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This entry includes a brief general assessment of the system with details on the domestic and international components. The following terms and abbreviations are used throughout the entry:|Arabsat - Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).|Autodin - Automatic Digital Network (US Department of Defense).|CB - citizen's band mobile radio communications.|Cellular telephone system - the telephones in this system are radio transceivers, with each instrument having its own private radio frequency and sufficient radiated power to reach the booster station in its area (cell), from which the telephone signal is fed to a telephone exchange.|Central American Microwave System - a trunk microwave radio relay system that links the countries of Central America and Mexico with each other.|Coaxial cable - a multichannel communication cable consisting of a central conducting wire, surrounded by and insulated from a cylindrical conducting shell; a large number of telephone channels can be made available within the insulated space by the use of a large number of carrier frequencies.|Comsat - Communications Satellite Corporation (US).|DSN - Defense Switched Network (formerly Automatic Voice Network or Autovon); basic general-purpose, switched voice network of the Defense Communications System (US Department of Defense).|Eutelsat - European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Paris).|Fiber-optic cable - a multichannel communications cable using a thread of optical glass fibers as a transmission medium in which the signal (voice, video, etc.) is in the form of a coded pulse of light.|GSM - a global system for mobile (cellular) communications devised by the Groupe Special Mobile of the pan-European standardization organization, Conference Europeanne des Posts et Telecommunications (CEPT) in 1982.|HF - high frequency; any radio frequency in the 3,000- to 30,000-kHz range.|Inmarsat - International Maritime Satellite Organization (London); provider of global mobile satellite communications for commercial, distress, and safety applications at sea, in the air, and on land.|Intelsat - International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Washington, DC).|Intersputnik - International Organization of Space Communications (Moscow); first established in the former Soviet Union and the East European countries, it is now marketing its services worldwide with earth stations in North America, Africa, and East Asia.|Landline - communication wire or cable of any sort that is installed on poles or buried in the ground.|Marecs - Maritime European Communications Satellite used in the Inmarsat system on lease from the European Space Agency.|Marisat - satellites of the Comsat Corporation that participate in the Inmarsat system.|Medarabtel - the Middle East Telecommunications Project of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) providing a modern telecommunications network, primarily by microwave radio relay, linking Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen; it was initially started in Morocco in 1970 by the Arab Telecommunications Union (ATU) and was known at that time as the Middle East Mediterranean Telecommunications Network.|Microwave radio relay - transmission of long distance telephone calls and television programs by highly directional radio microwaves that are received and sent on from one booster station to another on an optical path.|NMT - Nordic Mobile Telephone; an analog cellular telephone system that was developed jointly by the national telecommunications authorities of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden).|Orbita - a Russian television service; also the trade name of a packet-switched digital telephone network.|Radiotelephone communications - the two-way transmission and reception of sounds by broadcast radio on authorized frequencies using telephone handsets.|PanAmSat - PanAmSat Corporation (Greenwich, CT).|SAFE - South African Far East Cable|Satellite communication system - a communication system consisting of two or more earth stations and at least one satellite that provide long distance transmission of voice, data, and television; the system usually serves as a trunk connection between telephone exchanges; if the earth stations are in the same country, it is a domestic system.|Satellite earth station - a communications facility with a microwave radio transmitting and receiving antenna and required receiving and transmitting equipment for communicating with satellites.|Satellite link - a radio connection between a satellite and an earth station permitting communication between them, either one-way (down link from satellite to earth station - television receive-only transmission) or two-way (telephone channels).|SHF - super high frequency; any radio frequency in the 3,000- to 30,000-MHz range.|Shortwave - radio frequencies (from 1.605 to 30 MHz) that fall above the commercial broadcast band and are used for communication over long distances.|Solidaridad - geosynchronous satellites in Mexico's system of international telecommunications in the Western Hemisphere.|Statsionar - Russia's geostationary system for satellite telecommunications.|Submarine cable - a cable designed for service under water.|TAT - Trans-Atlantic Telephone; any of a number of high-capacity submarine coaxial telephone cables linking Europe with North America.|Telefax - facsimile service between subscriber stations via the public switched telephone network or the international Datel network.|Telegraph - a telecommunications system designed for unmodulated electric impulse transmission.|Telex - a communication service involving teletypewriters connected by wire through automatic exchanges.|Tropospheric scatter - a form of microwave radio transmission in which the troposphere is used to scatter and reflect a fraction of the incident radio waves back to earth; powerful, highly directional antennas are used to transmit and receive the microwave signals; reliable over-the-horizon communications are realized for distances up to 600 miles in a single hop; additional hops can extend the range of this system for very long distances.|Trunk network - a network of switching centers, connected by multichannel trunk lines.|UHF - ultra high frequency; any radio frequency in the 300- to 3,000-MHz range.|VHF - very high frequency; any radio frequency in the 30- to 300-MHz range.

