Pacific OceanPacific Oceansurface currents in the northern Pacific are dominated by a clockwise warm-water gyre 
15flag of PalauPalauvarying geologically from the high mountainous main island of Babelthuap to low coral islands usually fringed by large barrier reefs 
16flag of Navassa IslandNavassa Islandraised coral and limestone plateau flat to undulating; ringed by vertical white cliffs 
17flag of Palmyra AtollPalmyra Atollvery low 
18flag of PanamaPanamainterior mostly steep rugged mountains and dissected upland plains; coastal areas largely plains and rolling hills 
19flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guineamostly mountains with coastal lowlands and rolling foothills 
20flag of Paracel IslandsParacel IslandsNA 
21flag of ParaguayParaguaygrassy plains and wooded hills east of Rio Paraguay; Gran Chaco region west of Rio Paraguay mostly low marshy plain near the river and dry forest and thorny scrub elsewhere 
22flag of PeruPeruwestern coastal plain 
23flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesmostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands 
24flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islandsrugged volcanic formation; rocky coastline with cliffs 
25flag of PolandPolandmostly flat plain; mountains along southern border 
26flag of PortugalPortugalmountainous north of the Tagus rolling plains in south 
27flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Ricomostly mountains with coastal plain belt in north; mountains precipitous to sea on west coast; sandy beaches along most coastal areas 
28flag of QatarQatarmostly flat and barren desert covered with loose sand and gravel 
29flag of RomaniaRomaniacentral Transylvanian Basin is separated from the Plain of Moldavia on the east by the Carpathian Mountains and separated from the Walachian Plain on the south by the Transylvanian Alps 
30flag of NepalNepalTerai or flat river plain of the Ganges in south central hill region rugged Himalayas in north 
31flag of NauruNaurusandy beach rises to fertile ring around raised coral reefs with phosphate plateau in center 
32flag of RwandaRwandamostly grassy uplands and hills; relief is mountainous with altitude declining from west to east 
33flag of MaltaMaltamostly low rocky flat to dissected plains; many coastal cliffs 
34flag of LebanonLebanonnarrow coastal plain; Al Biqa' 
35flag of LesothoLesothomostly highland with plateaus hills and mountains 
36flag of LiberiaLiberiamostly flat to rolling coastal plains rising to rolling plateau and low mountains in northeast 
37flag of LibyaLibyamostly barren flat to undulating plains plateaus depressions 
38flag of LiechtensteinLiechtensteinmostly mountainous 
39flag of LithuaniaLithuanialowland many scattered small lakes fertile soil 
40flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgmostly gently rolling uplands with broad shallow valleys; uplands to slightly mountainous in the north; steep slope down to Moselle floodplain in the southeast 
41flag of MacauMacaugenerally flat 
42flag of MadagascarMadagascarnarrow coastal plain high plateau and mountains in center 
43flag of MalawiMalawinarrow elongated plateau with rolling plains rounded hills some mountains 
44flag of MalaysiaMalaysiacoastal plains rising to hills and mountains 
45flag of MaldivesMaldivesflat with white sandy beaches 
46flag of MaliMalimostly flat to rolling northern plains covered by sand; savanna in south rugged hills in northeast 
47flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islandslow coral limestone and sand islands 
48flag of NamibiaNamibiamostly high plateau; Namib Desert along coast; Kalahari Desert in east 
49flag of MartiniqueMartiniquemountainous with indented coastline; dormant volcano 
50flag of MauritaniaMauritaniamostly barren flat plains of the Sahara; some central hills 
51flag of MauritiusMauritiussmall coastal plain rising to discontinuous mountains encircling central plateau 
52flag of MayotteMayottegenerally undulating with deep ravines and ancient volcanic peaks 
53flag of MexicoMexicohigh rugged mountains low coastal plains high plateaus and desert 
54flag of Midway IslandsMidway Islandslow nearly level 
55flag of MoldovaMoldovarolling steppe gradual slope south to Black Sea 
56flag of MonacoMonacohilly rugged rocky 
57flag of MongoliaMongoliavast semidesert and desert plains; mountains in west and southwest; Gobi Desert in southeast 
58flag of MontserratMontserratvolcanic islands mostly mountainous with small coastal lowland 
59flag of MoroccoMorocconorthern coast and interior are mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus intermontane valleys and rich coastal plains 
60flag of MozambiqueMozambiquemostly coastal lowlands uplands in center high plateaus in northwest mountains in west 
61flag of MyanmarMyanmarcentral lowlands ringed by steep rugged highlands 
62flag of RussiaRussiabroad plain with low hills west of Urals; vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia; uplands and mountains along southern border regions 
63flag of Saint HelenaSaint HelenaSaint Helena_rugged volcanic; small scattered plateaus and plains 
