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This entry gives the total length of navigable rivers, canals, and other inland bodies of water.

1flag of ChinaChina110000 
2flag of BrazilBrazil50000 km navigable 
3flag of United StatesUnited States41009 km of navigable inland channels exclusive of the Great Lakes 
4flag of IndonesiaIndonesia21579 km total; Sumatra 5471 km Java and Madura 820 km Kalimantan 10460 km Sulawesi 
5flag of ColombiaColombia18140 km 
6flag of VietnamVietnam17702 km navigable; more than 5149 km navigable at all times by vessels up to 1.8 m draft 
7flag of Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo15000 km including the Congo its tributaries and unconnected lakes 
8flag of FranceFrance14932 km; 6969 km heavily traveled 
9flag of ArgentinaArgentina10950 km navigable 
10flag of BoliviaBolivia10000 km of commercially navigable waterways 
11flag of NigeriaNigeria8575 km consisting of the Niger and Benue rivers and smaller rivers and creeks 
12flag of AustraliaAustralia8368 km; mainly by small shallow-draft craft 
13flag of GermanyGermany7500 km 
14flag of MalaysiaMalaysia7296 km 
15flag of VenezuelaVenezuela7100 km; Rio Orinoco and Lago de Maracaibo accept oceangoing vessels 
16flag of FinlandFinland6675 km total 
17flag of SudanSudan5310 km 
18flag of BangladeshBangladesh5150-8046 km navigable waterways 
19flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlands5046 km of which 47% is usable by craft of 1000 metric ton capacity or larger 
20flag of UkraineUkraine4400 km navigable waterways of which 1672 km were on the Pryp'yat' and Dnistr 
21flag of ThailandThailand3999 km principal waterways; 3701 km with navigable depths of 0.9 m or more throughout the year; numerous minor waterways navigable by shallow-draft native craft 
22flag of KazakhstanKazakhstan3900 km on the Syrdariya 
23flag of PolandPoland3812 km navigable rivers and canals 
24flag of EgyptEgypt3500 km 
25flag of PhilippinesPhilippines3219 km; limited to shallow-draft 
26flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom3200 km 
27flag of ParaguayParaguay3100 km 
28flag of CanadaCanada3000 km including Saint Lawrence Seaway 
29flag of MexicoMexico2900 km navigable rivers and coastal canals 
30flag of ItalyItaly2400 km for various types of commercial traffic although of limited overall value 
31flag of North KoreaNorth Korea2253 km; mostly navigable by small craft only 
32flag of ZambiaZambia2250 km including Zambezi and Luapula rivers Lake Tanganyika 
33flag of NicaraguaNicaragua2220 km 
34flag of CameroonCameroon2090 km; of decreasing importance 
35flag of SwedenSweden2052 km navigable for small steamers and barges 
36flag of BelgiumBelgium2043 km 
37flag of ChadChad2000 km navigable 
38flag of MaliMali1815 km navigable 
39flag of RomaniaRomania1724 km 
40flag of South KoreaSouth Korea1609 km; use restricted to small native craft 
41flag of New ZealandNew Zealand1609 km; of little importance to transportation 
42flag of GabonGabon1600 km perennially navigable 
43flag of UruguayUruguay1600 km; used by coastal and shallow-draft river craft 
44flag of NorwayNorway1577 km along west coast; navigable by 2.4 m draft vessels maximum 
45flag of EcuadorEcuador1500 km 
46flag of HungaryHungary1373 km permanently navigable 
47flag of GuineaGuinea1295 km 
48flag of AngolaAngola1295 km navigable 
49flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan1200 km; chiefly Amu Darya which handles vessels up to about 500 DWT 
50flag of SurinameSuriname1200 km; most important means of transport; oceangoing vessels with drafts ranging up to 7 m can navigate many of the principal waterways 
51flag of UzbekistanUzbekistan1100 
52flag of SpainSpain1045 km but of minor economic importance 
53flag of IraqIraq1015 km; Shatt al Arab is usually navigable by maritime traffic for about 130 km; channel has been dredged to 3 m and is in use; Tigris and Euphrates Rivers have navigable sections for shallow-draft watercraft; Shatt al Basrah canal was navigable by shallow-draft craft before closing in 1991 because of the Gulf war 
54flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire980 km navigable rivers canals and numerous coastal lagoons 
55flag of IranIran904 km; the Shatt al Arab is usually navigable by maritime traffic for about 130 km; channel has been dredged to 3 m and is in use 
56flag of SenegalSenegal897 km total; 785 km on the Senegal river and 112 km on the Saloum river 
57flag of SyriaSyria870 km; minimal economic importance 
58flag of BelizeBelize825 km river network used by shallow-draft craft; seasonally navigable 
59flag of PortugalPortugal820 km navigable; relatively unimportant to national economy used by shallow-draft craft limited to 300 metric-ton or less cargo capacity 
60flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leone800 km; 600 km navigable year round 
61flag of PanamaPanama800 km navigable by shallow draft vessels; 82 km Panama Canal 
62flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republic800 km; traditional trade carried on by means of shallow-draft dugouts; Oubangui is the most important river 