1flag of United StatesUnited States126000000 
2flag of JapanJapan64000000 
3flag of GermanyGermany44000000 
4flag of FranceFrance35000000 
5flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom29500000 
6flag of ItalyItaly25600000 
7flag of RussiaRussia25400000 
8flag of ChinaChina20000000 
9flag of South KoreaSouth Korea16600000 
10flag of CanadaCanada15300000 
11flag of BrazilBrazil14426673 telephones 
12flag of SpainSpain12600000 
13flag of MexicoMexico11890868 telephones 
14flag of TaiwanTaiwan10253773 telephones 
15flag of IndiaIndia9800000 
16flag of AustraliaAustralia8700000 
17flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlands8272000 
18flag of SwedenSweden7410000 
19flag of TurkeyTurkey6890000 
20flag of BelgiumBelgium5691000 
21flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland5622976 telephones 
22flag of GreeceGreece5571293 
23flag of PolandPoland5000000 
24flag of DenmarkDenmark4000000 
25flag of AustriaAustria3470000 
26flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic3349539 
27flag of IranIran3020000 
28flag of FinlandFinland2780000 
29flag of BulgariaBulgaria2773293 telephones 
30flag of ArgentinaArgentina2700000 
31flag of MalaysiaMalaysia2550957 telephones 
32flag of IsraelIsrael2425000 
33flag of NorwayNorway2390000 
34flag of PortugalPortugal2236411 telephone 
35flag of KazakhstanKazakhstan2200000 
36flag of EgyptEgypt2200000 
37flag of ColombiaColombia1890000 
38flag of BelarusBelarus1849000 telephones 
39flag of New ZealandNew Zealand1700000 
40flag of PakistanPakistan1572000 
41flag of ThailandThailand1553200 telephones 
42flag of HungaryHungary1520000 
43flag of ChileChile1500000 
44flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia1460000 
45flag of VenezuelaVenezuela1440000 
46flag of SlovakiaSlovakia1362178 
47flag of IndonesiaIndonesia1276600 telephones 
48flag of SingaporeSingapore1230000 
49flag of CroatiaCroatia1216000 
50flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Rico1166231 telephones 
51flag of UzbekistanUzbekistan1000000 
52flag of IrelandIreland900000 telephones; modern digital system using cable and microwave radio relay 
53flag of LithuaniaLithuania900000 telephones; 240 telephones/1000 persons; telecommunications system ranks among the most modern of the former Soviet republics 
54flag of PhilippinesPhilippines887229 telephones 
55flag of AlgeriaAlgeria862000 telephones 
56flag of VietnamVietnam800000 telephones 
57flag of PeruPeru779306 telephones 
58flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina727000 telephones; telephone and telegraph network is in need of modernization and expansion; many urban areas are below average when compared with services in other former Yugoslav republics 
59flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan710000 telephones; 202000 persons waiting for telephone installations 
60flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro700000 telephones 
61flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates677793 telephones 
62flag of GeorgiaGeorgia672000 telephones 
63flag of LatviaLatvia660000 telephones 
64flag of IraqIraq632000 telephones; reconstitution of damaged telecommunication facilities began after the Gulf war; most damaged facilities have been rebuilt 
65flag of EcuadorEcuador586000 telephones 
66flag of MoldovaMoldova577000 telephones; 134 telephones/1000 persons; telecommunication system not well developed; 215000 unsatisfied requests for telephone service 
67flag of KuwaitKuwait548000 telephones 
68flag of SyriaSyria541465 telephones 
69flag of SloveniaSlovenia527800 telephones 
70flag of NigeriaNigeria492204 telephones 
71flag of UruguayUruguay451000 telephones; some modern facilities 
72flag of CubaCuba430000 telephones 
73flag of LibyaLibya370000 telephones; modern telecommunications system 
74flag of KenyaKenya357251 telephones 
75flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan342000 telephones 
76flag of CyprusCyprus331000 telephones; excellent in both the area controlled by the Cypriot Government 
77flag of TajikistanTajikistan303000 telephones 
78flag of ZimbabweZimbabwe301000 telephones 
79flag of Costa RicaCosta Rica281042 telephones 
80flag of PanamaPanama273000 telephones 
81flag of MoroccoMorocco270100 telephones 
82flag of BangladeshBangladesh249800 telephones; poor domestic telephone service 
83flag of TunisiaTunisia233000 telephones 
84flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg214821 telephones 
85flag of JamaicaJamaica212257 telephones 
86flag of GuatemalaGuatemala210000 telephones 
87flag of MacedoniaMacedonia200000 telephones 
88flag of MaltaMalta191876 
89flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republic190000 telephones 
90flag of Sri LankaSri Lanka175000 telephones 
91flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago170000 telephones 
92flag of QatarQatar160717 telephones 
93flag of MartiniqueMartinique159000 telephones 
