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This entry is an ordered listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.

The WorldWorldcereals
1flag of South KoreaSouth Korea9000000 
2flag of AfghanistanAfghanistanlargely subsistence farming and nomadic animal husbandry; cash products--wheat fruits nuts karakul pelts wool mutton 
3flag of ParaguayParaguayoilseeds soybeans cotton wheat manioc sweet potatoes tobacco corn rice sugarcane; self-sufficient in most foods; illegal producer of cannabis for international drug trade 
4flag of NiueNiuecopra coconuts passion fruit honey limes; subsistence crops - taro yams cassava 
5flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk IslandNorfolk Island pine seed Kentia palm seed cereals vegetables fruit cattle poultry 
6flag of North KoreaNorth Koreacorn rice vegetables; food shortages - meat fish cooking oils 
7flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islandscoffee coconuts fruits tobacco cattle 
8flag of NorwayNorwayanimal husbandry predominates fish farming 
9flag of OmanOmanbased on subsistence farming 
10flag of PakistanPakistancotton rice wheat sugarcane fruits and vegetables; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
11flag of PanamaPanamacash crops - bananas sugarcane coffee; food crops - rice corn beans 
12flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guineacopra cocoa coffee rubber oil palm tea 
13flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesrice corn coconut sugarcane bananas abaca tobacco; illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
14flag of PeruPeruwheat potatoes beans rice barley coffee cotton sugarcane; imports - wheat meat lard and oils rice corn; an illegal producer of coca for the international drug trade 
15flag of NigerNigercommercial - cowpeas peanuts cotton; main food crops - millet sorghum rice 
16flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islandscitrus sugarcane watermelons bananas yams taro beans pumpkins coconuts goats poultry 
17flag of PolandPolandgrain sugar beets oilseed potatoes exporter of livestock products and sugar; importer of grains; self-sufficient for minimum requirements 
18flag of PortugalPortugalgenerally underdeveloped; grains potatoes olives grapes for wine; deficit foods - sugar grain meat fish oilseed 
19flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Ricodairy and livestock products sugarcane coffee bananas yams pineapples rum plantains 
20flag of QatarQatarfarming and grazing on small scale; commercial fishing increasing in importance; most food imported 
21flag of RomaniaRomaniacorn wheat oilseed; livestock - cattle hogs sheep; consumer and food supplies weak; a net exporter 
22flag of RwandaRwandacash crops - coffee tea pyrethrum 
23flag of RéunionRéunioncash crops - almost entirely sugarcane small amounts of vanilla and perfume plants; food crops - tropical fruit and vegetables manioc bananas corn market garden produce some tea tobacco and coffee; food crop inadequate most food needs imported 
24flag of Saint HelenaSaint Helenamaize potatoes vegetables; timber production being developed; crawfishing on Tristan da Cunha 
25flag of NigeriaNigeriapeanuts cotton cocoa rubber yams cassava sorghum palm kernels millet corn rice; livestock; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
26flag of NicaraguaNicaraguacotton coffee sugarcane rice corn beans cattle 
27flag of Saint LuciaSaint Luciabananas coconuts sugar cocoa spices 
28flag of MexicoMexicocorn cotton wheat coffee sugarcane sorghum oilseed pulses and vegetables; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
29flag of MalawiMalawicash crops - sugar tea coffee peanuts cotton; subsistence crops - corn sorghum millet root crops; self-sufficient in food production under normal conditions 
30flag of MalaysiaMalaysiaPeninsular Malaysia - natural rubber palm oil rice; Sabah - mainly subsistence main crops are rubber timber coconut rice; Sarawak - main crops are rubber timber pepper; there is a deficit of rice in all areas 
31flag of MaldivesMaldivescrops - coconut limited production of millet corn pumpkins sweet potatoes; shortages - rice sugar flour 
32flag of MaliMalimillet sorghum rice corn peanuts; cash crops - peanuts cotton livestock 
33flag of MaltaMaltaoverall 20% self-sufficient; main products - potatoes cauliflower grapes wheat barley tomatoes citrus cut flowers green peppers hogs poultry eggs; generally adequate supplies of vegetables poultry milk pork products; seasonal or periodic shortages in grain animal fodder fruits other basic foodstuffs 
34flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islandscoconuts cacao taro breadfruit fruits copra; pigs chickens 
35flag of MartiniqueMartiniquebananas pineapples vegetables flowers sugarcane for rum 
36flag of MauritaniaMauritanialivestock cereals vegetables dates; cash crop - gum arabic 
37flag of MauritiusMauritiusabout 90% of cultivated land area is planted in sugarcane; sugar derivatives tea tobacco; most food imported 
38flag of MayotteMayottevanilla ylang-ylang coffee copra 
39flag of MonacoMonacoNA 
40flag of New ZealandNew Zealandfodder and silage crops wool meat dairy products; food surplus country 
41flag of MongoliaMongolialivestock raising predominates; wheat oats barley 
42flag of MontserratMontserratcotton limes potatoes tomatoes hot peppers livestock 
43flag of MoroccoMorocconot self-sufficient in food; cereal farming and livestock raising predominate; barley wheat citrus fruit wine vegetables olives; some fishing; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
44flag of MozambiqueMozambiquecash crops - cotton cashew nuts sugar tea copra sisal rice; other crops - corn wheat peanuts potatoes beans sorghum cassava 
45flag of MyanmarMyanmarpaddy beans pulses maize oilseeds sugarcane peanuts; almost 100% self-sufficient; most rice grown in deltaic land; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
46flag of NamibiaNamibialivestock raising 
47flag of NauruNaurunegligible; almost completely dependent on imports for food and water 
48flag of NepalNepalrice corn wheat sugarcane oilseeds; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
49flag of Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antillescorn pulses 
50flag of New CaledoniaNew Caledonialarge areas devoted to cattle grazing; coffee maize wheat vegetables; 60% self-sufficient in beef 
51flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevissugar on St. Kitts cotton on Nevis 
52flag of Saint-Pierre and MiquelonSaint-Pierre and Miquelonvegetables cattle sheep and pigs for local consumption 
53flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadinesbananas arrowroot coconuts spices vegetables; small numbers of cattle hogs sheep and goats 
54flag of United StatesUnited Statesfood grains feed crops oil-bearing crops cattle dairy products; an illegal producer of cannabis 
55flag of TongaTongadominated by coconut copra and banana production; vanilla beans cocoa coffee ginger black pepper 
56flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobagosugar cocoa coffee rice citrus bananas; largely dependent upon imports of food 
57flag of TunisiaTunisiacereals 
58flag of TurkeyTurkeycotton tobacco cereals sugar beets fruits nuts livestock products; self-sufficient in food in most years; a legal producer of opium poppy for the pharmaceutical trade 
59flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islandscorn beans 
60flag of TuvaluTuvalucoconuts copra 
61flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islandstruck gardens food crops 
62flag of UgandaUgandacoffee cotton tobacco tea fish livestock 
63flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emiratessome dates alfalfa vegetables fruit tobacco; most food imported; 
64flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdomwheat barley potatoes sugar beets livestock dairy products; 60% self-sufficient 
65flag of UruguayUruguaylarge areas devoted to extensive livestock grazing; wheat rice corn sorghum; self-sufficient in most basic foodstuffs 
66flag of TogoTogocash crops - coffee cocoa cotton; food crops - yams cassava corn beans rice millet sorghum fish 
67flag of VanuatuVanuatuexport crops - copra cocoa coffee and fish; subsistence crops - copra taro yams coconuts fruits and vegetables 
68flag of VenezuelaVenezuelacereals fruits sugar coffee rice; an illegal producer of small quantities of coca and cannabis for the international drug trade 
69flag of VietnamVietnamrice rubber fruits and vegetables; some corn manioc sugarcane; major food imports - wheat corn dairy products 
70flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and Futunadominated by coconut production with subsistence crops of yams taro bananas 
71flag of West BankWest Bankolives citrus and other fruits vegetables beef and dairy products 
72flag of Western SaharaWestern Saharapractically none; some barley is grown in nondrought years; fruit and vegetables are grown in the few oases; food imports are essential; camels sheep and goats are kept by the nomadic natives; cash economy exists largely for the garrison forces 
