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The WorldWorld2,240,000,000
1flag of ChinaChina567,400,000  
2flag of IndiaIndia284,400,000; 67% agriculture  
3flag of United StatesUnited States126,867,000  
4flag of RussiaRussia78,682,000  
5flag of IndonesiaIndonesia67,000,000; agriculture 55% manufacturing 10% construction 4% transport and communications 3%  
6flag of JapanJapan63,330,000; trade and services 54%; manufacturing mining and construction 33%; agriculture forestry and fishing 7%; government 3%  
7flag of BrazilBrazil57,000,000  
8flag of NigeriaNigeria42,844,000; agriculture 54% industry commerce and services 19% government 15%; 49% of population of working age  
9flag of GermanyGermany36,750,000; industry 41% agriculture 6% other 53%  
10flag of BangladeshBangladesh35,100,000  
11flag of VietnamVietnam32,700,000  
12flag of ThailandThailand30,870,000; agriculture 62% industry 13% commerce 11% services  
13flag of PakistanPakistan28,900,000; agriculture 54% mining and manufacturing 13% services 33%; extensive export of labor  
14flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom26,177,000; services 60.6% manufacturing and construction 27  
15flag of MexicoMexico26,100,000  
16flag of UkraineUkraine25,277,000; industry and construction 41% agriculture and forestry 19% health education and culture 18% trade and distribution 8% transport and communication 7% other 7%  
17flag of FranceFrance24,170,000; services 61.5% industry 31  
18flag of PhilippinesPhilippines24,120,000; agriculture 46% industry and commerce 16% services 18.5% government 10% other 9  
19flag of ItalyItaly23,988,000; services 58% industry 32.2% agriculture 9  
20flag of TurkeyTurkey20,700,000; agriculture 49% services 30% industry 15%; about 1,500,000 Turks work abroad  
21flag of EthiopiaEthiopia18,000,000; agriculture and animal husbandry 80% government and services 12% industry and construction 8%  
22flag of PolandPoland17,104,000; industry and construction 36.1%; agriculture 27  
23flag of services and other; 27% mining and manufacturing; 21% agriculture fishing forestryservices and other; 27% mining and manufacturing; 21% agriculture fishing forestry16,900,000; 52%  
24flag of MyanmarMyanmar16,036,000; agriculture 65.2% industry 14  
25flag of IranIran15,400,000; agriculture 33% manufacturing 21%; shortage of skilled labor  
26flag of EgyptEgypt15,000,000  
27flag of ZaireZaire15,000,000; agriculture 75% industry 13% services 12%; wage earners 13%  
28flag of SpainSpain14,621,000; services 53% industry 24% agriculture 14% construction 9%  
29flag of CanadaCanada13,380,000; services 75% manufacturing 14% agriculture 4% construction 3% other 4%  
30flag of ColombiaColombia12,000,000  
31flag of South AfricaSouth Africa11,000,000 economically active  
32flag of RomaniaRomania10,945,700; industry 38% agriculture 28% other 34%  
33flag of ArgentinaArgentina10,900,000; agriculture 12% industry 31% services 57%  
34flag of North KoreaNorth Korea9,615,000; agricultural 36% nonagricultural 64%; shortage of skilled and unskilled labor  
35flag of KenyaKenya9,200,000  
36flag of AustraliaAustralia8,630,000  
37flag of NepalNepal8,500,000  
38flag of KazakhstanKazakhstan8,267,000  
39flag of UzbekistanUzbekistan7,941,000; agriculture and forestry 39% industry and construction 24% other 37%  
40flag of TaiwanTaiwan7,900,000; industry and commerce 53% services 22% agriculture 15.6% civil administration 7%  
41flag of MoroccoMorocco7,400,000; agriculture 50% services 26% industry 15% other 9%  
42flag of MalaysiaMalaysia7,258,000  
43flag of PeruPeru6,800,000  
44flag of Sri LankaSri Lanka6,600,000; agriculture 45.9% mining and manufacturing 13  
45flag of SudanSudan6,500,000; agriculture 80% industry and commerce 10% government 6%; labor shortages for almost all categories of skilled employment  
46flag of VenezuelaVenezuela5,800,000; services 56% industry 28% agriculture 16%  
47flag of Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire5,718,000; over 85% of population engaged in agriculture forestry livestock raising; about 11% of labor force are wage earners nearly half in agriculture and the remainder in government industry commerce and professions; 54% of population of working age  
