Country ranking for field: suffrage 1989

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This entry gives the age at enfranchisement and whether the right to vote is universal or restricted.

1flag of Western SamoaWestern Samoa45 
2flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoa18 years of age and older 
3flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islands18 years old and three years residency 
4flag of AfghanistanAfghanistanuniversal male ages 15-50 
5flag of PanamaPanamauniversal and compulsory over age 18 
6flag of NigerNigeruniversal adult 
7flag of NigeriaNigerianone 
8flag of NiueNiueuniversal adult 
9flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk Islandproportional representation; all persons born on the island are Australian citizens 
10flag of North KoreaNorth Koreauniversal at age 17 
11flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islandsover 18 years 
12flag of NorwayNorwayuniversal at age 18 but not compulsory 
13flag of OmanOmannone 
14flag of PakistanPakistanuniversal from age 21 
15flag of ParaguayParaguayuniversal; compulsory between ages of 18 and 60 
16flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guineauniversal adult 
17flag of New ZealandNew Zealanduniversal age 18 and over 
18flag of PeruPeruuniversal over age 18 
19flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesuniversal 
20flag of PolandPolanduniversal and compulsory over age 18 
21flag of PortugalPortugaluniversal over age 18 
22flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Ricouniversal but not compulsory over 18 years 
23flag of QatarQatarno specific provisions for suffrage laid down 
24flag of RomaniaRomaniauniversal and compulsory over age 18 
25flag of RwandaRwandauniversal adult 
26flag of NicaraguaNicaraguauniversal at age 16 
27flag of Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antillesuniversal age 18 and over 
28flag of New CaledoniaNew Caledoniauniversal 
29flag of MauritiusMauritiusuniversal over age 18 
30flag of MadagascarMadagascaruniversal over age 18 
31flag of MalawiMalawiuniversal over age 21 
32flag of MalaysiaMalaysiauniversal over age 21 
33flag of MaldivesMaldivesuniversal over age 21 
34flag of MaliMaliuniversal over age 21 
35flag of MaltaMaltauniversal over age 18; registration required 
36flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islandsuniversal over age 18 
37flag of MartiniqueMartiniqueuniversal over age 18 
38flag of MauritaniaMauritaniauniversal for adults 
39flag of MayotteMayotteuniversal over age 18 
40flag of Saint HelenaSaint HelenaNA 
41flag of MexicoMexicouniversal over age 18; compulsory but unenforced 
42flag of MonacoMonacouniversal adult 
43flag of MongoliaMongoliauniversal at age 18 and over 
44flag of MontserratMontserratuniversal over age 18 
45flag of MoroccoMoroccouniversal over age 20 
46flag of MozambiqueMozambiqueuniversal adult 
47flag of MyanmarMyanmaruniversal over age 18 
48flag of NamibiaNamibiauniversal white adult suffrage at territorial level; lower level elections open to blacks 
49flag of NauruNauruuniversal adult 
50flag of NepalNepaluniversal over age 21 
51flag of RéunionRéunionuniversal adult 
52flag of Saint LuciaSaint Luciauniversal at age 18 
53flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevisuniversal adult 
54flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islandsuniversal but not compulsory over 18 years for all citizens 
55flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandsuniversal over age 18 
56flag of TogoTogouniversal adult 
57flag of TokelauTokelauuniversal adult 
58flag of TongaTongaall literate tax-paying males and all literate females over 21 
59flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobagouniversal over age 18 
60flag of TunisiaTunisiauniversal over age 21 
61flag of TurkeyTurkeyuniversal over age 19 
62flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islandsuniversal at age 18 
63flag of TuvaluTuvaluuniversal adult 
64flag of UgandaUgandauniversal adult 
65flag of The BahamasThe Bahamasuniversal over age 18 
66flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emiratesnone 
67flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdomuniversal over age 18 
68flag of United StatesUnited Statesall citizens over age 18; not compulsory 
