Country ranking for field: natural resources 1996

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This entry lists a country's mineral, petroleum, hydropower, and other resources of commercial importance, such as rare earth elements (REEs). In general, products appear only if they make a significant contribution to the economy, or are likely to do so in the future.

1flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan0 
2flag of Extensive natural gas reservesExtensive natural gas reservesLand 
3flag of WaterWaterQuartz 
4flag of ChromeChromeNickel 
5flag of Iron oreIron oreNatural gas 
6flag of SilverSilverGold 
7flag of CoalCoalUranium 
8flag of TinTinPetroleum 
9flag of Arable landArable landFish 
10flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk IslandFish 
11flag of LeadLeadCoal 
12flag of FishFishArable land 
13flag of CopperCopperPetroleum 
14flag of CopperCopperPetroleum 
15flag of Polymetallic nodulesPolymetallic nodulesOil and gas fields 
16flag of MineralsMineralsForests 
17flag of NauruNauruPhosphates 
18flag of Palmyra AtollPalmyra AtollNone 
19flag of Mahogany forestsMahogany forestsCopper 
20flag of CopperCopperGold 
21flag of Paracel IslandsParacel IslandsNone 
22flag of TimberTimberHydropower 
23flag of SilverSilverCopper 
24flag of PetroleumPetroleumTimber 
25flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn IslandsMiro trees 
26flag of SulfurSulfurCoal 
27flag of ForestsForestsFish 
28flag of Potential for onshore and offshore crude oilPotential for onshore and offshore crude oilSome copper and nickel 
29flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
30flag of RomaniaRomaniaPetroleum 
31flag of Navassa IslandNavassa IslandGuano 
32flag of Suspected deposits of oil natural gas coal iron oreSuspected deposits of oil natural gas coal iron oreDiamonds copper uranium gold lead tin lithium cadmium zinc salt vanadium natural gas fish 
33flag of CassiteriteCassiteriteGold 
34flag of MaldivesMaldivesFish 
35flag of Amber peat limestone dolomiteAmber peat limestone dolomiteMinimal 
36flag of Iron oreIron oreLimestone 
37flag of Agricultural and grazing landAgricultural and grazing landWater 
38flag of TimberTimberIron ore 
39flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
40flag of LiechtensteinLiechtensteinHydroelectric potential 
41flag of LithuaniaLithuaniaPeat 
42flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgIron ore 
43flag of MacauMacauNEGL 
44flag of MacedoniaMacedoniaChromium; Lead; Zinc; Manganese; Tungsten; Nickel; Low-grade iron ore; Asbestos; Sulphur; Timber 
45flag of ChromiteChromiteGraphite 
46flag of Unexploited deposits of uraniumUnexploited deposits of uraniumLimestone 
47flag of PetroleumPetroleumTin 
48flag of PhosphatesPhosphatesGold 
49flag of TimberTimberPetroleum 
50flag of SaltSaltLimestone 
51flag of Marine productsMarine productsPhosphate deposits 
52flag of Cultivable landCultivable landCoastal scenery and beaches 
53flag of GypsumGypsumIron ore 
54flag of FishFishArable land 
55flag of MayotteMayotteNegligible 
56flag of SilverSilverPetroleum 
57flag of WildlifeWildlifeFish 
58flag of PhosphoritesPhosphoritesLignite 
59flag of MonacoMonacoNone 
60flag of CoalCoalOil 
61flag of MontserratMontserratNegligible 
62flag of Iron oreIron orePhosphates 
63flag of TitaniumTitaniumCoal 
64flag of Natural gasNatural gasWide natural resource base including major deposits of oil 
65flag of Ascension is a breeding ground for sea turtles and sooty terns no mineralsAscension is a breeding ground for sea turtles and sooty terns no mineralsFish 
66flag of Significant deposits of gold and rare earth metalsSignificant deposits of gold and rare earth metalsAbundant hydroelectric potential 
67flag of PetroleumPetroleumCoal 
68flag of TokelauTokelauNegligible 
69flag of TongaTongafish fertile soil 
70flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
71flag of Tromelin IslandTromelin IslandFish 
72flag of PhosphatesPhosphatesPetroleum 
73flag of CoalCoalAntimony 
74flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
75flag of ConchConchSpiny lobster 
76flag of TuvaluTuvaluFish 
77flag of SandSandSun 
78flag of CobaltCobaltCopper 
79flag of CoalCoalIron ore 
80flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
81flag of CopperCopperCoal 