48flag of BelarusBelarus5,418,000; industry and construction 42% agriculture and forestry 20% other 38%  
49flag of HungaryHungary5,400,000  
50flag of The NetherlandsThe Netherlands5,300,000; services 50.1% manufacturing and construction 28  
51flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia5,000,000; about 60% are foreign workers; government 34% industry and oil 28% services 22% and agriculture 16%  
52flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan4,980,000; agriculture and animal husbandry 67.8% industry 10  
53flag of MadagascarMadagascar4,900,000; 90% nonsalaried family workers engaged in subsistence agriculture; 175,000 wage earners - agriculture 26% domestic service 17% industry 15% commerce 14% construction 11% services 9% transportation 6% other 2%; 51% of population of working age  
54flag of ChileChile4,728,000; services 38.3%  
55flag of PortugalPortugal4,605,700; services 45% industry 35% agriculture 20%  
56flag of SwedenSweden4,552,000 community social and personal services 38.3% mining and manufacturing 21  
57flag of UgandaUganda4,500,000  
58flag of IraqIraq4,400,000  
59flag of BulgariaBulgaria4,300,000; industry 33% agriculture 20% other 47%  
60flag of BelgiumBelgium4,126,000; services 63.6% industry 28% construction 6  
61flag of AlgeriaAlgeria3,700,000; industry and commerce 40% agriculture 24% government 17% services 10%  
62flag of GhanaGhana3,700,000; agriculture and fishing 54.7% industry 18  
63flag of GreeceGreece3,657,000; services 44% agriculture 27% manufacturing and mining 20% construction 6%  
64flag of RwandaRwanda3,600,000; agriculture 93% government and services 5% industry and commerce 2%; 49% of population of working age  
65flag of CubaCuba3,578,800 in state sector; services and government 30% industry 22% agriculture 20% commerce 11% construction 10% transportation and communications 7%  
66flag of AustriaAustria3,470,000  
67flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland3,310,000; 904,095 foreign workers mostly Italian; services 50% industry and crafts 33% government 10% agriculture and forestry 6% other 1%  
68flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso3,300,000 residents; 30,000 are wage earners; agriculture 82% industry 13% commerce services and government 5%; 20% of male labor force migrates annually to neighboring countries for seasonal employment  
69flag of ZimbabweZimbabwe3,100,000; agriculture 74% transport and services 16% mining manufacturing construction 10%  
70flag of GeorgiaGeorgia2,834,000; agriculture 29.1%  
71flag of EcuadorEcuador2,800,000; agriculture 35% manufacturing 21% commerce 16% services and other activities 28%  
72flag of Hong KongHong Kong2,800,000  
73flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan2,789,000; agriculture and forestry 32% industry and construction 26% other 42%  
74flag of AngolaAngola2,783,000 economically active; agriculture 85% industry 15%  
75flag of MaliMali2,666,000  
76flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro2,640,909; industry mining 40% agriculture 5%  
77flag of DenmarkDenmark2,581,400; private services 36.4%; government services 30  
78flag of FinlandFinland2,533,000; public services 30.4%; industry 20  
79flag of SenegalSenegal2,509,000; 77% subsistence agricultural workers; 175,000 wage earners - private sector 40% government and parapublic 60%; 52% of population of working age  
80flag of NigerNiger2,500,000 wage earners  
81flag of CambodiaCambodia2,500,000  
82flag of GuatemalaGuatemala2,500,000; agriculture 60% services 13% manufacturing 12% commerce 7% construction 4% transport 3% utilities 0.8% mining 0  
83flag of ZambiaZambia2,455,000; agriculture 85%; mining manufacturing and construction 6%; transport and services 9%  
84flag of SyriaSyria2,400,000; miscellaneous and government services 36% agriculture 32% industry and construction 32%; majority unskilled; shortage of skilled labor  
85flag of GuineaGuinea2,400,000  
86flag of Dominican RepublicDominican Republic2,300,000 to 2,600,000; agriculture 49% services 33% industry 18%  