73flag of Western SamoaWestern Samoacoconuts fruit 
74flag of YugoslaviaYugoslaviadiversified with many small private holdings and large combines; main crops - corn wheat tobacco sugar beets sunflowers; occasionally a net exporter of corn tobacco foodstuffs live animals 
75flag of ZaireZairecash crops - coffee palm oil rubber quinine; food crops - manioc bananas root crops corn; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
76flag of ZambiaZambiacorn tobacco cotton; net importer of most major agricultural products 
77flag of TokelauTokelaucoconuts copra; basic subsistence crops - pulaka breadfruit pawpaw bananas; pigs poultry goats 
78flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandsanimal husbandry predominates; horticultural crops grains potatoes sugar beets; food shortages--grains fats oils 
79flag of MacauMacaurice vegetables; food shortages - rice vegetables meat; depends mostly on imports for food requirements 
80flag of Sri LankaSri Lankapaddy rice coconuts tea rubber sugarcane cattle buffaloes goats fish 
81flag of San MarinoSan Marinowheat grapes other grains fruits vegetables animal feedstuffs cheese livestock hides 
82flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabiadates grains livestock; not self-sufficient in food except wheat 
83flag of SenegalSenegalpeanuts 
84flag of SeychellesSeychellescash crops - coconuts and copra also cinnamon vanilla green leaf tea patchouli 
85flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leonepalm kernels coffee cocoa rice yams millet ginger cassava; much of cultivated land devoted to subsistence farming; food crops insufficient for domestic consumption 
86flag of SingaporeSingaporeoccupies a position of minor importance in the economy; self-sufficient in poultry and eggs; must import much of other food; major crops - rubber copra fruit vegetables 
87flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islandscopra cocoa palm oil rice fruits vegetables spices tobacco cattle pigs 
88flag of SomaliaSomaliamainly a pastoral country raising livestock; bananas sugarcane cotton cereals 
89flag of South AfricaSouth Africacorn wheat sugarcane tobacco citrus fruits cattle and dairy products sheep and wool; self-sufficient in foodstuffs 
90flag of SpainSpaingrains citrus fruits vegetables wine grapes; virtually self-sufficient in good crop years 
91flag of SudanSudancotton sorghum millet wheat sesame peanuts beans barley gum arabic; not self-sufficient in food production 
92flag of The GambiaThe Gambiapeanuts millet sorghum rice maize palm kernels cotton 
93flag of SurinameSurinamerice bananas palm oil timber 
94flag of SwazilandSwazilandaccounts for 25% of GDP and over 60% of labor force; mostly subsistence agriculture; cash crops--sugarcane citrus fruit cotton pineapples; other crops and livestock--corn sorghum peanuts cattle goats sheep; not self-sufficient in grain 
95flag of SwedenSwedenanimal husbandry predominates with milk and dairy products accounting for 37% of farm income; main crops - grains sugar beets potatoes; 100% self-sufficient in grains and potatoes 85% self-sufficient in sugar beets 
96flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlanddairy farming predominates; less than 50% self-sufficient; food shortages - fish refined sugar fats and oils 
97flag of SyriaSyriacotton wheat barley tobacco; sheep and goats 
98flag of São Tomé and PríncipeSão Tomé and Príncipecocoa copra coconuts coffee palm oil bananas 
99flag of TaiwanTaiwanaccounts for 6% of GNP and 20% of labor force 
100flag of TanzaniaTanzaniacotton coffee sisal pyrethrum 
101flag of ThailandThailandrice sugar corn rubber manioc pineapple seafood; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
102flag of The BahamasThe Bahamasaccounts for less than 5% of GDP; dominated by small-scale producers; principal products--citrus fruit vegetables poultry; large net importer of food 
103flag of MadagascarMadagascarcash crops - coffee vanilla cloves sugar tobacco sisal raffia pepper cocoa; food crops - rice cassava cereals potatoes corn beans bananas coconuts and peanuts; animal husbandry widespread; imports some rice milk and cereal 
104flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgmixed farming dairy products wine 
105flag of AlbaniaAlbaniaarable land: per capita among lowest in Europe; 50% of work force engaged in farming; produces wide range of temperate-zone crops and livestock; claims self-sufficiency in grain output 
106flag of Cocos IslandsCocos Islandsgardens provide vegetables bananas pawpaws coconuts 
