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The WorldWorldNA
1flag of SloveniaSlovenia100 
2flag of RomaniaRomania90% of telephone network is automatic; trunk network is mostly microwave radio relay with some fiber-optic cable; about one-third of exchange capacity is digital; roughly 3300 villages have no service 
3flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic86% of exchanges now digital; existing copper subscriber systems now being enhanced with Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 
4flag of Johnston AtollJohnston Atoll60-channel submarine cable 
5flag of AfghanistanAfghanistanin 1997 telecommunications links were established between Mazar-e Sharif Herat Kandahar Jalalabad and Kabul through satellite and microwave systems 
6flag of ParaguayParaguayfair microwave radio relay network 
7flag of NiueNiuesingle-line telephone system connects all villages on island 
8flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk IslandNA 
9flag of North KoreaNorth KoreaNA 
10flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana IslandsNA 
11flag of NorwayNorwayNorway has a domestic satellite system; moreover the prevalence of rural areas encourages the wide use of cellular mobile systems instead of fixed wire systems 
12flag of OmanOmanopen wire microwave radiotelephone communications and a domestic satellite system with 8 earth stations 
13flag of PakistanPakistanmicrowave radio relay coaxial cable fiber-optic cable cellular and satellite networks 
14flag of PalauPalauNA 
15flag of PanamaPanamaNA 
16flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guineamostly radiotelephone 
17flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islandsparty line service only 
18flag of PeruPerunationwide microwave radio relay system and a domestic satellite system with 12 earth stations 
19flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesdomestic satellite system with 11 earth stations 
20flag of NigerNigerwire radiotelephone communications and microwave radio relay; domestic satellite system with 3 earth stations and 1 planned 
21flag of PolandPolandcable open wire and microwave radio relay; 3 cellular networks; local exchanges 56.6% digital 
22flag of PortugalPortugalintegrated network of coaxial cables open wire microwave radio relay and domestic satellite earth stations 
23flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Ricodigital telephone system; cellular telephone service 
24flag of QatarQatarNA 
25flag of RussiaRussiacross-country digital trunk lines run from Saint Petersburg to Khabarovsk and from Moscow to Novorossiysk; the telephone systems in 60 regional capitals have modern digital infrastructures; cellular services both analog and digital are available in many areas; in rural areas the telephone services are still outdated inadequate and low density 
26flag of RwandaRwandathe capital Kigali is connected to the centers of the prefectures by microwave radio relay and recently by cellular telephone service; much of the network depends on wire and HF radiotelephone 
27flag of RéunionRéunionmodern open wire and microwave radio relay network 
28flag of Saint HelenaSaint Helenaautomatic network 
29flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevisinterisland links to Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Martin 
30flag of NigeriaNigeriaintercity traffic is carried by coaxial cable microwave radio relay a domestic communications satellite system with 19 earth stations and a coastal submarine cable; mobile cellular facilities and the Internet are available 
31flag of NicaraguaNicaragualow-capacity microwave radio relay and wire system being expanded; connected to Central American Microwave System 
32flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadinesislandwide fully automatic telephone system; VHF/UHF radiotelephone from Saint Vincent to the other islands of the Grenadines 
33flag of MayotteMayotteNA 
34flag of MacauMacauNA 
35flag of MacedoniaMacedoniaNA 
36flag of MadagascarMadagascaropen-wire lines coaxial cables microwave radio relay and tropospheric scatter links connect regions 
37flag of MalawiMalawisystem employs open-wire lines microwave radio relay links and radiotelephone communications stations 
38flag of MalaysiaMalaysiagood intercity service provided on Peninsular Malaysia mainly by microwave radio relay; adequate intercity microwave radio relay network between Sabah and Sarawak via Brunei; domestic satellite system with 2 earth stations 
39flag of MaldivesMaldivesinteratoll communication through microwave links; all inhabited islands are connected with telephone and fax service 
40flag of MaliMalinetwork consists of microwave radio relay open wire and radiotelephone communications stations; expansion of microwave radio relay in progress 
41flag of MaltaMaltasubmarine cable and microwave radio relay between islands 
42flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall IslandsMajuro Atoll and Ebeye and Kwajalein islands have regular seven-digit direct-dial telephones; other islands interconnected by shortwave radiotelephone 