64flag of LaosLaosmostly rugged mountains; some plains and plateaus 
65flag of UkraineUkrainemost of Ukraine consists of fertile plains 
66flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandsmostly coastal lowland and reclaimed land 
67flag of TogoTogogently rolling savanna in north; central hills; southern plateau; low coastal plain with extensive lagoons and marshes 
68flag of TokelauTokelaulow-lying coral atolls enclosing large lagoons 
69flag of TongaTongamost islands have limestone base formed from uplifted coral formation; others have limestone overlying volcanic base 
70flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobagomostly plains with some hills and low mountains 
71flag of Tromelin IslandTromelin Islandsandy 
72flag of TunisiaTunisiamountains in north; hot dry central plain; semiarid south merges into the Sahara 
73flag of TurkeyTurkeymostly mountains; narrow coastal plain; high central plateau 
74flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanflat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes rising to mountains in the south; low mountains along border with Iran; borders Caspian Sea in west 
75flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islandslow flat limestone; extensive marshes and mangrove swamps 
76flag of TuvaluTuvaluvery low-lying and narrow coral atolls 
77flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islandsmostly hilly to rugged and mountainous with little level land 
78flag of UgandaUgandamostly plateau with rim of mountains 
79flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emiratesflat barren coastal plain merging into rolling sand dunes of vast desert wasteland; mountains in east 
80flag of The BahamasThe Bahamaslong flat coral formations with some low rounded hills 
81flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdommostly rugged hills and low mountains; level to rolling plains in east and southeast 
82flag of United StatesUnited Statesvast central plain mountains in west hills and low mountains in east; rugged mountains and broad river valleys in Alaska; rugged volcanic topography in Hawaii 
83flag of UruguayUruguaymostly rolling plains and low hills; fertile coastal lowland 
84flag of UzbekistanUzbekistanmostly flat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes; broad flat intensely irrigated river valleys along course of Amu Darya Sirdaryo and Zarafshon; Fergana Valley in east surrounded by mountainous Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan; shrinking Aral Sea in west 
85flag of VanuatuVanuatumostly mountains of volcanic origin; narrow coastal plains 
86flag of VenezuelaVenezuelaAndes Mountains and Maracaibo Lowlands in northwest; central plains 
87flag of VietnamVietnamlow flat delta in south and north; central highlands; hilly mountainous in far north and northwest 
88flag of Wake IslandWake Islandatoll of three coral islands built up on an underwater volcano; central lagoon is former crater islands are part of the rim 
89flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and Futunavolcanic origin; low hills 
90flag of West BankWest Bankmostly rugged dissected upland some vegetation in west but barren in east 
91flag of Western SaharaWestern Saharamostly low flat desert with large areas of rocky or sandy surfaces rising to small mountains in south and northeast 
92flag of YemenYemennarrow coastal plain backed by flat-topped hills and rugged mountains; dissected upland desert plains in center slope into the desert interior of the Arabian Peninsula 
93flag of ZambiaZambiamostly high plateau with some hills and mountains 
94flag of The GambiaThe Gambiaflood plain of the Gambia River flanked by some low hills 
95flag of ThailandThailandcentral plain; Khorat Plateau in the east; mountains elsewhere 
96flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevisvolcanic with mountainous interiors 
97flag of SomaliaSomaliamostly flat to undulating plateau rising to hills in north 
98flag of Saint LuciaSaint Luciavolcanic and mountainous with some broad fertile valleys 
99flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadinesvolcanic mountainous 
100flag of SamoaSamoanarrow coastal plain with volcanic rocky rugged mountains in interior 
101flag of San MarinoSan Marinorugged mountains 
102flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabiamostly uninhabited sandy desert 
103flag of SenegalSenegalgenerally low rolling plains rising to foothills in southeast 
104flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegroextremely varied; to the north rich fertile plains; to the east limestone ranges and basins; to the southeast ancient mountains and hills; to the southwest extremely high shoreline with no islands off the coast 
105flag of SeychellesSeychellesMahe Group is granitic narrow coastal strip rocky hilly; others are coral flat elevated reefs 
106flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leonecoastal belt of mangrove swamps wooded hill country upland plateau mountains in east 
107flag of SingaporeSingaporelowland; gently undulating central plateau contains water catchment area and nature preserve 