107flag of Cabo VerdeCabo Verdestaple crops are corn beans and sweet potatoes; other crops include coffee bananas cassava castor beans 
108flag of CambodiaCambodiamainly subsistence farming except for rubber plantations; main crops - rice rubber corn; food shortages - rice meat vegetables dairy products sugar flour 
109flag of CameroonCameroonthe agriculture and forestry sectors provide employment for the majority of the population contributing nearly 25% to GDP and providing a high degree of self-sufficiency in staple foods; commercial and food crops include coffee cocoa timber cotton rubber bananas oilseed grains livestock root starches 
110flag of CanadaCanadalivestock grains 
111flag of Cayman IslandsCayman Islandsminor production of vegetables fruit livestock; turtle farming 
112flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republiccommercial - cotton coffee peanuts sesame tobacco timber; food crops - manioc corn millet sorghum peanuts rice potatoes; livestock 
113flag of ChadChadcommercial - cotton gum arabic livestock peanuts fish; food crops - millet sorghum rice sweet potatoes yams cassava dates 
114flag of ChileChilewheat potatoes corn sugar beets onions beans fruits; net agricultural importer 
115flag of ChinaChinarice wheat corn other grains oilseed cotton; mainly subsistence agriculture 
116flag of Christmas IslandChristmas IslandNA 
117flag of ColombiaColombiacoffee rice corn sugarcane plantains bananas cotton tobacco; an illegal producer of coca and cannabis for the international drug trade 
118flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Fasocash crops - peanuts shea nuts sesame cotton; food crops - sorghum millet corn rice; livestock; not self-sufficient in food grains 
119flag of ComorosComorosfood crops - rice manioc maize fruits vegetables coconuts cinnamon yams; export crops - essential oils for perfumes 
120flag of CongoCongoimports 90% of annual food requirements; cash crops are coffee and cacao; cassava rice corn peanuts vegetables 
121flag of Cook IslandsCook Islandsexport crops - copra citrus fruits pineapples tomatoes bananas; subsistence crops - yams taro 
122flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricacoffee bananas sugarcane rice corn cocoa livestock products; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
123flag of CubaCubasugar tobacco rice potatoes tubers citrus coffee 
124flag of CyprusCypruspotatoes and other vegetables grapes citrus wheat carob beans olives 
125flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoirecash crops - coffee cocoa beans palm-kernel oil; also pineapples rice cotton rubber millet corn bananas 
126flag of DenmarkDenmarkhighly intensive specializes in dairying and animal husbandry; main crops - cereals root crops; food imports - oilseed grain animal feedstuffs 
127flag of DjiboutiDjiboutilivestock; limited commercial crops including fruits and vegetables 
128flag of DominicaDominicabananas citrus coconuts cocoa yams essential oils 
129flag of BurundiBurundimajor cash crops - coffee cotton and tea; food crops - rice corn palm oil sugar bananas manioc pulses; livestock-meat milk hides and skins 
130flag of BulgariaBulgariagrain tobacco fruits vegetables sheep hogs poultry cheese sunflower seeds; mainly self-sufficient 
131flag of EcuadorEcuadorbananas coffee cocoa sugarcane corn potatoes rice; an illegal producer of coca for the international drug trade 
132flag of BahrainBahrainaccounts for less than 2% of GDP 
133flag of AlgeriaAlgeriaaccounts for 8% of GDP and employs 24% of labor force; net importer of food - grain vegetable oil and sugar; farm production includes wheat barley oats grapes olives citrus fruits sheep and cattle 
134flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoabananas coconuts vegetables taro breadfruit yams copra pineapples papayas 
135flag of AndorraAndorrasheep raising; small quantities of tobacco rye wheat barley oats and some vegetables 
136flag of AngolaAngolacash crops - coffee sisal corn cotton sugar manioc tobacco; food crops - cassava corn vegetables plantains bananas and other local foodstuffs; disruptions caused by civil war and marketing deficiencies require food imports 
137flag of AnguillaAnguillapigeon peas corn sweet potatoes sheep goats pigs cattle poultry 
138flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbudaaccounts for 4% of GDP; expanding output of cotton fruits vegetables and livestock sector; other crops - bananas coconuts cucumbers mangoes; not self-sufficient in food 
139flag of ArgentinaArgentinaaccounts for 15% of GDP 
