Country ranking for field: pipelines 1992

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This entry gives the lengths and types of pipelines for transporting products like natural gas, crude oil, or petroleum products.

1flag of Midway IslandsMidway Islands7.8 
2flag of Shindand; natural gas 180 kmShindand; natural gas 180 kmpetroleum products - former USSR to Bagram and former USSR to 
3flag of PakistanPakistancrude oil 250 km; natural gas 4044 km; petroleum products 885 km 
4flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegrocrude oil 415 km petroleum products 130 km natural gas 2110 km 
5flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabiacrude oil 6400 km petroleum products 150 km natural gas 2200 km includes natural gas liquids 1600 km 
6flag of RussiaRussiacrude oil and petroleum products 68400 km natural gas NA km 
7flag of RomaniaRomaniacrude oil 2800 km petroleum products 1429 km natural gas 6400 km 
8flag of QatarQatarcrude oil 235 km natural gas 400 km 
9flag of PortugalPortugalcrude oil 11 km; petroleum products 58 km 
10flag of PolandPolandnatural gas 4500 km crude oil 1986 km petroleum products 360 km 
11flag of PhilippinesPhilippinespetroleum products 357 km 
12flag of PeruPerucrude oil 800 km natural gas and natural gas liquids 64 km 
13flag of PanamaPanamacrude oil 130 km 
14flag of NorwayNorwayrefined products 53 km 
15flag of OmanOmancrude oil 1300 km; natural gas 1030 km 
16flag of SomaliaSomaliacrude oil 15 km 
17flag of North KoreaNorth Koreacrude oil 37 km 
18flag of NigeriaNigeriacrude oil 2042 km; natural gas 500 km; petroleum products 3000 km 
19flag of NicaraguaNicaraguacrude oil 56 km 
20flag of New ZealandNew Zealandnatural gas 1000 km; petroleum products 160 km; condensate 150 km 
21flag of MyanmarMyanmarcrude oil 1343 km; natural gas 330 km 
22flag of MozambiqueMozambiquecrude oil 
23flag of MoroccoMoroccocrude oil 362 km; petroleum products 
24flag of MoldovaMoldovaNA 
25flag of MexicoMexicocrude oil 28200 km; petroleum products 10150 km; natural gas 13254 km; petrochemical 1400 km 
26flag of MalaysiaMalaysiacrude oil 1307 km; natural gas 379 km 
27flag of SloveniaSloveniacrude oil 290 km natural gas 305 km 
28flag of South AfricaSouth Africacrude oil 931 km petroleum products 1748 km natural gas 322 km 
29flag of LithuaniaLithuaniaNA 
30flag of TurkeyTurkeycrude oil 1738 km petroleum products 2321 km natural gas 708 km 
31flag of ZambiaZambiacrude oil 1724 km 
32flag of ZaireZairepetroleum products 390 km 
33flag of YemenYemencrude oil 644 km petroleum products 32 km 
34flag of VietnamVietnampetroleum products 150 km 
35flag of VenezuelaVenezuelacrude oil 6370 km; petroleum products 480 km; natural gas 4010 km 
36flag of UzbekistanUzbekistanNA 
37flag of United StatesUnited Statespetroleum 275800 km natural gas 305300 km 
38flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdomcrude oil 
39flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emiratescrude oil 830 km natural gas including natural gas liquids 870 km 
40flag of UkraineUkraineNA 
41flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanNA 
42flag of TunisiaTunisiacrude oil 797 km petroleum products 86 km natural gas 742 km 
43flag of South KoreaSouth Koreapetroleum products 455 km 
44flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobagocrude oil 1032 km petroleum products 19 km natural gas 904 km 
45flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlandscrude oil 418 km; petroleum products 965 km; natural gas 10230 km 
46flag of ThailandThailandnatural gas 350 km petroleum products 67 km 
47flag of TanzaniaTanzaniacrude oil 982 km 
48flag of TajikistanTajikistanNA 
49flag of TaiwanTaiwanpetroleum products 615 km natural gas 97 km 
50flag of SyriaSyriacrude oil 1304 km petroleum products 515 km 
51flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerlandcrude oil 314 km natural gas 1506 km 
52flag of SwedenSwedennatural gas 84 km 
53flag of SudanSudanrefined products 815 km 
54flag of Sri LankaSri Lankacrude oil and petroleum products 62 km 
55flag of SpainSpaincrude oil 265 km petroleum products 1794 km natural gas 1666 km 
56flag of LuxembourgLuxembourgpetroleum products 48 km 
57flag of LibyaLibyacrude oil 4383 km; natural gas 1947 km; petroleum products 443 km 