108flag of SlovakiaSlovakiarugged mountains in the central and northern part and lowlands in the south 
109flag of SloveniaSloveniaa short coastal strip on the Adriatic an alpine mountain region adjacent to Italy mixed mountain and valleys with numerous rivers to the east 
110flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islandsmostly rugged mountains with some low coral atolls 
111flag of South AfricaSouth Africavast interior plateau rimmed by rugged hills and narrow coastal plain 
112flag of TanzaniaTanzaniaplains along coast; central plateau; highlands in north south 
113flag of South KoreaSouth Koreamostly hills and mountains; wide coastal plains in west and south 
114flag of SpainSpainlarge flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills; Pyrenees in north 
115flag of Spratly IslandsSpratly Islandsflat 
116flag of Sri LankaSri Lankamostly low flat to rolling plain; mountains in south-central interior 
117flag of SudanSudangenerally flat featureless plain; mountains in east and west 
118flag of SurinameSurinamemostly rolling hills; narrow coastal plain with swamps 
119flag of SvalbardSvalbardwild rugged mountains; much of high land ice covered; west coast clear of ice about one-half of the year; fjords along west and north coasts 
120flag of SwazilandSwazilandmostly mountains and hills; some moderately sloping plains 
121flag of SwedenSwedenmostly flat or gently rolling lowlands; mountains in west 
122flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlandmostly mountains 
123flag of SyriaSyriaprimarily semiarid and desert plateau; narrow coastal plain; mountains in west 
124flag of TaiwanTaiwaneastern two-thirds mostly rugged mountains; flat to gently rolling plains in west 
125flag of TajikistanTajikistanPamirs and Alay Mountains dominate landscape; western Fergana Valley in north Kofarnihon and Vakhsh Valleys in southwest 
126flag of LatviaLatvialow plain 
127flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstanpeaks of Tien Shan and associated valleys and basins encompass entire nation 
128flag of AlbaniaAlbaniamostly mountains and hills; small plains along coast 
129flag of ChinaChinamostly mountains high plateaus deserts in west; plains deltas and hills in east 
130flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islandscoral islands relatively flat; volcanic islands steep hilly 
131flag of BruneiBruneiflat coastal plain rises to mountains in east; hilly lowland in west 
132flag of BulgariaBulgariamostly mountains with lowlands in north and southeast 
133flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Fasomostly flat to dissected undulating plains; hills in west and southeast 
134flag of BurundiBurundihilly and mountainous dropping to a plateau in east some plains 
135flag of Cabo VerdeCabo Verdesteep rugged rocky volcanic 
136flag of CambodiaCambodiamostly low flat plains; mountains in southwest and north 
137flag of CameroonCameroondiverse with coastal plain in southwest dissected plateau in center mountains in west plains in north 
138flag of CanadaCanadamostly plains with mountains in west and lowlands in southeast 
139flag of Cayman IslandsCayman Islandslow-lying limestone base surrounded by coral reefs 
140flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republicvast flat to rolling monotonous plateau; scattered hills in northeast and southwest 
141flag of ChadChadbroad arid plains in center desert in north mountains in northwest lowlands in south 
142flag of ChileChilelow coastal mountains; fertile central valley; rugged Andes in east 
143flag of Christmas IslandChristmas Islandsteep cliffs along coast rise abruptly to central plateau 
144flag of BrazilBrazilmostly flat to rolling lowlands in north; some plains hills mountains and narrow coastal belt 
145flag of Clipperton IslandClipperton Islandcoral atoll 
146flag of Cocos IslandsCocos Islandsflat low-lying coral atolls 
147flag of ColombiaColombiaflat coastal lowlands central highlands high Andes Mountains eastern lowland plains 
148flag of ComorosComorosvolcanic islands interiors vary from steep mountains to low hills 
149flag of CongoCongocoastal plain southern basin central plateau northern basin 
150flag of Cook IslandsCook Islandslow coral atolls in north; volcanic hilly islands in south 
151flag of Coral Sea IslandsCoral Sea Islandssand and coral reefs and islands 
152flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricacoastal plains separated by rugged mountains 
153flag of CroatiaCroatiageographically diverse; flat plains along Hungarian border low mountains and highlands near Adriatic coast coastline and islands 
154flag of CubaCubamostly flat to rolling plains with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast 
155flag of CyprusCypruscentral plain with mountains to north and south; scattered but significant plains along southern coast 
156flag of Czech RepublicCzech RepublicBohemia in the west consists of rolling plains hills and plateaus surrounded by low mountains; Moravia in the east consists of very hilly country 
157flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoiremostly flat to undulating plains; mountains in northwest 