63flag of CroatiaCroatia785 km perennially navigable; large sections of Sava blocked by downed bridges silt and debris 
64flag of ChileChile725 km 
65flag of IrelandIreland700 km 
66flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic677 km; the Elbe 
67flag of LithuaniaLithuania600 km perennially navigable 
68flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan600 km 
69flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro587 km; Danube River runs through Serbia connecting Europe with the Black Sea; in early 2000 the river was obstructed at Novi Sad due to a pontoon bridge; a canal system in north Serbia is available to by-pass damage however lock size is limited 
70flag of BulgariaBulgaria470 km 
71flag of HondurasHonduras465 km navigable by small craft 
72flag of Sri LankaSri Lanka430 km; navigable by shallow-draft craft 
73flag of MoldovaMoldova424 km 
74flag of DenmarkDenmark417 km 
75flag of The GambiaThe Gambia400 km 
76flag of MongoliaMongolia400 km of principal routes 
77flag of AustriaAustria358 km 
78flag of EstoniaEstonia320 km perennially navigable 
79flag of LatviaLatvia300 km 
80flag of GuatemalaGuatemala260 km navigable year round; additional 730 km navigable during high-water season 
81flag of CubaCuba240 km 
82flag of BruneiBrunei209 km; navigable by craft drawing less than 1.2 m 
83flag of FijiFiji203 km; 122 km navigable by motorized craft and 200-metric-ton barges 
84flag of SlovakiaSlovakia172 km on the Danube 
85flag of GreeceGreece80 km; system consists of three coastal canals; including the Corinth Canal 
86flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland65 km; Rhine 
87flag of TogoTogo50 km Mono river 
88flag of AlbaniaAlbania43 km plus Albanian sections of Lake Scutari Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa 
89flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg37 km; Moselle 
90flag of El SalvadorEl SalvadorRio Lempa partially navigable 
91flag of EritreaEritreanone 
92flag of TurkeyTurkeyabout 1200 km 
93flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricaabout 730 km seasonally navigable 
94flag of CongoCongothe Congo and Ubangi 
95flag of BurundiBurundiLake Tanganyika 
96flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanthe Amu Darya is an important inland waterway 
97flag of UgandaUgandaLake Victoria Lake Albert Lake Kyoga Lake George Lake Edward Victoria Nile Albert Nile 
98flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Fasonone 
99flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaNA km; large sections of the Sava blocked by downed bridges silt and debris 
100flag of BeninBeninnavigable along small sections important only locally 
101flag of BelarusBelarusNA km; note - Belarus has extensive and widely used canal and river systems 
102flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and Futunanone 
103flag of Western SaharaWestern Saharanone 
104flag of ArmeniaArmeniaNA km 
105flag of SloveniaSloveniaNA 
106flag of RwandaRwandaLac Kivu navigable by shallow-draft barges and native craft 
107flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islandsnone 
108flag of MozambiqueMozambiqueabout 3750 km of navigable routes 
109flag of LibyaLibyanone 
110flag of LaosLaosabout 4587 km primarily Mekong and tributaries; 2897 additional km are sectionally navigable by craft drawing less than 0.5 m 
111flag of MacauMacaunone 
112flag of MacedoniaMacedonianone lake transport only 
113flag of MadagascarMadagascarof local importance only; isolated streams and small portions of Lakandranon' Ampangalana 
114flag of MaldivesMaldivesnone 
115flag of KiribatiKiribatismall network of canals totaling 5 km in Line Islands 
116flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islandsnone 
117flag of MauritaniaMauritaniamostly ferry traffic on the Senegal River 
118flag of MauritiusMauritiusnone 
119flag of KenyaKenyapart of the Lake Victoria system is within the boundaries of Kenya 
120flag of Jan MayenJan Mayennone 
121flag of San MarinoSan Marinonone 
122flag of IsraelIsraelnone 
123flag of NigerNigerthe Niger is navigable 300 km from Niamey to Gaya on the Benin frontier from mid-December through March 
124flag of HaitiHaitiNEGL; less than 100 km navigable 
125flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islandsnone 
126flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissauseveral rivers are accessible to coastal shipping 
127flag of GreenlandGreenlandnone 
128flag of Glorioso IslandsGlorioso Islandsnone 
129flag of GhanaGhanaVolta Ankobra and Tano Rivers provide 168 km of perennial navigation for launches and lighters; Lake Volta provides 1125 km of arterial and feeder waterways 
130flag of Gaza StripGaza Stripnone 
131flag of RussiaRussiatotal navigable routes in general use 101000 km; routes with navigation guides serving the Russian River Fleet 95900 km; routes with night navigational aids 60400 km; man-made navigable routes 16900 km 
132flag of LesothoLesothonone 
133flag of ZimbabweZimbabwethe Mazoe and Zambezi rivers are used for transporting chrome ore from Harare to Mozambique 

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