58flag of AlbaniaAlbaniacrude oil 145 km; petroleum products 55 km; natural gas 64 km 
59flag of BrazilBrazilcrude oil 2000 km; petroleum products 3804 km; natural gas 1095 km 
60flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republiccrude oil 96 km; petroleum products 8 km 
61flag of DenmarkDenmarkcrude oil 110 km; petroleum products 578 km; natural gas 700 km 
62flag of CroatiaCroatiacrude oil 670 km petroleum products 20 km natural gas 310 km 
63flag of Costa RicaCosta Ricapetroleum products 176 km 
64flag of CongoCongocrude oil 25 km 
65flag of ColombiaColombiacrude oil 3585 km; petroleum products 1350 km; natural gas 830 km; natural gas liquids 125 km 
66flag of ChinaChinacrude oil 9700 km 
67flag of ChileChilecrude oil 755 km; petroleum products 785 km; natural gas 320 km 
68flag of CanadaCanadacrude and refined oil 23564 km; natural gas 74980 km 
69flag of BulgariaBulgariacrude oil 193 km; petroleum products 418 km; natural gas 1400 km 
70flag of BruneiBruneicrude oil 135 km; petroleum products 418 km; natural gas 920 km 
71flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovinacrude oil 174 km petroleum products NA km natural gas NA km 
72flag of EgyptEgyptcrude oil 1171 km; petroleum products 596 km; natural gas 460 km 
73flag of BoliviaBoliviacrude oil 1800 km; petroleum products 580 km; natural gas 1495 km 
74flag of BelgiumBelgiumpetroleum products 1167 km; crude oil 161 km; natural gas 3300 km 
75flag of BelarusBelarusNA 
76flag of BangladeshBangladeshnatural gas 1220 km 
77flag of BahrainBahraincrude oil 56 km; petroleum products 16 km; natural gas 32 km 
78flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanNA 
79flag of AustriaAustriacrude oil 554 km; natural gas 2611 km; petroleum products 171 km 
80flag of AustraliaAustraliacrude oil 2500 km; petroleum products 500 km; natural gas 5600 km 
81flag of ArmeniaArmeniaNA 
82flag of ArgentinaArgentinacrude oil 4090 km; petroleum products 2900 km; natural gas 9918 km 
83flag of AngolaAngolacrude oil 179 km 
84flag of AlgeriaAlgeriacrude oil 6612 km; petroleum products 298 km; natural gas 2948 km 
85flag of EcuadorEcuadorcrude oil 800 km; petroleum products 1358 km 
86flag of EstoniaEstoniacrude oil NA km refined products NA km natural gas NA km 
87flag of LebanonLebanoncrude oil 72 km 
88flag of IrelandIrelandnatural gas 225 km 
89flag of LatviaLatviacrude oil NA km refined products NA km natural gas NA km 
90flag of LaosLaospetroleum products 136 km 
91flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstanNA 
92flag of KuwaitKuwaitcrude oil 877 km; petroleum products 40 km; natural gas 165 km 
93flag of KenyaKenyapetroleum products 483 km 
94flag of KazakhstanKazakhstancrude oil NA km refined products NA km natural gas NA 
95flag of JordanJordancrude oil 209 km 
96flag of JapanJapancrude oil 84 km; petroleum products 322 km; natural gas 1800 km 
97flag of JamaicaJamaicapetroleum products 10 km 
98flag of ItalyItalycrude oil 1703 km; petroleum products 2148 km; natural gas 19400 km 
99flag of IsraelIsraelcrude oil 708 km; petroleum products 290 km; natural gas 89 km 
100flag of IraqIraqcrude oil 4350 km; petroleum products 725 km; natural gas 1360 km 
101flag of FinlandFinlandnatural gas 580 km 
102flag of IranIrancrude oil 5900 km; petroleum products 3900 km; natural gas 4550 km 
103flag of IndonesiaIndonesiacrude oil 2505 km; petroleum products 456 km; natural gas 1703 km 
104flag of IndiaIndiacrude oil 3497 km; petroleum products 1703 km; natural gas 902 km 
105flag of HungaryHungarycrude oil 1204 km; petroleum products 630 km; natural gas 3895 km 
106flag of GuatemalaGuatemalacrude oil 275 km 
107flag of GreeceGreececrude oil 26 km; petroleum products 547 km 
108flag of GibraltarGibraltarnone 
109flag of GhanaGhananone 
110flag of GermanyGermanycrude oil 3644 km; petroleum products 3946 km; natural gas 97564 km 
111flag of GeorgiaGeorgiacrude oil NA km refined products NA km natural gas NA km 
112flag of GabonGaboncrude oil 270 km; petroleum products 14 km 
113flag of FranceFrancecrude oil 3059 km; petroleum products 4487 km; natural gas 24746 km 
114flag of ZimbabweZimbabwepetroleum products 8 km 

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