94flag of LebanonLebanon150000 telephones; telecommunications system severely damaged by civil war; rebuilding still underway 
95flag of OmanOman150000 telephones 
96flag of BoliviaBolivia144300 telephones 
97flag of IcelandIceland143600 telephones 
98flag of TanzaniaTanzania137000 telephones 
99flag of YemenYemen131655 telephones 
100flag of MyanmarMyanmar122195 telephones 
101flag of The BahamasThe Bahamas119000 telephones 
102flag of El SalvadorEl Salvador116000 telephones 
103flag of HondurasHonduras105000 telephones 
104flag of MadagascarMadagascar96000 telephones 
105flag of NamibiaNamibia89722 telephones 
106flag of MongoliaMongolia89000 telephones 
107flag of ParaguayParaguay88730 telephones 
108flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire87700 telephones; well-developed by African standards but operating well below capacity 
109flag of BarbadosBarbados87343 telephones 
110flag of NepalNepal82774 telephones 
111flag of JordanJordan81500 telephones; adequate telephone system 
112flag of ZambiaZambia80900 telephones 
113flag of AngolaAngola78000 telephones 
114flag of SudanSudan77215 telephones 
115flag of BruneiBrunei76900 telephones 
116flag of BahrainBahrain73552 telephones 
117flag of GhanaGhana70000 telephones 
118flag of NicaraguaNicaragua66810 telephones 
119flag of MauritiusMauritius65000 telephones 
120flag of GuadeloupeGuadeloupe64916 telephones 
121flag of JerseyJersey61447 telephones 
122flag of FijiFiji60017 telephones 
123flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islands60000 telephones 
124flag of MozambiqueMozambique59000 
125flag of SenegalSenegal55000 telephones; above-average urban system 
126flag of UgandaUganda54900 telephones 
127flag of BermudaBermuda54000 telephones 
128flag of HaitiHaiti50000 telephones 
129flag of SurinameSuriname43522 telephones 
130flag of MalawiMalawi43000 telephones 
131flag of GuernseyGuernsey41850 telephones 
132flag of Isle of ManIsle of Man41000 telephones 
133flag of New CaledoniaNew Caledonia38748 telephones 
134flag of CameroonCameroon36737 telephones 
135flag of MonacoMonaco34600 telephones 
136flag of ZaireZaire34000 telephones 
137flag of French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia33200 telephones 
138flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan31200 telephones; limited telephone telegraph and radiobroadcast services; 1 public telephone in Kabul 
139flag of French GuianaFrench Guiana31000 telephones 
140flag of SwazilandSwaziland30364 telephones 
141flag of North KoreaNorth Korea30000 Telephones 
142flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands27900 telephones; good international communications; fair domestic facilities 
143flag of GuamGuam26317 telephones 
144flag of Saint LuciaSaint Lucia26000 telephones 
145flag of ArubaAruba22922 telephones 
146flag of San MarinoSan Marino22300 
147flag of GabonGabon22000 telephones 
148flag of Cayman IslandsCayman Islands21584 telephones 
149flag of AndorraAndorra21258 telephones 
150flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso21000 telephones 
151flag of GibraltarGibraltar19529 telephones 
152flag of BotswanaBotswana19109 telephones 
153flag of LiechtensteinLiechtenstein18916 telephones 
154flag of GuineaGuinea18000 telephones 
155flag of CongoCongo18000 telephones 
156flag of GreenlandGreenland17900 telephones 
157flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leone17526 telephones 
158flag of MauritaniaMauritania17000 telephones 
159flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republic16868 telephones 
160flag of BeninBenin16200 telephones 
161flag of BelizeBelize15917 telephones 
162flag of DominicaDominica14613 telephones 
163flag of NigerNiger14000 telephones 
164flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands13618 telephones 
165flag of TogoTogo12000 telephones 
166flag of LesothoLesotho12000 telephones 
167flag of The GambiaThe Gambia11000 telephones 
168flag of MaliMali11000 telephones; domestic system poor but improving; provides only minimal service 
169flag of SomaliaSomalia9000 telephones; the public telecommunications system was completely destroyed or dismantled by the civil war factions; all relief organizations depend on their own private systems 
170flag of MaldivesMaldives8523 telephones 
171flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoa8399 telephones; good telex telegraph and facsimile services 
172flag of SeychellesSeychelles8300 telephones 
173flag of Western SamoaWestern Samoa7500 telephones 
174flag of BurundiBurundi7200 telephones 
175flag of CambodiaCambodia7000 telephones 
176flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda6700 telephones; good automatic telephone system 
177flag of RwandaRwanda6400 telephones 
178flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands6291 telephones 
179flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines6189 telephones 
180flag of LaosLaos6000 telephones 