82flag of PetroleumPetroleumNatural gas 
83flag of Hydropower potentialHydropower potentialSoil 
84flag of PetroleumPetroleumNatural gas 
85flag of Hardwood forestsHardwood forestsManganese 
86flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
87flag of CoalCoalPhosphates 
88flag of Wake IslandWake IslandNone 
89flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and FutunaNegligible 
90flag of West BankWest BankNegligible 
91flag of Iron oreIron orePhosphates 
92flag of Western SamoaWestern SamoaHardwood forests; Fish 
93flag of FishFishPetroleum 
94flag of ZaireZaireCobalt; Copper; Cadmium; Petroleum; Industrial and gem diamonds; Gold; Silver; Zinc; Manganese; Tin; Germanium; Uranium; Radium; Bauxite; Iron ore; Coal; Hydropower potential 
95flag of CobaltCobaltCopper 
96flag of LimestoneLimestonePhosphates 
97flag of The GambiaThe GambiaFish 
98flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and NevisNegligible 
99flag of ChromiumChromiumGold 
100flag of Sandy beachesSandy beachesForests 
101flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesNegligible 
102flag of San MarinoSan MarinoBuilding stone 
103flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
104flag of PhosphatesPhosphatesFish 
105flag of GasGasOil 
106flag of CopraCopraFish 
107flag of Titanium oreTitanium oreDiamonds 
108flag of Deepwater portsDeepwater portsFish 
109flag of Small amounts of iron ore copper and manganese oreSmall amounts of iron ore copper and manganese oreBrown coal and lignite 
110flag of LeadLeadLignite coal 
111flag of ForestsForestsFish 
112flag of TinTinUranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore 
113flag of TungstenTungstenCoal 
114flag of AragoniteAragoniteSalt 
115flag of LigniteLigniteCoal 
116flag of GuanoGuanoFish 
117flag of GraphiteGraphiteLimestone 
118flag of Iron oreIron oreSmall reserves of petroleum 
119flag of Hydropower potentialHydropower potentialTimber 
120flag of CopperCopperCoal 
121flag of CoalCoalAsbestos 
122flag of Iron oreIron oreZinc 
123flag of TimberTimberHydropower potential 
124flag of PhosphatesPhosphatesPetroleum 
125flag of Natural gasNatural gasSmall deposits of coal 
126flag of Some petroleumSome petroleumSignificant hydropower potential 
127flag of TinTinHydropower potential 
128flag of RubberRubberTin 
129flag of HydropowerHydropowerTimber 
130flag of FishFishPetroleum 
131flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
132flag of Christmas IslandChristmas IslandPhosphate 
133flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
134flag of CopperCopperBauxite 
135flag of Small deposits of gold antimony copper nickel bauxite lead phosphates zinc silverSmall deposits of gold antimony copper nickel bauxite lead phosphates zinc silverManganese limestone marble 
136flag of UraniumUraniumNickel 
137flag of Basalt rockBasalt rockSalt 
138flag of GemstonesGemstonesTimber 
139flag of BauxiteBauxitePetroleum 
140flag of ZincZincNickel 
141flag of Climate and beaches that foster tourismClimate and beaches that foster tourismFish 
142flag of UraniumUraniumDiamonds 
143flag of ChadChadPetroleum 
144flag of TimberTimberCopper 
145flag of Iron oreIron oreCoal 
146flag of Clipperton IslandClipperton IslandNone 
147flag of FishFishCoconuts 
148flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsFish 
149flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
150flag of ComorosComorosNegligible 
151flag of TimberTimberPetroleum 
152flag of Cook IslandsCook IslandsNegligible 
153flag of Coral Sea IslandsCoral Sea IslandsNegligible 
154flag of Costa RicaCosta RicaHydropower potential 
155flag of Some coalSome coalOil 
156flag of NickelNickelCobalt 
157flag of PyritesPyritesCopper 
158flag of Soft coalSoft coalHard coal 
159flag of DiamondsDiamondsPetroleum 
160flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
161flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsNegligible 
162flag of GoldGoldBauxite 
163flag of DominicaDominicaTimber 
164flag of PetroleumPetroleumIron ore 
165flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
166flag of PumicitePumicitePumice 
167flag of Mineral waterMineral waterHydropower 
168flag of DiamondsDiamondsPetroleum 
169flag of Salt fish lobsterSalt fish lobsterNegligible 
170flag of Pleasant climate fosters tourismPleasant climate fosters tourismNegligible 
