Country ranking for field: suffrage Communists 1992

Other rankings:  

1flag of FranceFrance700000000 
2flag of ChinaChina49000000 party members 
3flag of CPI/M; Communist extremist groups about 15000 membersCPI/M; Communist extremist groups about 15000 members466000 members claimed by CPI 361000 members claimed by 
4flag of PolandPoland70000 members in the Communist successor parties 
5flag of UruguayUruguay50000 
6flag of FinlandFinland28000 registered members; an additional 45000 persons belong to People's Democratic League 
7flag of ColombiaColombia18000 members 
8flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom15961 
9flag of NorwayNorway15500 est.) 5500 Norwegian Communist Party 
10flag of NicaraguaNicaragua15000-20000 
11flag of VenezuelaVenezuela10000 members 
12flag of Costa RicaCosta Rica7500 members and sympathizers 
13flag of Hong KongHong Kong5000 
14flag of BangladeshBangladesh5000 members 
15flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland4500 members 
16flag of AustraliaAustralia4000 members 
17flag of CanadaCanada3000 
18flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupe3000 est. 
19flag of MartiniqueMartinique1000 
20flag of IranIran1000 to 2000 est. hardcore; 15000 to 20000 est 
21flag of AlgeriaAlgeria400 
22flag of Communist party illegalCommunist party illegal200-500; Barisan Sosialis infiltrated by Communists; note - 
23flag of SyriaSyriaSyrian Communist Party 
24flag of RussiaRussiaNA 
25flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanrenamed Democratic Party 16 December 1990 
26flag of PakistanPakistanthe Communist party is officially banned but is allowed to operate openly 
27flag of PanamaPanamaPeople's Party 
28flag of ParaguayParaguayOscar CREYDT faction and Miguel Angel SOLER faction 
29flag of Peace Council James MILLETTEPeace Council James MILLETTECommunist Party of Trinidad and Tobago; Trinidad and Tobago 
30flag of PeruPeruPeruvian Communist Party-Unity 
31flag of PhilippinesPhilippinesthe Communist Party of the Philippines 
32flag of VietnamVietnam0 
33flag of PortugalPortugalPortuguese Communist Party claims membership of 200753 
34flag of San MarinoSan Marinoabout 300 members 
35flag of United StatesUnited StatesCommunist Party 
36flag of Marxist ideologyMarxist ideologyVP and SKP; VP formerly the Left Party-Communists is reported to have roughly 17800 members and attracted 5.8% of the vote in the 1988 election; VP dropped the Communist label in 1990 but maintains a 
37flag of UzbekistanUzbekistanNA 
38flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and MontenegroNA 
39flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandsabout 6000 
40flag of Supreme Council on 30 August 1991Supreme Council on 30 August 1991Communist Party of Ukraine was banned by decree of the 
41flag of Communist insurgents throughout Thailand total 200Communist insurgents throughout Thailand total 200illegal Communist party has 500 to 1000 members; armed 
42flag of South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth African Communist Party Chris HANI secretary general and Joe SLOVO national chairman 
43flag of SpainSpain0 
44flag of TajikistanTajikistanNA 
45flag of North KoreaNorth Korea0 
46flag of SloveniaSloveniaNA 
47flag of LebanonLebanonthe Lebanese Communist Party was legalized in 1970; members and sympathizers estimated at 2000-3000 
48flag of NigeriaNigeriathe pro-Communist underground consists of a small fraction of the Nigerian left; leftist leaders are prominent in the country's central labor organization but have little influence on the government 
49flag of EcuadorEcuadorCommunist Party of Ecuador 
50flag of AustriaAustriamembership 15000 est.) activists 7000-8000 
51flag of BelarusBelarusNA 
52flag of BeninBeninCommunist Party of Dahomey 
53flag of BotswanaBotswanano known Communist organization; Kenneth KOMA of BNF has long history of Communist contacts 
54flag of BrazilBrazilless than 30000 
55flag of BulgariaBulgariaBulgarian Socialist Party 
56flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republicsmall number of Communist sympathizers 
57flag of Communists and some sympathizersCommunists and some sympathizersno front organizations or underground party; probably a few 
58flag of ChileChileThe PCCh has legal party status and has less than 60000 members 
59flag of CongoCongosmall number of Communists and sympathizers 
60flag of CubaCubaabout 600000 full and candidate members 
61flag of CyprusCyprusabout 12000 
62flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republican estimated 8000 to 10000 members in several legal and illegal factions; effectiveness limited by ideological differences organizational inadequacies and severe funding shortages 
63flag of EgyptEgyptabout 500 party members 
64flag of NepalNepalCommunist Party of Nepal 
65flag of GermanyGermanyWest - about 40000 members and supporters; East - about 200000 party members 
66flag of GreeceGreecean estimated 60000 members and sympathizers 
67flag of GuatemalaGuatemalaGuatemalan Labor Party 
68flag of HaitiHaitiUnited Party of Haitian Communists 
69flag of HungaryHungaryfewer than 100000 
70flag of IndonesiaIndonesiaCommunist Party 
71flag of IrelandIrelandunder 500 
72flag of IsraelIsraelHadash 
73flag of JapanJapanabout 490000 registered Communist party members 
74flag of KazakhstanKazakhstanparty disbanded 6 September 1992 
75flag of ArgentinaArgentinasome 70000 members in various party organizations including a small nucleus of activists 
76flag of MongoliaMongoliaMPRP membership 90000 
77flag of MoroccoMoroccoabout 2000 
78flag of MyanmarMyanmarseveral hundred 
79flag of YemenYemensmall number in North greater but unknown number in South 

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