87flag of HaitiHaiti2,300,000; agriculture 66% services 25% industry 9%; shortage of skilled labor unskilled labor abundant  
88flag of TunisiaTunisia2,250,000; agriculture 32%; shortage of skilled labor  
89flag of SomaliaSomalia2,200,000; very few are skilled laborers; pastoral nomad 70% agriculture government trading fishing handicrafts and other 30%; 53% of population of working age  
90flag of NorwayNorway2,167,000  
91flag of MoldovaMoldova2,095,000; agriculture 34.4% industry 20  
92flag of TajikistanTajikistan1,938,000; agriculture and forestry 43% industry and construction 22% other 35%  
93flag of BeninBenin1,900,000  
94flag of BurundiBurundi1,900,000  
95flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan1,894,000  
96flag of LithuaniaLithuania1,836,000; industry and construction 42% agriculture and forestry 18% other 40%  
97flag of El SalvadorEl Salvador1,700,000  
98flag of BoliviaBolivia1,700,000; agriculture 50% services and utilities 26% manufacturing 10% mining 4% other 10%  
99flag of ArmeniaArmenia1,630,000; industry and construction 42% agriculture and forestry 18% other 40%  
100flag of New ZealandNew Zealand1,603,500  
101flag of TurkmenistanTurkmenistan1,542,000; agriculture and forestry 42% industry and construction 21% other 37%  
102flag of CroatiaCroatia1,509,489; industry and mining 37% agriculture 4% government NA% other  
103flag of AlbaniaAlbania1,500,000  
104flag of SingaporeSingapore1,485,800; financial business and other services 30.2% manufacturing 28  
105flag of ParaguayParaguay1,418,000  
106flag of LatviaLatvia1,407,000; industry and construction 41% agriculture and forestry 16% other 43%  
107flag of IsraelIsrael1,400,000  
108flag of Sierra LeoneSierra Leone1,369,000  
109flag of UruguayUruguay1,355,000  
110flag of IrelandIreland1,333,000; services 57.0% manufacturing and construction 26  
111flag of HondurasHonduras1,300,000; agriculture 62% services 20% manufacturing 9% construction 3% other 6%  
112flag of NicaraguaNicaragua1,086,000; service 43% agriculture 44% industry 13%  
113flag of Puerto RicoPuerto Rico1,068,000; government 28% manufacturing 15% trade 14% agriculture 3% other 40%  
114flag of JamaicaJamaica1,062,100; services 41% agriculture 22.5% industry 19%; unemployed 17  
115flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina1,026,254; 2% agriculture industry mining 45%  
116flag of LibyaLibya1,000,000 includes about 280,000 resident foreigners; industry 31% services 27% government 24% agriculture 18%  
117flag of LaosLaos1,000,000  
118flag of Costa RicaCosta Rica868,300; industry and commerce 35.1% government and services 33% agriculture 27% other 4  
119flag of EstoniaEstonia796,000; industry and construction 42% agriculture and forestry 13% other 45%  
120flag of SloveniaSlovenia786,036; 2% agriculture manufacturing and mining 46%  
121flag of Central African RepublicCentral African Republic775,413  
122flag of PanamaPanama770,472  
123flag of industry and commerceindustry and commerce732,200 wage earners; 90% agriculture 10%  
124flag of LesothoLesotho689,000 economically active; 86.2% of resident population engaged in subsistence agriculture; roughly 60% of active male labor force works in South Africa  
125flag of LebanonLebanon650,000; industry commerce and services 79% agriculture 11% government 10%  
126flag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates580,000  
127flag of JordanJordan572,000  
128flag of KuwaitKuwait566,000  
129flag of LiberiaLiberia510,000 including 220,000 in the monetary economy; agriculture 70.5% services 10  
130flag of MacedoniaMacedonia507,324; by occupation: agriculture 8% manufacturing and mining 40%  
131flag of NamibiaNamibia500,000; agriculture 60% industry and commerce 19% services 8% government 7% mining 6%  
132flag of MauritaniaMauritania465,000  
133flag of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago463,900; construction and utilities 18.1%; manufacturing mining and quarrying 14  
134flag of OmanOman430,000; agriculture 60%  
135flag of MalawiMalawi428,000 wage earners; agriculture 43% manufacturing 16% personal services 15% commerce 9% construction 7% miscellaneous services 4% other permanently employed 6%  