171flag of Placer depositsPlacer depositsSand and gravel aggregates 
172flag of LeadLeadFertile plains of the pampas 
173flag of CopperCopperSmall deposits of gold 
174flag of White sandy beachesWhite sandy beachesNegligible 
175flag of Ashmore and Cartier IslandsAshmore and Cartier IslandsFish 
176flag of FishFishOil and gas fields 
177flag of CoalCoalBauxite 
178flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
179flag of Bouvet IslandBouvet IslandNone 
180flag of Associated and nonassociated natural gasAssociated and nonassociated natural gasOil 
181flag of Baker IslandBaker IslandGuano 
182flag of Arable landArable landNatural gas 
183flag of FishingFishingPetroleum 
184flag of Bassas da IndiaBassas da IndiaNone 
185flag of Peat depositsPeat depositsForest land 
186flag of Natural gasNatural gasCoal 
187flag of TimberTimberArable land potential 
188flag of LimestoneLimestoneSmall offshore oil deposits 
189flag of Pleasant climate fostering tourismPleasant climate fostering tourismLimestone 
190flag of HydropowerHydropowerTimber 
191flag of Natural gasNatural gasTin 
192flag of IronIronCoal 
193flag of CopperCopperDiamonds 
194flag of DjiboutiDjiboutiGeothermal areas 
195flag of BauxiteBauxiteNickel 
196flag of KiribatiKiribatiPhosphate 
197flag of LeadLeadZinc 
198flag of HaitiHaitiBauxite 
199flag of Heard Island and McDonald IslandsHeard Island and McDonald IslandsNone 
200flag of Holy SeeHoly SeeNone 
201flag of GoldGoldTimber 
202flag of Hong KongHong Kongoutstanding deepwater harbor feldspar 
203flag of Howland IslandHowland IslandGuano 
204flag of CoalCoalBauxite 
205flag of HydropowerHydropowerFish 
206flag of IndiaIndiaCoal 
207flag of Indian OceanIndian Oceanoil and gas fields fish shrimp sand and gravel aggregates placer deposits polymetallic nodules 
208flag of TinTinPetroleum 
209flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
210flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
211flag of Iron oreIron oreLead 
212flag of Iron oreIron oreBauxite 
213flag of PhosphatesPhosphatesCopper 
214flag of PotashPotashMercury 
215flag of GypsumGypsumBauxite 
216flag of Jan MayenJan MayenNone 
217flag of FishFishNegligible mineral resources 
218flag of Jarvis IslandJarvis IslandGuano 
219flag of JerseyJerseyAgricultural land 
220flag of Johnston AtollJohnston AtollGuano 
221flag of PotashPotashPhosphates 
222flag of Juan de Nova IslandJuan de Nova IslandGuano deposits and other fertilizers 
223flag of CoalCoalMajor deposits of petroleum 
224flag of LimestoneLimestoneGold 
225flag of Kingman ReefKingman ReefNone 
226flag of GoldGoldBauxite 
227flag of BauxiteBauxiteUnexploited deposits of petroleum 
228flag of FishFishPetroleum 
229flag of French GuianaFrench GuianaBauxite; Timber; Gold 
230flag of Natural gasNatural gasPetroleum 
231flag of Geothermal powerGeothermal powerHydropower 
232flag of PetroleumPetroleumTimber 
233flag of PotashPotashGold 
234flag of PeatPeatShale oil 
235flag of PlatinumPlatinumSmall reserves of gold 
236flag of Europa IslandEuropa IslandNegligible 
237flag of WildlifeWildlifeFish 
238flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe IslandsFish 
239flag of Marine productsMarine productsForests 
240flag of FishFishTimber 
241flag of CopperCopperTimber 
242flag of Iron oreIron oreCoal 
243flag of FishFishTimber 
244flag of GuernseyGuernseyCropland 
245flag of CrayfishCrayfishFish 
246flag of ManganeseManganesePetroleum 
247flag of Gaza StripGaza StripNegligible 
248flag of Coastal climate and soils allow for important tea and citrus growthCoastal climate and soils allow for important tea and citrus growthForest lands hydropower manganese deposits iron ores copper minor coal and oil deposits 
249flag of CoalCoalIron ore 
250flag of TimberTimberGold 
251flag of GibraltarGibraltarNegligible 
252flag of CoconutsCoconutsGuano 
253flag of LigniteLigniteBauxite 
254flag of GreenlandGreenlandZinc; Lead; Iron ore; Coal; Molybdenum; Cryolite; Uranium; Fish 
255flag of Tropical fruitTropical fruitTimber 
256flag of Beaches and climate that foster tourismBeaches and climate that foster tourismCultivable land 
257flag of GuamGuamFishing 
258flag of NickelNickelPetroleum 
259flag of Chromium oreChromium oreCoal 

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