140flag of ArubaArubapoor quality soils and low rainfall limit agricultural activity to the cultivation of aloes 
141flag of AustraliaAustraliaaccounts for 5% of GDP and 37% of export revenues; world's largest exporter of beef and wool second largest for mutton and among top wheat exporters; major crops - wheat barley sugarcane fruit; livestock - cattle sheep poultry; self-sufficient in food 
142flag of AustriaAustriaaccounts for 3.5% of GDP 
143flag of BangladeshBangladeshaccounts for about 50% of GDP and 75% of both employment and exports; imports 10% of food grain requirements; world's largest exporter of jute; commercial products - jute rice wheat tea sugarcane potatoes beef milk poultry; shortages include wheat vegetable oils and cotton; fish catch 778000 metric tons in 1986 
144flag of BruneiBruneirice pepper 
145flag of BarbadosBarbadosaccounts for 10% of GDP; major cash crop is sugarcane; other crops - vegetables and cotton; not self-sufficient in food 
146flag of BelgiumBelgiumaccounts for 2% of GNP; principal crops - sugar beets fresh vegetables fruits grain tobacco; emphasis on livestock products - beef veal pork milk; net importer of farm products livestock production predominates; grains sugar beets flax potatoes other vegetables fruits 
147flag of BelizeBelizeaccounts for 30% of GDP 
148flag of BeninBeninsmall farms produce 90% of agricultural output; production is dominated by food crops - corn sorghum cassava beans and rice; cash crops include cotton palm oil and peanuts; poultry and livestock output has not kept up with consumption 
149flag of BermudaBermudaaccounts for less than 1% of GDP; most basic foods must be imported; produces bananas vegetables citrus fruits flowers dairy products 
150flag of BhutanBhutanaccounts for 50% of GDP; based on subsistence farming and animal husbandry; produces rice corn root crops citrus fruit dairy and eggs; self-sufficient in food except for foodgrains 
151flag of BoliviaBoliviaaccounts for 20% of GDP 
152flag of BotswanaBotswanaaccounts for only 5% of GDP; 80% of population live on the land; subsistence farming predominates; cattle raising supports 50% of the population; must import large share of food needs 
153flag of BrazilBrazilcoffee rice corn sugarcane cocoa soybeans cotton manioc oranges; nearly self-sufficient in food except for wheat; illegal producer of cannabis mostly for domestic consumption 
154flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islandslivestock 
155flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republicsugarcane coffee rice cocoa tobacco corn 
156flag of EgyptEgyptfodder maize wheat cotton rice horsebeans barley citrus fruit; not self-sufficient in food 
157flag of LiechtensteinLiechtensteinlivestock vegetables corn wheat potatoes grapes 
158flag of JamaicaJamaicasugarcane citrus fruits bananas pimento coconuts coffee cocoa tobacco; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
159flag of HungaryHungarynormally self-sufficient; corn wheat potatoes sugar beets barley 
160flag of IcelandIcelandcattle sheep dairying hay potatoes turnips 
161flag of IndiaIndiarice other cereals pulses oilseed cotton jute sugarcane tobacco tea coffee; legal producer of opium poppy for the pharmaceutical trade but also an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
162flag of IndonesiaIndonesiasubsistence food production; small-holder and plantation production for export; rice cassava peanuts rubber cocoa coffee copra other tropical products; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
163flag of IranIranwheat barley rice sugar beets cotton dates raisins tea tobacco sheep goats; an illegal producer of opium poppy for the international drug trade 
164flag of IraqIraqvegetables wheat barley dates rice livestock 
165flag of IrelandIrelandlivestock and dairy products turnips barley potatoes sugar beets wheat; 85% self-sufficient; food shortages - grains fruits vegetables 
166flag of Isle of ManIsle of Mancereals and vegetables; cattle sheep pigs poultry 
167flag of IsraelIsraelcitrus and other fruits vegetables cotton beef and dairy products poultry products; a world leader in irrigation techniques 
168flag of ItalyItalyfruits wine vegetables cereals potatoes olives; 95% self-sufficient; food shortages - fats meat fish eggs 
169flag of JapanJapanland intensively cultivated; rice sugar vegetables fruits; 71% self-sufficient in food 
170flag of HondurasHondurasbananas coffee corn beans sugarcane rice tobacco 
171flag of JerseyJerseypotatoes cauliflowers tomatoes; dairy and cattle farming 