43flag of MartiniqueMartiniqueNA 
44flag of MauritaniaMauritaniamostly cable and open-wire lines; a recently completed domestic satellite telecommunications system links Nouakchott with regional capitals 
45flag of MauritiusMauritiusprimarily microwave radio relay trunk system 
46flag of MexicoMexicoadequate telephone service for business and government but the population is poorly served; domestic satellite system with 120 earth stations; extensive microwave radio relay network; considerable use of fiber-optic cable coaxial cable and mobile cellular service 
47flag of New ZealandNew ZealandNA 
48flag of MoldovaMoldovanew subscribers face long wait for service; mobile cellular telephone service being introduced 
49flag of MonacoMonacoNA 
50flag of MongoliaMongoliaNA 
51flag of MontserratMontserratNA 
52flag of MoroccoMoroccogood system composed of open-wire lines cables and microwave radio relay links; Internet available but expensive; principal switching centers are Casablanca and Rabat; national network nearly 100% digital using fiber-optic links; improved rural service employs microwave radio relay 
53flag of MozambiqueMozambiquethe system consists of open-wire lines and trunk connection by microwave radio relay and tropospheric scatter 
54flag of MyanmarMyanmarNA 
55flag of NamibiaNamibiagood urban services; fair rural service; microwave radio relay links major towns; connections to other populated places are by open wire; 100% digital 
56flag of NauruNauruNA 
57flag of NepalNepalNA 
58flag of Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antillesextensive interisland microwave radio relay links 
59flag of New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNA 
60flag of Saint LuciaSaint Luciasystem is automatically switched 
61flag of SamoaSamoaNA 
62flag of Saint-Pierre and MiquelonSaint-Pierre and MiquelonNA 
63flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emiratesmicrowave radio relay fiber optic and coaxial cable 
64flag of TogoTogomicrowave radio relay and open-wire lines for conventional system; cellular system has capacity of 10000 telephones 
65flag of TokelauTokelauradiotelephone service between islands 
66flag of TongaTongaNA 
67flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and TobagoNA 
68flag of TunisiaTunisiatrunk facilities consist of open-wire lines coaxial cable and microwave radio relay 
69flag of TurkeyTurkeyadditional digital exchanges are permitting a rapid increase in subscribers; the construction of a network of technologically advanced intercity trunk lines using both fiber-optic cable and digital microwave radio relay is facilitating communication between urban centers; remote areas are reached by a domestic satellite system; the number of subscribers to mobile cellular telephone service is growing rapidly 
70flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanNA 
71flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsNA 
72flag of TuvaluTuvaluradiotelephone communications between islands 
73flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islandsmodern uses fiber-optic cable and microwave radio relay 
74flag of UgandaUgandaintercity traffic by wire microwave radio relay and radiotelephone communication stations fixed and mobile cellular systems for short range traffic 
75flag of UkraineUkraine0 
76flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdomequal mix of buried cables microwave radio relay and fiber-optic systems 
77flag of The GambiaThe Gambiaadequate network of microwave radio relay and open wire 
78flag of United StatesUnited Statesa large system of fiber-optic cable microwave radio relay coaxial cable and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; a rapidly growing cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country 
79flag of UruguayUruguaymost modern facilities concentrated in Montevideo; new nationwide microwave radio relay network 
80flag of UzbekistanUzbekistanthe domestic telephone system is being expanded and technologically improved particularly in Tashkent and Samarqand under contracts with prominent companies in industrialized countries; moreover by 1998 six cellular networks had been placed in operation - four of the GSM type 
81flag of VanuatuVanuatuNA 
82flag of VenezuelaVenezueladomestic satellite system with 3 earth stations; recent substantial improvement in telephone service in rural areas; substantial increase in digitalization of exchanges and trunk lines; installation of a national interurban fiber-optic network capable of digital multimedia services 
83flag of VietnamVietnamall provincial exchanges are digitalized and connected to Hanoi Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City by fiber-optic cable or microwave radio relay networks; since 1991 main lines in use have been substantially increased and the use of mobile telephones is growing rapidly 
84flag of Wake IslandWake IslandNA 
85flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and FutunaNA 
86flag of West BankWest BankNA 
87flag of Western SaharaWestern SaharaNA 
88flag of YemenYementhe national network consists of microwave radio relay cable tropospheric scatter and GSM cellular mobile telephone systems 
89flag of ZambiaZambiahigh-capacity microwave radio relay connects most larger towns and cities; several cellular telephone services in operation; Internet service is widely available; very small aperture terminal 
90flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandsthe existing system of multi-conductor cables is gradually being replaced by fiber-optic cables; the density of cellular telephone traffic is rapidly increasing and further modernization of the system is expected in 2001 with the introduction of the third generation of the Global System for Mobile Communications 
91flag of The BahamasThe Bahamastotally automatic system; highly developed 
92flag of LithuaniaLithuaniaa national fiber-optic cable interurban trunk system is nearing completion; rural exchanges are being improved and expanded; mobile cellular systems are being installed; access to the Internet is available; still many unsatisfied telephone subscriber applications 
93flag of South KoreaSouth KoreaNA 
94flag of San MarinoSan Marinoautomatic telephone system completely integrated into Italian system 
95flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabiaextensive microwave radio relay coaxial cable and fiber-optic cable systems 
96flag of SenegalSenegalabove-average urban system; microwave radio relay coaxial cable and fiber-optic cable in trunk system 
97flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and MontenegroNA 
98flag of SeychellesSeychellesradiotelephone communications between islands in the archipelago 
99flag of Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneThe national microwave radio relay trunk system connects Freetown to Bo and Kenema 
100flag of SingaporeSingaporeexcellent domestic facilities 
101flag of SlovakiaSlovakiapredominantly an analog system that is now receiving digital equipment and is being enlarged with fiber-optic cable especially in the larger cities; mobile cellular capability has been added 
102flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon IslandsNA 
103flag of SomaliaSomalialocal cellular telephone systems have been established in Mogadishu and in several other population centers 
104flag of South AfricaSouth Africaconsists of carrier-equipped open-wire lines coaxial cables microwave radio relay links fiber-optic cable radiotelephone communication stations and wireless local loops; key centers are Bloemfontein Cape Town Durban Johannesburg Port Elizabeth and Pretoria 
105flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsNA 
106flag of SpainSpainNA 
107flag of ThailandThailandmicrowave radio relay and multichannel cable; domestic satellite system being developed 
108flag of Sri LankaSri Lankanational trunk network consists mostly of digital microwave radio relay; fiber-optic links now in use in Colombo area and two fixed wireless local loops have been installed; competition is strong in mobile cellular systems; telephone density remains low at 2.6 main lines per 100 persons 
109flag of SudanSudanconsists of microwave radio relay cable radiotelephone communications tropospheric scatter and a domestic satellite system with 14 earth stations 
110flag of SurinameSurinamemicrowave radio relay network 
111flag of SvalbardSvalbardlocal telephone service 
112flag of SwazilandSwazilandsystem consists of carrier-equipped open-wire lines and low-capacity microwave radio relay 
113flag of SwedenSwedencoaxial and multiconductor cables carry most of the voice traffic; parallel microwave radio relay systems carry some additional telephone channels 
114flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlandextensive cable and microwave radio relay networks 
115flag of SyriaSyriacoaxial cable and microwave radio relay network 
116flag of São Tomé and PríncipeSão Tomé and Príncipeminimal system 
117flag of TaiwanTaiwanthoroughly modern; completely digitalized 
118flag of TajikistanTajikistancable and microwave radio relay 
119flag of TanzaniaTanzaniatrunk service provided by open wire microwave radio relay tropospheric scatter and fiber-optic cable; some links being made digital 
120flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgnationwide cellular telephone system; buried cable 
121flag of LibyaLibyamicrowave radio relay coaxial cable cellular tropospheric scatter and a domestic satellite system with 14 earth stations 
122flag of LiechtensteinLiechtensteinNA 
123flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsNA 
124flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Fasomicrowave radio relay open wire and radiotelephone communication stations 
125flag of BurundiBurundisparse system of open wire radiotelephone communications and low-capacity microwave radio relay 