158flag of British Indian Ocean TerritoryBritish Indian Ocean Territoryflat and low 
159flag of Bouvet IslandBouvet Islandvolcanic; maximum elevation about 800 meters; coast is mostly inaccessible 
160flag of DenmarkDenmarklow and flat to gently rolling plains 
161flag of AustraliaAustraliamostly low plateau with deserts; fertile plain in southeast 
162flag of AlgeriaAlgeriamostly high plateau and desert; some mountains; narrow discontinuous coastal plain 
163flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoafive volcanic islands with rugged peaks and limited coastal plains two coral atolls 
164flag of AndorraAndorrarugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys 
165flag of AngolaAngolanarrow coastal plain rises abruptly to vast interior plateau 
166flag of AnguillaAnguillaflat and low-lying island of coral and limestone 
167flag of AntarcticaAntarcticaabout 98% thick continental ice sheet and 2% barren rock with average elevations between 2000 and 4000 meters; mountain ranges up to about 5000 meters; ice-free coastal areas include parts of southern Victoria Land Wilkes Land the Antarctic Peninsula area and parts of Ross Island on McMurdo Sound; glaciers form ice shelves along about half of the coastline and floating ice shelves constitute 11% of the area of the continent 
168flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbudamostly low-lying limestone and coral islands with some higher volcanic areas 
169flag of Arctic OceanArctic Oceancentral surface covered by a perennial drifting polar icepack that averages about 3 meters in thickness although pressure ridges may be three times that size; clockwise drift pattern in the Beaufort Gyral Stream but nearly straight line movement from the New Siberian Islands 
170flag of ArgentinaArgentinarich plains of the Pampas in northern half flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia in south rugged Andes along western border 
171flag of ArmeniaArmeniahigh Armenian Plateau with mountains; little forest land; fast flowing rivers; good soil in Aras River valley 
172flag of ArubaArubaflat with a few hills; scant vegetation 
173flag of Ashmore and Cartier IslandsAshmore and Cartier Islandslow with sand and coral 
174flag of Atlantic OceanAtlantic Oceansurface usually covered with sea ice in Labrador Sea Denmark Strait and Baltic Sea from October to June; clockwise warm water gyre 
175flag of AustriaAustriain the west and south mostly mountains 
176flag of BotswanaBotswanapredominately flat to gently rolling tableland; Kalahari Desert in southwest 
177flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanlarge flat Kur-Araz Lowland 
178flag of Baker IslandBaker Islandlow nearly level coral island surrounded by a narrow fringing reef 
179flag of BangladeshBangladeshmostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast 
180flag of BarbadosBarbadosrelatively flat; rises gently to central highland region 
181flag of Bassas da IndiaBassas da Indiaa volcanic rock 2.4 meters high 
182flag of BelarusBelarusgenerally flat and contains much marshland 
183flag of BelgiumBelgiumflat coastal plains in northwest central rolling hills rugged mountains of Ardennes Forest in southeast 
184flag of BelizeBelizeflat swampy coastal plain; low mountains in south 
185flag of BeninBeninmostly flat to undulating plain; some hills and low mountains 
186flag of BermudaBermudalow hills separated by fertile depressions 
187flag of BhutanBhutanmostly mountainous with some fertile valleys and savanna 
188flag of BoliviaBoliviarugged Andes Mountains with a highland plateau 
189flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovinamountains and valleys 
190flag of Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congovast central basin is a low-lying plateau; mountains in east 
191flag of DjiboutiDjibouticoastal plain and plateau separated by central mountains 
192flag of KuwaitKuwaitflat to slightly undulating desert plain 
193flag of Isle of ManIsle of Manhills in north and south bisected by central valley 
194flag of Heard Island and McDonald IslandsHeard Island and McDonald IslandsHeard Island_bleak and mountainous with a quiescent volcano; McDonald Islands_small and rocky 
195flag of Holy SeeHoly Seelow hill 
196flag of HondurasHondurasmostly mountains in interior narrow coastal plains 
197flag of Hong KongHong Konghilly to mountainous with steep slopes; lowlands in north 
198flag of Howland IslandHowland Islandlow-lying nearly level sandy coral island surrounded by a narrow fringing reef; depressed central area 
199flag of HungaryHungarymostly flat to rolling plains; hills and low mountains on the Slovakian border 
200flag of IcelandIcelandmostly plateau interspersed with mountain peaks icefields; coast deeply indented by bays and fiords 
201flag of IndiaIndiaupland plain 
202flag of Indian OceanIndian Oceansurface dominated by counterclockwise gyre 
203flag of IndonesiaIndonesiamostly coastal lowlands; larger islands have interior mountains 
204flag of IranIranrugged mountainous rim; high central basin with deserts mountains; small discontinuous plains along both coasts 