172flag of JordanJordanvegetables fruits olive oil wheat; self-sufficient in few foodstuffs 
173flag of KenyaKenyamain cash crops - coffee tea sisal pyrethrum 
174flag of KiribatiKiribaticoconuts copra; subsistence crops of roots and tubers vegetables melons bananas; pigs chickens; domestic fishing 
175flag of KuwaitKuwaitvirtually none; dependent on imports for food; about 75% of potable water must be distilled or imported 
176flag of LaosLaosrice 
177flag of LebanonLebanonfruits wheat corn barley potatoes tobacco olives onions; not self-sufficient in food; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
178flag of LesothoLesothoexceedingly primitive mostly subsistence farming and livestock; principal crops are corn wheat pulses sorghum barley 
179flag of LiberiaLiberiarubber rice oil palm cassava coffee cocoa; imports of rice wheat and livestock are necessary for basic diet 
180flag of LibyaLibyawheat barley olives dates citrus fruits peanuts; 75% of food is imported 
181flag of Hong KongHong Kongminor role in the economy; rice vegetables dairy products; less than 20% self-sufficient; shortages of rice wheat water 
182flag of HaitiHaiticash crop - coffee; staple crops - corn sorghum rice sugarcane 
183flag of El SalvadorEl Salvadorcoffee cotton corn sugar beans rice sorghum wheat 
184flag of GabonGaboncommercial - cocoa coffee wood palm oil rice; main food crops - pineapples bananas manioc peanuts root crops; imports food 
185flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guineacash crops - timber and coffee from Rio Muni cocoa from Bioko; food crops - rice yams cassava bananas oil palm nuts manioc livestock 
186flag of EthiopiaEthiopiacoffee cereals pulses oilseeds meat hides and skins 
187flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islandspredominantly sheep farming; small dairy herds and fodder crops 
188flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islandssheep and cattle herding potatoes vegetables; 
189flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesiamainly a subsistence economy; copra black pepper; tropical fruits and vegetables coconuts cassava sweet potatoes pigs chickens 
190flag of FijiFijiprincipal cash crop is sugarcane; coconuts cassava rice sweet potatoes and bananas; small livestock sector includes cattle pigs horses and goats 
191flag of FinlandFinlandanimal husbandry especially dairying predominates; forestry important as a secondary occupation for the rural population; main crops - cereals sugar beets potatoes; 85% self-sufficient but short of food and fodder grains 
192flag of FranceFrancebeef dairy products cereals sugar beets potatoes wine grapes; self-sufficient for most temperate zone foodstuffs; agricultural shortages include fats and oils tropical produce 
193flag of French GuianaFrench Guianasome vegetables for local consumption; rice corn manioc cocoa bananas sugar 
194flag of French PolynesiaFrench Polynesiacoconut and vanilla plantations 
195flag of Gaza StripGaza Stripolives citrus and other fruits vegetables beef dairy products 
196flag of GuyanaGuyanasugarcane rice other food crops; food shortages - wheat flour cooking oil processed meat dairy products 
197flag of GhanaGhanacocoa coffee root crops corn sorghum millet peanuts; barely self-sufficient in food production but has good potential; an illegal producer of cannabis for the international drug trade 
198flag of GibraltarGibraltarNA 
199flag of GreeceGreecewheat olives tobacco cotton raisins fruit; nearly self-sufficient 
200flag of GreenlandGreenlandarable areas largely in hay; sheep raising; garden produce 
201flag of GrenadaGrenadanutmeg mace cocoa bananas fruits vegetables tropical plants 
202flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupesugarcane bananas pineapples vegetables 
203flag of GuamGuamrelatively undeveloped with most food imported; fruits vegetables eggs pork poultry beef copra 
204flag of GuatemalaGuatemalacoffee bananas sugarcane cotton cardamom; an illegal producer of opium poppy and cannabis for the international drug trade 
205flag of GuernseyGuernseytomatoes flowers 
206flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissaurice palm products root crops coconuts peanuts wood 
207flag of GuineaGuineacash crops - coffee bananas palm products peanuts citrus fruits pineapples; food crops - cassava rice millet corn sweet potatoes; livestock raised in some areas 
208flag of ZimbabweZimbabwetobacco corn tea sugar cotton; livestock 

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