126flag of Cabo VerdeCabo Verdeinterisland microwave radio relay system with both analog and digital exchanges; work is in progress on a submarine fiber-optic cable system which is scheduled for completion in 2003 
127flag of CambodiaCambodiaNA 
128flag of CameroonCamerooncable microwave radio relay and tropospheric scatter 
129flag of CanadaCanadadomestic satellite system with about 300 earth stations 
130flag of Cayman IslandsCayman IslandsNA 
131flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republicnetwork consists principally of microwave radio relay and low-capacity low-powered radiotelephone communication 
132flag of ChadChadfair system of radiotelephone communication stations 
133flag of ChileChileextensive microwave radio relay links; domestic satellite system with 3 earth stations 
134flag of ChinaChinainterprovincial fiber-optic trunk lines and cellular telephone systems have been installed; a domestic satellite system with 55 earth stations is in place 
135flag of Christmas IslandChristmas Islandonly analog mobile telephone service is available 
136flag of ColombiaColombianationwide microwave radio relay system; domestic satellite system with 41 earth stations; fiber-optic network linking 50 cities 
137flag of BruneiBruneievery service available 
138flag of ComorosComorosHF radiotelephone communications and microwave radio relay 
139flag of CongoCongoprimary network consists of microwave radio relay and coaxial cable 
140flag of Cook IslandsCook Islandsthe individual islands are connected by a combination of satellite earth stations microwave systems and VHF and HF radiotelephone; within the islands service is provided by small exchanges connected to subscribers by open wire cable and fiber-optic cable 
141flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricapoint-to-point and point-to-multi-point microwave fiber-optic and coaxial cable link rural areas; Internet service is available 
142flag of CroatiaCroatiareconstruction plan calls for replacement of all analog circuits with digital and enlarging the network; a backup will be included in the plan for the main trunk 
143flag of CubaCubaprincipal trunk system end to end of country is coaxial cable; fiber-optic distribution in Havana and on Isla de la Juventud; 2 microwave radio relay installations 
144flag of CyprusCyprusopen wire fiber-optic cable and microwave radio relay 
145flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoireopen-wire lines and microwave radio relay; 90% digitalized 
146flag of Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congobarely adequate wire and microwave radio relay service in and between urban areas; domestic satellite system with 14 earth stations 
147flag of DenmarkDenmarkburied and submarine cables and microwave radio relay form trunk network 4 cellular mobile communications systems 
148flag of DjiboutiDjiboutimicrowave radio relay network 
149flag of DominicaDominicafully automatic network 
150flag of BulgariaBulgariamore than two-thirds of the lines are residential; telephone service is available in most villages; a fairly modern digital cable trunk line now connects switching centers in most of the regions the others are connected by digital microwave radio relay 
151flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsNA 
152flag of EcuadorEcuadorfacilities generally inadequate and unreliable 
153flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanthe majority of telephones are in Baku and other industrial centers - about 700 villages still without public telephone service; satellite service connects Baku to a modern switch in its exclave of Naxcivan 
154flag of AlgeriaAlgeriagood service in north but sparse in south; domestic satellite system with 12 earth stations 
155flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoagood telex telegraph facsimile and cellular telephone services; domestic satellite system with 1 Comsat earth station 
156flag of AndorraAndorramodern system with microwave radio relay connections between exchanges 
157flag of AngolaAngolalimited system of wire microwave radio relay and tropospheric scatter 
158flag of AnguillaAnguillamodern internal telephone system 
159flag of AntarcticaAntarcticaNA 
160flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbudagood automatic telephone system 
161flag of ArgentinaArgentinamicrowave radio relay fiber-optic cable and a domestic satellite system with 40 earth stations serve the trunk network; more than 110000 pay telephones are installed and mobile telephone use is rapidly expanding 
162flag of ArmeniaArmeniathe majority of subscribers and the most modern equipment are in Yerevan 
163flag of ArubaArubamore than adequate 
164flag of AustraliaAustraliadomestic satellite system; much use of radiotelephone in areas of low population density; rapid growth of mobile cellular telephones 
165flag of AustriaAustriathere are 48 main lines for every 100 persons; the fiber optic net is very extensive; all telephone applications and Internet services are available 