205flag of IraqIraqmostly broad plains; reedy marshes along Iranian border in south with large flooded areas; mountains along borders with Iran and Turkey 
206flag of IrelandIrelandmostly level to rolling interior plain surrounded by rugged hills and low mountains; sea cliffs on west coast 
207flag of IsraelIsraelNegev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley 
208flag of GuyanaGuyanamostly rolling highlands; low coastal plain; savanna in south 
209flag of ItalyItalymostly rugged and mountainous; some plains coastal lowlands 
210flag of JamaicaJamaicamostly mountains with narrow discontinuous coastal plain 
211flag of Jan MayenJan Mayenvolcanic island partly covered by glaciers 
212flag of JapanJapanmostly rugged and mountainous 
213flag of Jarvis IslandJarvis Islandsandy coral island surrounded by a narrow fringing reef 
214flag of JerseyJerseygently rolling plain with low rugged hills along north coast 
215flag of Johnston AtollJohnston Atollmostly flat 
216flag of JordanJordanmostly desert plateau in east highland area in west; Great Rift Valley separates East and West Banks of the Jordan River 
217flag of Juan de Nova IslandJuan de Nova IslandNA 
218flag of KazakhstanKazakhstanextends from the Volga to the Altai Mountains and from the plains in western Siberia to oasis and desert in Central Asia 
219flag of KenyaKenyalow plains rise to central highlands bisected by Great Rift Valley; fertile plateau in west 
220flag of Kingman ReefKingman Reeflow and nearly level 
221flag of KiribatiKiribatimostly low-lying coral atolls surrounded by extensive reefs 
222flag of HaitiHaitimostly rough and mountainous 
223flag of GuineaGuineagenerally flat coastal plain hilly to mountainous interior 
224flag of DominicaDominicarugged mountains of volcanic origin 
225flag of FinlandFinlandmostly low flat to rolling plains interspersed with lakes and low hills 
226flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republicrugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed 
227flag of EcuadorEcuadorcoastal plain 
228flag of EgyptEgyptvast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley and delta 
229flag of El SalvadorEl Salvadormostly mountains with narrow coastal belt and central plateau 
230flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guineacoastal plains rise to interior hills; islands are volcanic 
231flag of EritreaEritreadominated by extension of Ethiopian north-south trending highlands descending on the east to a coastal desert plain on the northwest to hilly terrain and on the southwest to flat-to-rolling plains 
232flag of EstoniaEstoniamarshy lowlands 
233flag of EthiopiaEthiopiahigh plateau with central mountain range divided by Great Rift Valley 
234flag of Europa IslandEuropa IslandNA 
235flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islandsrocky hilly mountainous with some boggy undulating plains 
236flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islandsrugged rocky some low peaks; cliffs along most of coast 
237flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesiaislands vary geologically from high mountainous islands to low coral atolls; volcanic outcroppings on Pohnpei Kosrae and Truk 
238flag of FijiFijimostly mountains of volcanic origin 
239flag of FranceFrancemostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in north and west; remainder is mountainous especially Pyrenees in south Alps in east 
240flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissaumostly low coastal plain rising to savanna in east 
241flag of French PolynesiaFrench Polynesiamixture of rugged high islands and low islands with reefs 
242flag of French Southern and Antarctic LandsFrench Southern and Antarctic Landsvolcanic 
243flag of GabonGabonnarrow coastal plain; hilly interior; savanna in east and south 
244flag of Gaza StripGaza Stripflat to rolling sand- and dune-covered coastal plain 
245flag of GeorgiaGeorgialargely mountainous with Great Caucasus Mountains in the north and Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south; Kolkhida Lowland opens to the Black Sea in the west; Mtkvari River Basin in the east; good soils in river valley flood plains foothills of Kolkhida Lowland 
246flag of GermanyGermanylowlands in north uplands in center Bavarian Alps in south 
247flag of GibraltarGibraltara narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar 
248flag of Glorioso IslandsGlorioso IslandsNA 
249flag of GreeceGreecemostly mountains with ranges extending into sea as peninsulas or chains of islands 
250flag of GrenadaGrenadavolcanic in origin with central mountains 
251flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupeBasse-Terre is volcanic in origin with interior mountains; Grande-Terre is low limestone formation; most of the seven other islands are volcanic in origin 
252flag of GuatemalaGuatemalamostly mountains with narrow coastal plains and rolling limestone plateau 
253flag of GuernseyGuernseymostly level with low hills in southwest 
254flag of ZimbabweZimbabwemostly high plateau with higher central plateau 

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