69flag of UruguayUruguayuniversal over age 18 
70flag of VenezuelaVenezuelauniversal and compulsory over age 18 though poorly enforced 
71flag of VietnamVietnamuniversal over age 18 
72flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and Futunauniversal adult 
73flag of YugoslaviaYugoslaviauniversal over age 18 
74flag of ZaireZaireuniversal and compulsory over age 18 
75flag of ZambiaZambiauniversal at age 18 
76flag of The GambiaThe Gambiauniversal at age 21 
77flag of ThailandThailanduniversal at age 20 
78flag of LuxembourgLuxembourguniversal and compulsory over age 18 
79flag of South AfricaSouth Africageneral suffrage limited to whites over 18 
80flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadinesuniversal at age 18 
81flag of Saint-Pierre and MiquelonSaint-Pierre and Miquelonuniversal over age 18 
82flag of San MarinoSan Marinouniversal 
83flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabianone 
84flag of SenegalSenegaluniversal adult 
85flag of SeychellesSeychellesuniversal adult 
86flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leoneuniversal over age 21 
87flag of SingaporeSingaporeuniversal and compulsory over age 20 
88flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islandsuniversal at age 21 
89flag of SomaliaSomaliauniversal over age 18 
90flag of South KoreaSouth Koreauniversal over age 20 
91flag of TanzaniaTanzaniauniversal at age 18 
92flag of SpainSpainuniversal at age 18 
93flag of Sri LankaSri Lankauniversal over age 18 
94flag of SudanSudanuniversal adult 
95flag of SurinameSurinameuniversal adult 
96flag of SwazilandSwazilandnone 
97flag of SwedenSwedenuniversal but not compulsory over age 18; after three years of legal residence immigrants may vote in county and municipal but not national elections 
98flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlanduniversal over age 20 
99flag of SyriaSyriauniversal at age 18 
100flag of São Tomé and PríncipeSão Tomé and Príncipeuniversal for age 18 and over 
101flag of TaiwanTaiwanuniversal at age 20 
102flag of MacauMacauPortuguese Chinese and foreign residents over 18 
103flag of LiechtensteinLiechtensteinuniversal adult 
104flag of AlbaniaAlbaniauniversal and compulsory over age 18 
105flag of ColombiaColombiaage 18 and over 
106flag of CambodiaCambodianone 
107flag of CameroonCameroonuniversal over age 21 
108flag of CanadaCanadauniversal over age 18 
109flag of Cayman IslandsCayman Islandsuniversal at age 18 
110flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republicuniversal over age 21 
111flag of ChadChaduniversal over age 18 
112flag of ChileChileuniversal over age 18 
113flag of ChinaChinauniversal over age 18 
114flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsNA 
115flag of ComorosComorosuniversal adult 
116flag of BurundiBurundiuniversal adult 
117flag of CongoCongouniversal over age 18 
118flag of Cook IslandsCook Islandsuniversal adult 
119flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricauniversal and compulsory age 18 and over 
120flag of CubaCubauniversal but not compulsory over age 16 
121flag of CyprusCyprusuniversal at age 18 
122flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoireuniversal over age 21 
123flag of DenmarkDenmarkuniversal over age 21 
124flag of DjiboutiDjiboutiuniversal adult 
125flag of DominicaDominicauniversal at age 18 
126flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republicuniversal and compulsory over age 18 or married except members of the armed forces and police who cannot vote 
127flag of Cabo VerdeCabo Verdeuniversal over age 15 
128flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Fasonone 
129flag of EgyptEgyptuniversal over age 18 
130flag of BangladeshBangladeshuniversal over age 18 
131flag of AlgeriaAlgeriauniversal at age 18 
132flag of AndorraAndorrathose 18 or over who are second-generation Andorrans can vote for General Council members 
133flag of AngolaAngolauniversal adult 
134flag of AnguillaAnguillanative born resident before separation from St. Kitts and Nevis or 15 years' residence for belonger status 
135flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbudauniversal suffrage at age 18 
136flag of ArgentinaArgentinauniversal at age 18 
137flag of ArubaArubauniversal over age 18 