166flag of BahrainBahrainmodern fiber-optic integrated services; digital network with rapidly growing use of mobile cellular telephones 
167flag of British Indian Ocean TerritoryBritish Indian Ocean Territoryall commercial telephone services are available including connection to the Internet 
168flag of BangladeshBangladeshmodernizing; introducing digital systems; trunk systems include VHF and UHF microwave radio relay links and some fiber-optic cable in cities 
169flag of BarbadosBarbadosisland-wide automatic telephone system 
170flag of BelarusBelaruslocal - Minsk has a digital metropolitan network and a cellular NMT-450 network; waiting lists for telephones are long; local service outside Minsk is neglected and poor; intercity - Belarus has a partly developed fiber-optic backbone system presently serving at least 13 major cities 
171flag of BelgiumBelgiumnationwide cellular telephone system; extensive cable network; limited microwave radio relay network 
172flag of BelizeBelizetrunk network depends primarily on microwave radio relay 
173flag of BeninBeninfair system of open wire microwave radio relay and cellular connections 
174flag of BermudaBermudamodern fully automatic telephone system 
175flag of BhutanBhutandomestic telephone service is very poor with few telephones in use 
176flag of BoliviaBoliviaprimary trunk system which is being expanded employs digital microwave radio relay; some areas are served by fiber-optic cable; mobile cellular systems are being expanded 
177flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaNA 
178flag of BotswanaBotswanasmall system of open-wire lines microwave radio relay links and a few radiotelephone communication stations; mobile cellular service is growing fast 
179flag of BrazilBrazilextensive microwave radio relay system and a domestic satellite system with 64 earth stations 
180flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republicrelatively efficient system based on islandwide microwave radio relay network 
181flag of EgyptEgyptprincipal centers at Alexandria Cairo Al Mansurah Ismailia Suez and Tanta are connected by coaxial cable and microwave radio relay 
182flag of AlbaniaAlbaniaobsolete wire system; no longer provides a telephone for every village; in 1992 following the fall of the Communist government peasants cut the wire to about 1000 villages and used it to build fences 
183flag of JamaicaJamaicaNA 
184flag of HondurasHondurasNA 
185flag of Hong KongHong Kongmicrowave radio relay links and extensive fiber-optic network 
186flag of HungaryHungarythe system is digitalized and highly automated; trunk services are carried by fiber-optic cable and digital microwave radio relay; a program for fiber-optic subscriber connections was initiated in 1996; heavy use is made of mobile cellular telephones 
187flag of IcelandIcelandthe trunk network consists of coaxial and fiber-optic cables and microwave radio relay links 
188flag of IndiaIndialocal service is provided by microwave radio relay and coaxial cable with open wire and obsolete electromechanical and manual switchboard systems still in use in rural areas; starting in the 1980s a substantial amount of digital switch gear has been introduced for local and long-distance service; long-distance traffic is carried mostly by coaxial cable and low-capacity microwave radio relay; since 1985 significant trunk capacity has been added in the form of fiber-optic cable and a domestic satellite system with 254 earth stations; mobile cellular service is provided in four metropolitan cities 
189flag of IndonesiaIndonesiainterisland microwave system and HF radio police net; domestic satellite communications system 
190flag of IranIranas a result of heavy investing in the telephone system since 1994 the number of long-distance channels in the microwave radio relay trunk has grown substantially; many villages have been brought into the net; the number of main lines in the urban systems has approximately doubled; and thousands of mobile cellular subscribers are being served; moreover the technical level of the system has been raised by the installation of thousands of digital switches 
191flag of IraqIraqthe network consists of coaxial cables and microwave radio relay links 
192flag of IrelandIrelandmicrowave radio relay 
193flag of Isle of ManIsle of Manlandline telefax mobile cellular telephone system 
194flag of IsraelIsraelgood system of coaxial cable and microwave radio relay; all systems are digital 
195flag of ItalyItalyhigh-capacity cable and microwave radio relay trunks 
196flag of JapanJapanhigh level of modern technology and excellent service of every kind 
197flag of HaitiHaiticoaxial cable and microwave radio relay trunk service 
198flag of JerseyJerseyNA 
199flag of JordanJordanmicrowave radio relay transmission and coaxial and fiber-optic cable are employed on trunk lines; considerable use of mobile cellular systems; Internet service is available 