136flag of Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissau403,000  
137flag of The GambiaThe Gambia400,000  
138flag of BotswanaBotswana400,000; 198,500 formal sector employees most others are engaged in cattle raising and subsistence agriculture  
139flag of MauritiusMauritius335,000; government services 29% agriculture and fishing 27% manufacturing 22% other 22%; 43% of population of working age  
140flag of GuyanaGuyana268,000; industry and commerce 44.5% agriculture 33  
141flag of FijiFiji235,000; subsistence agriculture 67% wage earners 18% salary earners 15%  
142flag of SwazilandSwaziland195,000; over 60,000 engaged in subsistence agriculture; about 92,000 wage earners  
143flag of MacauMacau180,000  
144flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg177,300; one-third of labor force is foreign workers mostly from Portugal Italy France Belgium and FRG; services 65% industry 31.6% agriculture 3  
145flag of Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea172,000  
146flag of BahrainBahrain140,000; 42% of labor force is Bahraini; industry and commerce 85% agriculture 5% services 5% government 3%  
147flag of ComorosComoros140,000  
148flag of IcelandIceland134,429; commerce finance and services 55.4% other manufacturing 14  
149flag of The BahamasThe Bahamas127,400; government 30% hotels and restaurants 25% business services  
150flag of MaltaMalta127,200; government  
151flag of BarbadosBarbados120,900  
152flag of GabonGabon120,000 salaried; agriculture 65.0% industry and commerce 30  
153flag of services government and commerce 25.8%services government and commerce 25.8%120,000; 53.0%  
154flag of SurinameSuriname104,000  
155flag of QatarQatar104,000; 85% non-Qatari in private sector  
156flag of Cabo VerdeCabo Verde102,000  
157flag of MartiniqueMartinique100,000; service industry 31.7% construction and public works 29  
158flag of Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antilles89,000; government 65% industry and commerce 28%  
159flag of BruneiBrunei89,000  
160flag of CongoCongo79,100 wage earners; agriculture 75% commerce industry and government 25%; 51% of population of working age; 40% of population economically active  
161flag of French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia76,630 employed  
162flag of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines67,000  
163flag of MaldivesMaldives66,000  
164flag of BelizeBelize51,500; agriculture 30.0% services 16  
165flag of Wallis and Futuna Vanuatu and French PolynesiaWallis and Futuna Vanuatu and French Polynesia50,469; foreign workers for plantations and mines from  
166flag of GuamGuam46,930; federal and territorial government 40% private 60%  
167flag of U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islands45,500  
168flag of Saint LuciaSaint Lucia43,800; agriculture 43.4% services 38  
169flag of Western SamoaWestern Samoa38,000; 22,000 employed in agriculture  
170flag of GrenadaGrenada36,000; services 31% agriculture 24% construction 8% manufacturing 5% other 32%  
171flag of BermudaBermuda32,000; clerical 25% services 22% laborers 21% professional and technical 13% administrative and managerial 10% sales 7% agriculture and fishing 2%  
172flag of Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda30,000; commerce and services 82% agriculture 11% industry 7%  
173flag of SeychellesSeychelles27,700; industry and commerce 31% services 21% government 20% agriculture forestry and fishing 12% other 16%  
174flag of Isle of ManIsle of Man25,864  
175flag of DominicaDominica25,000; agriculture 40% industry and commerce 32% services 28%  
176flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands23,448 economically active; agriculture forestry and fishing 32.4%; services 25%; construction manufacturing and mining 7  
177flag of French GuianaFrench Guiana23,265; services government and commerce 60.6% industry 21  
178flag of GreenlandGreenland22,800; largely engaged in fishing hunting sheep breeding; Organized labor: NA; Long-form name: none  
179flag of São Tomé and PríncipeSão Tomé and Príncipe21,096  
180flag of Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevis20,000  