181flag of GrenadaGrenada5650 telephones; automatic islandwide telephone system; SHF radio links to the islands of Trinidad Tobago and Saint Vincent; VHF and UHF radio links to the islands of Trinidad and Carriacou 
182flag of ChadChad5000 telephones 
183flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands5000 telephones 
184flag of BhutanBhutan4620 telephones 
185flag of Cook IslandsCook Islands4180 telephones 
186flag of ComorosComoros3770 telephones 
187flag of VanuatuVanuatu3000 telephones 
188flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissau3000 telephones; poor system 
189flag of MontserratMontserrat3000 telephones 
190flag of Holy SeeHoly See2000 telephones; automatic exchange 
191flag of NauruNauru2000 telephones; adequate local and international radio communications provided via Australian facilities 
192flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea2000 telephones; poor system with adequate government services 
193flag of Western SaharaWestern Sahara2000 telephones; sparse and limited system 
194flag of PalauPalau1500 telephones 
195flag of KiribatiKiribati1400 telephones 
196flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands1359 telephones 
197flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands1180 telephones 
198flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island1087 telephones 
199flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesia960 telephones on Kolonia and Truk 
200flag of AnguillaAnguilla890 telephones; modern internal telephone system 
201flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands800 telephones 
202flag of Saint HelenaSaint Helena550 telephones; automatic network 
203flag of MayotteMayotte450 telephones; small system administered by French Department of Posts and Telecommunications 
204flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and Futuna340 telephones 
205flag of NiueNiue276 telephones 
206flag of TuvaluTuvalu130 telephones 
207flag of EthiopiaEthiopia100.000 telephones 
208flag of Johnston AtollJohnston Atoll52 telephone lines; excellent system 
209flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islands24 telephones; party line telephone service on the island 
210flag of LiberiaLiberiaLess than 25000 telephones 
211flag of West BankWest BankNA telephones; note_8% of Palestinian households have telephones 
212flag of Arctic OceanArctic Oceaninternational:no submarine cables 
213flag of MacauMacaufairly modern communication facilities maintained for domestic and international services 
214flag of ArmeniaArmeniaAbout 650000 telephones; joint venture agreement to install fiber-optic cable and construct facilities for cellular telephone service remains in the negotiation phase 
215flag of AlbaniaAlbaniaAbout 55000 telephones; about 15 telephones/1000 persons 
216flag of Atlantic OceanAtlantic Oceaninternational:numerous submarine cables with most between continental Europe and the U.K 
217flag of AntarcticaAntarcticaNA telephones 
218flag of UkraineUkraine0 
219flag of Wake IslandWake IslandNA telephones; satellite communications; 1 Autovon circuit off the Overseas Telephone System 
220flag of Indian OceanIndian Oceaninternational :submarine cables from India to UAE and Malaysia and from Sri Lanka to Djibouti and Indonesia 
221flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistanNA telephones; poorly developed 
222flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsNA telephones 
223flag of RomaniaRomania0 
224flag of French Southern and Antarctic LandsFrench Southern and Antarctic LandsNA telephones 
225flag of Gaza StripGaza StripNA; note_10% of Palestinian households have telephones 
226flag of EstoniaEstoniaAbout 400000 telephones; 246 telephones/1000 persons; telephone system is antiquated; improvements are being made piecemeal with emphasis on business needs and international connections; there are still about 150000 unfulfilled requests for telephone service 
227flag of South AfricaSouth AfricaOver 5206235 telephones 
228flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New GuineaMore than 70000 telephones 
229flag of SvalbardSvalbardNA telephones; local telephone service 
230flag of Bouvet IslandBouvet Islandnote:Automatic meteorological station 
231flag of Christmas IslandChristmas IslandNA telephones 
232flag of GuyanaGuyanaOver 33000 telephones 
233flag of Cabo VerdeCabo VerdeOver 1740 telephones 
234flag of Hong KongHong Kongmodern facilities provide excellent domestic and international services 
235flag of Jan MayenJan MayenNA telephones 
236flag of TokelauTokelauNA telephones 
237flag of British Indian Ocean TerritoryBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryNA telephones; minimal facilities 
238flag of EritreaEritreavery inadequate; about 4 telephones per 100 families most of which are in Asmara; government is seeking international tenders to improve the system 

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