200flag of KazakhstanKazakhstanintercity by landline and microwave radio relay; mobile cellular systems are available in most of Kazakhstan 
201flag of KenyaKenyatrunks are primarily microwave radio relay; business data commonly transferred by a very small aperture terminal 
202flag of KiribatiKiribatiNA 
203flag of KuwaitKuwaitnew telephone exchanges provide a large capacity for new subscribers; trunk traffic is carried by microwave radio relay coaxial cable open wire and fiber-optic cable; a cellular telephone system operates throughout Kuwait and the country is well supplied with pay telephones 
204flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstanprincipally microwave radio relay; one cellular provider probably limited to Bishkek region 
205flag of LaosLaosradiotelephone communications 
206flag of LatviaLatviaexpansion underway in intercity trunk line connections rural exchanges and mobile systems; still many unsatisfied subscriber applications 
207flag of LebanonLebanonprimarily microwave radio relay and cable 
208flag of LesothoLesothoconsists of a few landlines a small microwave radio relay system and a minor radiotelephone communication system; a cellular mobile telephone system is growing 
209flag of LiberiaLiberiaNA 
210flag of Holy SeeHoly Seetied into Italian system 
211flag of GuyanaGuyanamicrowave radio relay network for trunk lines 
212flag of El SalvadorEl Salvadornationwide microwave radio relay system 
213flag of GabonGabonadequate system of cable microwave radio relay tropospheric scatter radiotelephone communication stations and a domestic satellite system with 12 earth stations 
214flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial GuineaNA 
215flag of EritreaEritreavery inadequate; most telephones are in Asmara; government is seeking international tenders to improve the system 
216flag of EstoniaEstoniaa wide range of high quality voice data and internet services is available throughout the country 
217flag of EthiopiaEthiopiaopen wire; microwave radio relay; radio communication in the HF VHF and UHF frequencies; two domestic satellites provide the national trunk service 
218flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islandsgovernment-operated radiotelephone and private VHF/CB radiotelephone networks provide effective service to almost all points on both islands 
219flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islandsdigitalization was completed in 1998; both NMT 
220flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesiaislands interconnected by shortwave radiotelephone 
221flag of FijiFijiNA 
222flag of FinlandFinlandcable microwave radio relay and an extensive cellular net provide domestic needs 
223flag of FranceFranceextensive cable and microwave radio relay; extensive introduction of fiber-optic cable; domestic satellite system 
224flag of French GuianaFrench Guianafair open wire and microwave radio relay system 
225flag of French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaNA 
226flag of Gaza StripGaza Striprudimentary telephone services provided by an open wire system 
227flag of GuineaGuineamicrowave radio relay and radiotelephone communication 
228flag of GeorgiaGeorgialocal - T'bilisi and K'ut'aisi have cellular telephone networks; urban telephone density is about 20 per 100 people; rural telephone density is about 4 per 100 people; intercity facilities include a fiber-optic line between T'bilisi and K'ut'aisi; nationwide pager service is available 
229flag of GermanyGermanyGermany is served by an extensive system of automatic telephone exchanges connected by modern networks of fiber-optic cable coaxial cable microwave radio relay and a domestic satellite system; cellular telephone service is widely available expanding rapidly and includes roaming service to many foreign countries 
230flag of GhanaGhanaprimarily microwave radio relay; wireless local loop has been installed 
231flag of GibraltarGibraltarautomatic exchange facilities 
232flag of GreeceGreecemicrowave radio relay trunk system; extensive open wire connections; submarine cable to offshore islands 
233flag of GreenlandGreenlandmicrowave radio relay and satellite 
234flag of GrenadaGrenadainterisland VHF and UHF radiotelephone links 
235flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupeNA 
236flag of GuamGuammodern digital system including cellular mobile service and local access to the Internet 
237flag of GuatemalaGuatemalaNA 
238flag of GuernseyGuernseyNA 
239flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissaucombination of microwave radio relay open-wire lines radiotelephone and cellular communications 
240flag of ZimbabweZimbabweconsists of microwave radio relay links open-wire lines radiotelephone communication stations fixed wireless local loop installations and a substantial mobile cellular network; Internet connection is available in Harare and planned for all major towns and for some of the smaller ones 

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