181flag of Austria and Switzerland to work each day; industry trade and building 53.2% services 45% agriculture fishing forestry and horticulture 1.8%Austria and Switzerland to work each day; industry trade and building 53.2% services 45% agriculture fishing forestry and horticulture 1.8%19,905 of which 11,933 are foreigners; 6,885 commute from  
182flag of Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands17,585; largely engaged in fishing manufacturing transportation and commerce  
183flag of American SamoaAmerican Samoa14,400  
184flag of Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands12,788 local; 18,799 foreign workers  
185flag of Western SaharaWestern Sahara12,000; 50% animal husbandry and subsistence farming  
186flag of Cayman IslandsCayman Islands8,061; service workers 18.7% clerical 18  
187flag of KiribatiKiribati7,870 economically active not including subsistence farmers  
188flag of Cook IslandsCook Islands5,810; agriculture 29% government 27% services 25% industry 15% and other 4%  
189flag of MontserratMontserrat5,100; community social and personal services 40.5% construction 13  
190flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands4,911  
191flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands4,800  
192flag of Saint-Pierre and MiquelonSaint-Pierre and Miquelon2,850  
193flag of AnguillaAnguilla2,780  
194flag of Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands1,100  
195flag of NiueNiue1,000  
196flag of MozambiqueMozambiqueNA but 90% engaged in agriculture  
197flag of AndorraAndorraNA  
198flag of MonacoMonacoNA  
199flag of MongoliaMongoliaNA but primarily herding/agricultural; over half the adult population is in the labor force including a large percentage of women; shortage of skilled labor  
200flag of San MarinoSan Marinoabout 4,300  
201flag of Saint HelenaSaint HelenaNA  
202flag of VanuatuVanuatuNA  
203flag of GibraltarGibraltarabout 14,800  
204flag of Wallis and FutunaWallis and FutunaNA  
205flag of ArubaArubaNA but most employment is in the tourist industry  
206flag of West BankWest BankNA; excluding Israeli Jewish settlers - small industry commerce and business 29.8% construction 24  
207flag of RéunionRéunionNA; agriculture 30% industry 21% services 49%  
208flag of Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn IslandsNA; no business community in the usual sense; some public works; subsistence farming and fishing  
209flag of YemenYemenNorth - NA number of workers with agriculture and herding 70% and expatriate laborers 30%  
210flag of CameroonCameroonNA; agriculture 74.4% industry and transport 11  
211flag of NauruNauruNA  
212flag of CyprusCyprusGreek area - 278,000; services 45% industry 35% agriculture 14%; Turkish area - 71,500  
213flag of MayotteMayotteNA  
214flag of BhutanBhutanNA; agriculture 93% services 5% industry and commerce 2%; massive lack of skilled labor  
215flag of TokelauTokelauNA  
216flag of SvalbardSvalbardNA  
217flag of Norfolk IslandNorfolk IslandNA  
218flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New GuineaNA  
219flag of DjiboutiDjiboutiNA but a small number of semiskilled laborers at the port and 3,000 railway workers; 52% of population of working age  
220flag of Cocos IslandsCocos IslandsNA  
221flag of TogoTogoNA; agriculture 78% industry 22%; about 88,600 wage earners evenly divided between public and private sectors; 50% of population of working age  
222flag of TongaTongaNA; 70% agriculture; 600 engaged in mining  
223flag of ChadChadNA; agriculture  
224flag of Company of Christmas Island Ltd.Company of Christmas Island Ltd.NA; all workers are employees of the Phosphate Mining  
225flag of Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaNA; two-thirds are government employees; 45,000 people are between the ages of 15 and 65  
226flag of Holy SeeHoly Seehigh dignitaries priests nuns guards and 3,000 lay workers who live outside the Vatican  
227flag of GuernseyGuernseyNA  
228flag of Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsNA; majority engaged in fishing and tourist industries; some subsistence agriculture  
229flag of TuvaluTuvaluNA  
230flag of JerseyJerseyNA  

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