138flag of AustraliaAustraliauniversal and compulsory over age 18 
139flag of AustriaAustriauniversal over age 19; compulsory for presidential elections 
140flag of BahrainBahrainnone 
141flag of BarbadosBarbadosuniversal over age 18 
142flag of BulgariaBulgariauniversal and compulsory over age 18 
143flag of BelgiumBelgiumuniversal over age 18 
144flag of BelizeBelizeuniversal at age 18 
145flag of BeninBeninuniversal adult 
146flag of BermudaBermudauniversal over age 21 
147flag of BhutanBhutaneach family has one vote 
148flag of BoliviaBoliviauniversal and compulsory at age 18 if married 21 if single 
149flag of BotswanaBotswanauniversal at age 21 
150flag of BrazilBrazilcompulsory between ages 18-70; voluntary 16-17 and over 70 
151flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islandsuniversal at age 18 
152flag of BruneiBruneiuniversal at 21; three-tiered system of indirect elections; popular vote cast for lowest level 
153flag of EcuadorEcuadoruniversal over age 18; compulsory for literate persons 
154flag of El SalvadorEl Salvadoruniversal over age 18 
155flag of LibyaLibyamandatory universal adult 
156flag of ItalyItalyuniversal over age 18 
157flag of HungaryHungaryuniversal over age 18 
158flag of IcelandIcelanduniversal over age 20 but not compulsory 
159flag of IndiaIndiauniversal over age 21 
160flag of IndonesiaIndonesiauniversal over age 18 and married persons regardless of age 
161flag of IranIranuniversal over age 15 
162flag of IraqIraquniversal adult 
163flag of IrelandIrelanduniversal over age 18 
164flag of Isle of ManIsle of Manuniversal at age 21 
165flag of IsraelIsraeluniversal over age 18 
166flag of JamaicaJamaicauniversal over age 18 
167flag of HondurasHondurasuniversal and compulsory over age 18 
168flag of JapanJapanuniversal over age 20 
169flag of JerseyJerseyuniversal adult 
170flag of JordanJordanuniversal at age 20 
171flag of KenyaKenyauniversal over age 18 
172flag of KiribatiKiribatiuniversal over age 18 
173flag of KuwaitKuwaitadult males who resided in Kuwait before 1920 and their male descendents 
174flag of LaosLaosuniversal over age 18 
175flag of LebanonLebanoncompulsory for all males over 21; authorized for women over 21 with elementary education 
176flag of LesothoLesothouniversal for adults 
177flag of LiberiaLiberiauniversal at age 18 
178flag of Hong KongHong Kongover 21 years for Urban Council Regional Council and District Boards; limited to about 71000 professionals of electoral college and functional constituencies 
179flag of Holy SeeHoly Seelimited to cardinals less than 80 years old 
180flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guineauniversal adult 
181flag of GhanaGhanauniversal at age 18 
182flag of EthiopiaEthiopiaall citizens 18 years of age and over 
183flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islandsuniversal at age 18 
184flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islandsuniversal but not compulsory over age 20 
185flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesiauniversal over age 18 
186flag of FijiFijiuniversal adult 
187flag of FinlandFinlanduniversal 18 years and over; not compulsory 
188flag of FranceFranceuniversal over age 18; not compulsory 
189flag of French GuianaFrench Guianauniversal over age 18 
190flag of French PolynesiaFrench Polynesiauniversal adult 
191flag of GabonGabonuniversal over age 18 
192flag of GibraltarGibraltarall adult Gibraltarians plus other UK subjects resident six months or more 
193flag of HaitiHaitiuniversal over age 18 
194flag of GreeceGreeceuniversal age 18 and over 
195flag of GreenlandGreenlanduniversal but not compulsory over age 21 
196flag of GrenadaGrenadauniversal adult 
197flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupeuniversal over age 18 
198flag of GuamGuamuniversal but not compulsory for all citizens over age 18 
199flag of GuatemalaGuatemalauniversal over age 18 compulsory for literates optional for illiterates 
200flag of GuernseyGuernseyuniversal at age 18 
201flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissauuniversal over age 15 
202flag of GuineaGuineauniversal over age 18 
203flag of GuyanaGuyanauniversal at age 18 
204flag of ZimbabweZimbabweuniversal over age 18 

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